अनचाहे बालों से तुरंत छुटकारा पाएं – DIY Peel Off Facial Hair Removal Mask | Anaysa

अनचाहे बालों से तुरंत छुटकारा पाएं – DIY Peel Off Facial Hair Removal Mask | Anaysa

OH god!!!!! facial hair how to remove them now what should i do should i say no to anishka no…. she might feel sad should i go to parlour but i don’t have that much time let’s check in the bathroom hope i will get something to remove facial hair let’s use razor but man use razor for shaving and after that they get thick beard what if i got thick beard too oh yes !!!! let’s try that let’s use hair removal cream so hair will remove faster are you stupid neha… hair removal cream!! on face!!!1 i have heard skin will became dark what if my skin also got dark let’s try waxing neha !! hair will remove definitely with wax but the redness which get after waxing which not gonna fade easily oh yes !!! let’s do diy firstly collect items for diy pick one tomato and one lemon now what i need gelatine most probably it will be at home thank god !!! it’s here don’t forget honey now in 1 spoon gelatine powder add 3 spoon tomato juice and add half spoon lemon juice and mix it well transfer in steel bowl now heat it with double boiling method so gelatine can melt easily it’s get cool now add one spoon honey and mis it well so my skin stay moisturise tied your hair so hair do not touch the mask now with brush applying on my facial hair and remember to apply mask in hair growth direction done with applying till it dry get clothes and another stuff i think it’s dry let’s remove it remove the mask in opposite direction as shown in video here facial hair removed now washing face and after that go to get ready so that was my instant facial hair removing diy if you like the video must like and share the video also don’t forget to subscribe ANAYSA press that bell icon too me going to party meet you guys in my next video till then take care and buh byee

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  1. Video Pasand Aaya Ho to LIKE & SHARE Jaroor Karna …
    COMMENT Karke Jaroor Bataya Ki Aapka Favorite Facial Hair Removal Method Kaun Sa Hai?

  2. Hi anaysa!! M new to ur channel mujhe hormonal imbalance ki wajah se chin par hairs aa rahe hai.. Kya gelatin se surely hairs remove Ho jayenge?? I hv tried all diy n nothing worked for me 😧😧N Isse rash to Nhi Ayegi na Jaise wax se aa Jati hai?? Plzzzzzz reply

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  4. Absolutely working 👍👍
    You should only do is to add more gelaton for thick layer. And apply 2 times for best results😊

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