Bitter Choco Decoration
translation by Hazuki no Yume I do my best not to trust people too much not to love anyone, and not to expect anything. At the same time, I do my best not to cause any conflicts, not to put on airs, and not to stand out I do my best not to hurt anyone, not to bully anyone, and not to kill anyone. At the same time, I do my best not to let my hypocrisy show through, and not to be arrogant. I also mustn’t forget to throw in a light joke and some smooth talk here and there, and to always smile and please everybody. Bitter choco decoration just eat it all, and don’t say a word. Bitter choco decoration you got to fix your picky eating habit. If, after emptying your mind, your heart is the real remaining thing, then I’m sure you’d do the same. “By the way, there’s just one thing I want to ask: Did we meet somewhere the other day?… On second thought, never mind.” I do my best not reveal myself more than I have to, and not to talk about myself, so that people don’t know too much about me. But I also mustn’t keep my mouth completely shut, and better being laughed at than making people laugh. I do my best to respect others, to worship others, to praise others. But I absolutely mustn’t let it turn into snide comments, and I mustn’t make fun of others. This is a life sentence of group participation. There I go again, forced to obey. “Wow, your bangs look totally awesome-tastic!” and so on – such inane things to say. Going on like this every morning, every night, I’m at my limit. It’s like a group lynching by a religious society. But I got to make sure not to go insane. Bitter choco decoration Sometimes, solitary love makes you dirty Bitter choco decoration Shit art surely remains after a bird leaves (below where it stood) I had such grand ideas at the beginning always talking big, but now… “Yes” often means “no” “You know, I must say, considering today is your first time and you can already do this, you must have a knack for this.” Some bitter choco decoration for this season of love. Some bitter choco decoration with a feeling of love. F.U.C.K.Y.O.U Bitter choco decoration I drown in the ideal everyone wants. Bitter choco decoration All my personality and feelings are burned off Bitter choco decoration Kill your desires and ego, and bury them all in the soil. Bitter choco decoration I’ve finally grown up, mama. Surely, tomorrow and all the days after, this hell will continue no matter where it is. So please, just for now, let me keep the feelings I had when I was but a child and be the naked me. “Ooh I remember now! You’re that serious-looking person from back then… On second thought, never mind.”

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. この曲、ストーリー性があって歌詞もいいなって思うんだけど、特にメロディの癖になる感じとかバランスとかがすごく素敵

  2. 某猫やんけの方から来ました。好きです。ずっと追います。あと私の大好きな歌手の曲に関係していて、それでまた好きになりました。

  3. 恋する季節が近づいてきたからビタチョコ聞きに来たよぉ

  4. 今日こそ聞くべきだと思い来ました。

    F .U .Ⅽ .K .Y .O .U

  5. 最初の端にあるナイフとフォークが汚れてるの気になる。          追記 「恋する季節」って思春期を指してるのかな

  6. セルフカバー聞いて帰ってきました…


  7. これはボカロの方がすきだな

  8. Well, I got a few things about this, 1-that it is about a very submissive person 2-that the character is likely meant to be a woman (because of the talk about bangs and such, which is women usuall small talk, also, some of the expectations described in the song) 3-is this person being sexually harrassed at her job at 2:00? that part kinda made me feel unconfortable. Yeah, dont be like this, people will likely take advantadge of you.


    I have been listening to this song for a while and I finally figured it out. So

    The person that’s feeding him is like a person in his head always telling him to do this not that and always smile and not show any one your self just be the
    perfect kid like In 0:15 – 0:45. That clip wasn’t really him saying it, it was more like what he learned to say from the lady telling him what to do. He’s the perfect kid on the out side but a mess on the inside. And in the end he dosent care any more and shows his true self —> 3:04 – 3:07
    But then at 3:10 – 3:18 he realizes he made the mistake of doing that and hid his true self agian in the end

    Just leave the mind set of him trying to be like the perfect kid. I relate to this video so much because of my own experiences I always thought that my friends were silently judging me if I ever spoke to loud or spoke my mind. So I completely locked away my true self and held back and tried to be perfect and never talk to loud and always be self conscious about how I acted around them.

  10. 2:09 これ恋愛サーキュレーション…?好きなのかな

  11. これホスト的な、なんかの性的なサービスをする営業で、育て上げられてるってこと?最後のパーマの男って、未来の姿ってこと?やっぱいいやって口癖(?)も同じだし。


  12. 歌詞があまりにも自分に当てはまりすぎてて怖い…


  13. 1:32

  14. 人を過度に信じないように

    히토오 카도니 신지나이요-니

    사람을 과하게 믿지않도록


    아이사나이요-니 키타이 시나이요-니

    사랑하지 않도록 기대하지 않도록


    카토 잇테 카도가 타타나이요-니

    그렇다고 해서 까탈스럽지 않도록


    키도라누요-니 메다타누요-니

    잘난 척하지 않도록 눈에 띄지 않도록


    다레 히토리 키즈츠케누요-니

    누구 한 명 상처 입히지 않도록


    이지메누요-니 코로사누요-니

    괴롭히지 않도록 죽이지 않도록


    카토 잇테 기젠가 바레나이요-니

    그렇다고 해서 위선이 들키지 않도록



    거만해지지 않도록


    카루이 죠-쿠야 릿푸사-비스모 와스레누요-니

    가벼운 농담이나 립서비스도 잊지 않도록


    돈나 토키모 와랏테 아이쿄- 후리마쿠요-니

    어떤 순간에도 웃으며 애교를 부리도록


    비타- 쵸코 데코레-숀

    비터 초코 데코레이션


    토카쿠 이와즈니 탄토 메시아가레

    이것저것 얘기하지 말고 잔뜩 드시길


    비타- 쵸코 데코레-숀

    비터 초코 데코레이션


    쿠와즈 키라이와 챤토 나오사나캬

    덮어놓고 싫어하는 건 똑바로 고쳐야 해


    아타마 카랏포 소노 아토니 노코루 코코로가 혼모노나라

    머리가 텅 비고서 남은 마음이 진짜라면


    킷토 키미닷테 오나지 코토

    분명 너라도 똑같은 것


    "토코로데 히토츠 우카가이마스가

    "그런데 하나 묻겠는데,


    센지츠 도코카데? ・・・얏파 이이야"

    요전에 어디에선가? …역시 됐어"


    무다니 지가오 사라사누요-니

    쓸데없이 자신을 내보이지 않도록


    하나사누요-니 와카라누요-니

    대화하지 않도록 알지 못하도록


    데모 젯타이 쿠치오 토자사누요-니

    하지만 절대로 입을 다물지는 않도록


    와라와스요리 와라와레루 요-니

    웃기보다는 웃음을 사도록


    히토오 챤토 우야마우요-니

    사람을 제대로 공경하도록


    아가메루요-니 타타에루요-니

    받들 수 있도록 칭찬할 수 있도록


    데모 켓시테 이야미니 나라나이요-니

    하지만 절대로 비아냥이 되지 않도록



    까불지 않도록


    슈-단 산카노 슈-신케이

    집단 참가의 무기징역


    마타 헤-코라 헤-코라 잇챳테

    또 다시 빌빌거리고 빌빌거리면서


    "아렛, 마에가미 쵸-제츠 사이쿄-쟌!"

    "어라, 앞머리 모양 엄청 좋잖아!"


    토카 도-데모 이-노니 잇챳테

    같은 어찌됐던 상관없는 걸 말하며

    毎朝毎晩もう限界 宗教的社会の集団リンチ

    마이아사 마이반 모- 겐카이 슈-쿄-테키 샤카이 슈-단 린치

    매일 아침 매일 밤 이젠 한계 종교적인 사회의 집단 린치


    데모 켓시테 핫쿄-시나이요-니

    하지만 절대로 미치지는 않도록


    비타- 쵸코 데코레-숀

    비터 초코 데코레이션


    토키니 코도쿠나 아이와 키미오 요고스

    가끔 고독한 사랑은 너를 더럽혀


    비타- 쵸코 데코레-숀

    비터 초코 데코레이션


    타츠 토리노 아토 킷토 쿠소노 아-토

    날아간 새의 자리는 분명 똥으로 된 아트

    (立つ鳥跡を濁さず : 나는 새는 흔적을 남기지 않는다는 속담으로

    떠날 때는 뒤처리를 깨끗이 하라는 뜻)


    하지메와 안나 타이소-나 타이겐소-고오 나라베타가

    처음엔 그렇게 거창하게 호언장담을 해댔지만


    이야요 이야요모 스키노 우치

    '싫어 싫다고' 도 '좋아'의 안 쪽에


    "이야하야 시카시 쿄-가 하지메테데

    "정말, 그런데 오늘이 처음인데

    こんなとはね 君センスあるよ」

    콘나토와네 키미 센스아루요"

    이렇다니 너 센스 있네"


    코이스루 키세츠니 비타- 쵸코 데코레-숀

    사랑하는 계절에 비터 초코 데코레이션


    코이스루 키모치데 비타- 쵸코 데코레-숀

    사랑하는 기분으로 비터 초코 데코레이션



    비타- 쵸코 데코레-숀

    비터 초코 데코레이션


    미나가 노조무 리소-니 아코가레테

    모두가 원하는 이상을 동경하며


    비타- 쵸코 데코레-숀

    비터 초코 데코레이션


    코세이야 죠-와 젠부 야키하라이

    개성이나 정은 전부 불태워버리고


    비타- 쵸코 데코레-숀

    비터 초코 데코레이션


    요쿠야 에고와 코로시테 츠치니 우메

    욕심이나 정체성은 억누르고 땅에 묻어버려


    비타- 쵸코 데코레-숀

    비터 초코 데코레이션


    보쿠와 오토나니 얏토 낫타요 마마

    나는 드디어 어른이 됐어 엄마


    아시타모 킷토 코노 사키모

    내일도 분명, 이 앞으로도


    지고쿠와 츠즈쿠 도코마데모

    지옥은 이어져 어디까지고

    嗚呼 だからどうか今だけは

    아아 다카라 도-카 이마다케와

    아아 그러니 부디 지금 만은


    코도모노 코로노 키모치노 마마데

    어린 시절의 기분 그대로


    잇시 마토와즈니 얏테 코-제

    실오라기 하나 걸치지 않고 해나가자


    "아아 오모이다시타! 안타 아노 토키노

    "아아 기억났다! 너 그때의


    키마지메소-나… 얏파 이이야"

    고지식해보였던… 역시 됐어"

  15. THEORY

    This song talks about how a boy tries to be perfect to the society, the title "Bitter Choco Decoration" could mean how he hides his real feelings, (bitter, could mean bad feelings) and pretends to be okay with what makes him feel bad (choco, meaning him being "sweet" and "okay" with whatever others say) and decoration could mean the mask he wears to hide his real feelings.


    All the lyrics talk about what he should do, what he shouldn't do and what he must and mustn't do. Which reforces my theory of him trying to be perfect.

    "Just eat it all, and don't say a word."
    Just pretend it all, don't say a real word and don't feel a real feeling.
    Doesn't that say it all? How he has to ignore what he wants to do, and do what he should do to be perfect.

    "You got to fix your picky eating habit."
    The same as before, don't try to be yourself because you're not perfect. Stop trying to be yourself. And be what we (society) want you to be.

    "If, after emptying your mind, your heart is the real remaining thing."
    Kinda represents how society manipulates him to be perfect, how he doesn't think of what he wants to do. If, after emptying your mind, (of what you think and want to do) your heart is the real remaining thing. (what you feel, now you have to change what you feel to be completely how society wants to)

    "By the way, there's just one thing I want to ask: did we meet somewhere the other day? On second thought, never mind."
    Maybe he's talking to himself, how he has disappeared and now another person, the one society wants is growing inside of him, he is being what society wants instead of what he wants.

    The part where it goes to fast and I can't insert lyrics could mean him talking about what society forces him to do and what society is.

    "Sometimes, solitary love makes you dirty."
    If you're alone, you will try to be perfect. (he sees perfect as dirty because he is so upset about trying to be perfect, he think being perfect sucks even tho he needs to be perfect.

    "Shit art surely remains after a bird leaves (below where it stood)"
    I'm not sure what that means, but I think it's just the boy being upset on being perfect. If anyone knows please tell me.

    "I had such grand ideas at the beginning."
    He wanted to be and do a lot of things, bit society ruined it.

    "I've finally grown up, mama."
    That kinda makes me think that this theory adds his mother on the story, that his mother is forcing him to be perfect. Which I think it's better!

    "-and be the naked me."
    And be myself and who I want to be.


    The drawings don't have much to say, but they do add.

    His orange suit, a jail suit. Meaning he is in a perfect-boy-jail (society wants him to be like this, and that, and bla bla bla but he doesn't want to) he can't escape of.

    The part where he is struggling with the collar means that, the collar is society, and how it's pushing him to be perfect.

    VR glasses, meaning he's living a life that's not really what he feels, a false reality.

    The guy at the end, I don't know who he is. It's probably some oc the creator has. Oh, I know! It could be who he was before.

  16. 最後に思い出した 相手のしてやったりな顔と、嫌気がさしたような主人公の顔を見て、カースト的に主人公が上 相手の生真面目そうな人が下の立場で、 相手はそのことでひどいことを言われたかして、その仕返し的な感じで こんなことをしたのかな って思ってしまいました(^_^;)
    襟が学ランぽくも見えるので 高校の同級生かも?

    それにしてもリズムが癖になりますね この曲

  17. チョコって元は苦いんだから、人間元は苦い世界にいるのに子供の頃なら甘さを加えてもらってるおかげで苦い思いしなくてよくて、でも大人になるにつれてその甘さを与えてくれる人が減って行く、現実を見ないといけない場面が増えていって。そういうことなのかな、いや、違うか。

  18. なんかメイドさんの指が人差し指より薬指の方が長く見える

  19. 男の子の服の色がだんだん暗くなって言ってる……


  20. that's why we should all accept who we are and embrace it into our own true personalities, don't wear that mask if it makes you feel irritated or else it'll eventually break you from the inside, the song has some pretty deep meaning lol I couldn't understand it all just yet

  21. It's just a bitter non-ending spiral. "have we met before?" "On second thought,nvm".Starting your day and having to put a "mask" on your face and act "apropiately" to be more liked than disliked by society.You just want to please everyone but yourself because you feel like you don't deserve such desires.It's too bitter to "swallow" up all the sh*t you go through and "mask" it to please others,but you do it anyways.

    E v e r y. s i n g l e. d a y

  22. 3:13の男の人を色反転するとsyudouさんの作った曲の邪魔っていう歌にでてきた男の人になる。つまり同一人物なのかな。。

  23. あの、これ自分の解釈なんですけど、


  24. 人を過度に信じないように、愛さないように、期待しないように、かといって角がたたないように…


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