👉Best Facial Exercises👈 Exercise Along With Me-Full Face Routine Series#1-2019 Instruction Updates

👉Best Facial Exercises👈 Exercise Along With Me-Full Face Routine Series#1-2019 Instruction Updates

hello everyone this year with Facerobics®
we’re going to start from exercise along with me series one exercises and then
work through all of the exercises throughout the year and all of the
exercises every two months the series will change and I’ll be giving you
updates to the existing exercises now I’m doing this because I didn’t want to
add another series this year because we really do have a lot of exercises that
everybody needs to master before we move on to another series and doing the
different series it really does make a difference because what is happening is
you’re doing one set of exercises and you’re doing them in varying repetition
levels and then when you finish that series and you start a new one it
changes up everything in your muscles and it gives your muscles a chance to
start changing things around so that they won’t plateau and plateauing is the
biggest problem with people exercising because people just do exactly the same
exercise all the time and that does not work that does not work on your face you
have to change the exercises to get the effect and to get the muscles
strengthened and lifted you also have to do a full face routine and there’s no
point just doing one exercise because that is just not going to work because
all of the muscles are interconnected so you will be exercising one set of
muscles while the other muscles are not being exercised so you will either
compact them together or make them fatigued and say so this is the reason
why we do a full face routine the other thing I’m going to be doing is I’m going
to be setting time stamps on the videos now and what that is is when you look at
the video and you look at the little video play bar there’s little yellow
dots on there and that gives you a time stamp so you go to the description box
and there’ll be all these little time stamps as to where you can click to so
you can get straight to the exercise because what happens is that you need to
sometimes watch them over and over and I would rather that you just click on the
time stamp and it take you straight to the start of the exercise and then
you’ll be able to learn a lot faster okay so the first exercise in series 1
is the extreme forehead lifter this is an amazing exercise because what this
does is it exercises the scalp and the back of the head
now when you exercise a scalp what happens is it becomes very firm and very
strong and it lifts back your forehead and that is what you want because you
want it lifted from the top and as I was saying all the muscles are
interconnected so when you’re exercising this area or the back of your scalp it
lifts up the forehead because the muscles are connected and as these
tighten it’s going to pull it back so same with every part of your face so
this is what happens here it pulls back the forehead and it gives a lovely
smooth effect on the forehead now even though you have expression lines and you
can still lift your forehead and have those lines all they are our expression
lines okay so if your face is at rest with no wrinkles that’s the effect you
want to get so in the past we’ve used two fingers but as I’ve gone through all
the series have gone through all the exercises myself and as I do them I
changed them slightly and then with those changes I bring them to you and
this is the good thing about it is because I’m actually doing it as well
it’s not like I’m sitting here going oh well you got to guys got to do this and
you got it guys got to go do that and then I go have a facelift or something
it’s nothing like that I’m actually doing the exercises with
you every day I go through all the series I run through the whole program
myself so this is why I know that there’s so many different changes that
can happen with each individual exercise so with this exercise now I would ask
that you use three fingers so you can see the way that my fingers are
configured okay the other thing is that tuck your finger have you have your
fingers in that configuration the other thing is just lay your fingers all the
way along the forehead now when you do this exercise make sure that you’re
using the pressor plant technique the present plant technique is in the
information bar that’s just popped up now at the top right hand corner of the
screen and you can watch that later so using
the pressing plant technique press firmly drop your shoulders and that’s a
really important thing is to drop your shoulders then lift your brow now as you
do this what you want to do and have the feeling is your forehead is crunching
together and in doing so this a little muscle up here this muscle up in this
area starts to move and then the muscle at the back they’re super tireless that
will start to move look carefully at the placement of my fingers now looking here
you can see that my finger is all the way along my hairline okay and I’m
pressing very very firmly as I do that I’m pressing firmly with my middle
finger and I’m pressing firmly with my ring finger, lift and the only thing that you should feel
moving is a little bit in here just above your brow and you should start to
feel ever so slightly and subtly your scalp moving and that’s the effect that
you want to get okay so we’ll do it one more time watching
very carefully where I’m placing my fingers and how I’m placing my fingers
pressing firmly drop your shoulders and then lift it’s a very effective exercise and I ask
that you go back and watch this again and again to get the technique correct
because once you have your technique correct then you’ll be able to be much
more successful with your exercises the technique used in this exercise is the
press & plant technique and you will learn how much pressure to put on your
forehead to stop the frontalis from moving the whole thing from moving up
and down because we don’t want that to happen
the only place that’s moving up and down is just here and also your scalp and
activating the occipitalis if you confused about this please make a
comment in the comment box below and I will do my best to answer it but try to
watch the video and that’s what you need to do you need to watch the video over
and over go back watch it again and be absolutely sure on how I am doing the
exercise the other thing you need to remember with the exercises when you’re
lifting your arms up like this that you need to drop your shoulders okay because
we tend to hunched up and hunched over and I do it myself that’s no doubt about
that I’d do it too so drop your shoulders and be in a comfortable
position when you are doing this exercise okay I hope that’s helped so
you should be if you’ve started series 1 this will really help you and as I said
I’ll be doing series 1 for eight weeks for two months so that I can give you
some updates to help you really really push into these exercises and really
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alright guys you have a lovely day wherever you are in the world and I’ll
see you next time bye hello everyone its Peta from Facerobics®
today we’re going to be talking about the three part Eye Exercise in
exercise along with me series 1 this exercise is the first Eye Exercise in all
the series and the reason why I chose it to be done this way is for you to get
used to using your eye muscles when you first start facial exercises it’s really
difficult to isolate and understand how to get those muscles moving so this is
the reason why I did it this way when you’re doing this exercise I’ll just
grab Dorian and I’ll show you the muscles that you’re using also have a
look at the schematic it is in the description box below so you can
download it to know what muscles you’ll be using so with this exercise you are
not using the orbicularis oculi this orbicularis oculi is a very strong
muscle and it enables you to move your eyes and scrunch up your eyes also it’s
attached to the frontalis and it’s attached to a lot of these muscles here
that are connected to your lip so this muscle helps to lift the corners
of your lips to help you smile but today we’re not going to be using this muscle
today what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be using our eyelids and
the muscles around our eyelids on the inside so with this exercise all we’re
going to be doing is opening and closing the eyes so before we do the placement
I’ll show you how to open and close the eyes so when you do this exercise you
just open and close and you squeeze ever so gently and you might hear a slight
vibration in your ear and you can also see that I’m not
squeezing like this I’m not doing any of this all I’m doing is opening and
closing my eyes and I’m squeezing my eyelids and my eyelids are flat so when
I squeeze them my eyelids the corners don’t squeeze up they’ll just stay flat
and it’s just a gentle squeeze of the eyelids so get used to doing that first the next thing is placing your hands to
isolate the orbicularis oculi hand placement finger placement is really
important and central to Facerobics® exercises because you use your fingers
to isolate the muscles to hold them back and to stop them from creating wrinkles
as you’re doing the repetitions so with this exercise you use the knuckles of
your hands and you tuck them comfortably into the eye socket now part of the
finger is covering this part of the eye socket right in the corner here so part
of this finger here is covering the eye socket so you can see my fingers are
going upwards so that is the direction that your fingers need to be in when you
do this placement so first off is into the eye socket then curl your fore
fingers around your brow and then press firmly and what you should be feeling is
the skin and the muscle should be pulling back into your eye sockets a
little bit now don’t press so firmly that you give yourself a headache or
that you’re making massive red marks all over your face press firmly where it’s
comfortable enough to hold back the the skin and muscles from moving as
you do the exercise also place your fingers just on this part of the brow so
you can see how it’s just right on the very very top of the brow it’s
over the top they’re not back here they’re not back here and you’d be
surprised when I say to people place your fingers over your brow people put
them here so we’re putting them over our brow and we’re placing our fingers over
the line of the top of our eye so so this being a three-part exercise what
you need to do in the first part is look straight ahead and you do the first part
50 times so do it with me close your eyes and open them and as you close and
open them all you should be feeling is a very very gentle very gentle pulling
just very gentle pulling not strong pulling of that area not stretching of
that area just a very gentle pulling when you close your eyes you can see I’m
not going like this I’m not doing any of that I’m not doing any of that I’m just
opening and closing my eyes and when I close them I squeeze them a little bit that’s all it is when you do the second
part of this exercise again your hands are still in position all you do is will
come now did you see that movement I didn’t go like this I didn’t go like
this all I did was look up and all you do is
look up at a 45-degree angle and then close your eyes again this time you should be feeling more of
your your bottom eyelids moving upwards slightly as opposed to what it was like
when you were looking forward it was the top eyelid when you look up it’s the
bottom eyelid that you’re feeling more so the next part of that exercise when
you finish 50 repetitions look down at a 45 degree angle and again open and close
and gently squeezing making sure that you are looking down at 45 degrees and
no more not on a strong angle because if you look down at more of a 45 degree
angle you will cause stretching of this part of your eyelid and it can cause
damage so you need to make sure that you’re just looking 45 degrees and don’t
don’t squeeze your eyelids too hard you can see how I’m doing it the next part
of this exercise is to look forward again is to look straight ahead and
close your eye lips and squeeze gently for 20 seconds and if you hear a bit of a vibration in
your ear that’s fine now you can see I’m not doing this I’m not squeezing my eyes
in this exercise at all when you’re doing a three-part exercise in any of
the exercise along with me series you only do 50 repetitions you don’t go to
the next level and do a hundred repetitions of each you
don’t go to the third level and do a hundred and fifty repetitions of each
you only do fifty throughout all the levels so if there’s a three part
exercise and I say do 50 look straight ahead
50 up and 50 down that means all through the levels okay
don’t try doing any more than that because all we’re doing is getting our
eyes used to moving it’s really interesting because you’ll be very
surprised on how much we don’t actually move our eyes and when we actually start
moving our eyes what happens it starts exercising them and making them stronger
it’s a very good exercise for a beginner so that’s why it is in the first series
and I ask also that if you do get a bit confused about what I’m doing go back to
the video come back to the video here and watch it again and be very specific
about where I’m placing my fingers and what I’m doing with my eyes be very
specific about it now some people tell me that their eyebrows are too low or
they’re too high or their hands are too small your features are in proportion
with your hands so if you’ve got small hands you’ll have small features you’ll
have a smallish face and your hands will fit if you find that your fingers are a
bit short just try to move it comfortably into position and do the
best you can with it that’s all you need to do it’s very very easy to actually
adjust your hands and your fingers to the exercises now guys please do
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you actually have to watch the videos to get the information all right well you
have a lovely day wherever you are in the world and I’ll see you next time hello everyone today we’re going to be
doing the update to the upper cheek exercise end the exercise along with me
series one routine hi everyone thanks so much for coming by today I want to talk
to you about the upper cheek exercise and give you an update with this
exercise to help you with your facial exercises to be much more successful so
with this exercise the really important thing is to put your mouth in an O shape
position and make this area taut now what I’ve been my taught is tight okay
let’s give that a go that’s the action that you need to do underneath the
placement of your hands so let’s try it once more so what you’re doing is
pulling up the zygomaticus muscles here is a schematic of what the zygomaticus
muscles look like these are your cheek muscles and these cheek muscles activate
the moving upwards they allow you to move your cheeks upwards so when you go
ahead and place your mouth in that a shape and lift it’s putting resistance
on those two muscles they are attached to the abit killer asaurus which is a
very large muscle that sits superficially which means it sits on top
of all the other muscles that are attached to it and there are quite a few
but today all we’re working with other cheek muscles so let’s give this a go
with the hand placement with the hand placement you place your four fingers on
your crow’s feet you place your middle fingers on the
bottom of this eye socket and you place your your knuckles your thumb knuckles
right up into the corners of your lips when you go to lift it you make that a
shape making your cheeks taut and you lift this exercise utilizes the lift and
squeeze technique here is the lift and squeeze technique go ahead and watch it
because I developed it so that you could have much better understanding of how to
lift the muscles and then how to squeeze them now watch that after this video
because it will give you a really deep understanding of this actual exercise so
when you’re lifting and squeezing in this cheek exercise all of the energy is
going out energy is a really important thing when you’re doing your facial
exercises and you can master the movement of the energy and you do that
by utilizing the lift and squeeze technique and focusing the energy going
in a certain pattern so in this pattern it goes up and out the other really
important thing about this exercise that will help you tone more this area is
when you are actually lifting and squeezing you then take your focus right
to the top of your your as zygomaticus muscle and you squeeze it and there are
areas here that you can squeeze as well so taking the energy up and out and then
finishing off with a big squeeze at the top let’s see if you can try it again
mouth in an O shape position making your cheeks taut placing your fingers onto
your face in the configuration and then lifting and squeezing now try that again
with me lifting and squeezing and then finishing off with the squeeze here it’s
like another one or two seconds after you do the exercise the actual lift so
let’s try it see if you can see me doing it so I’m pushing out the energy and I’m
squeezing it up here just for another second or so and then I’m starting again now the thing that you don’t do with
this exercise let’s let’s talk about that the dotes the don’t sir
don’t lift the muscles on the side of your nose don’t do the exercise with
those it turns into a completely different exercise because you’re
actually lifting the wrong muscles you need to lift the zygomaticus muscles now
this exercise is what helps my cheeks have this lovely sweet / back on them
I’m really proud of the way that they look so this has helped me sweep back my
cheeks and have a lovely strengthened cheek up here so that nothing is
drooping now when you have the muscles strengthened in this area and it’s all
strong what happens is it lifts the nasolabial folds and when the nasal of
Bale folds are lifted you don’t have any drooping and those awful lines that
start to be created between your nose and your lips so concentrate on using
the zygomaticus muscles and not the Leavitt or muscles that’s the first
thing the next thing is be aware of how much effort you’re putting into it if
you are a beginner with facial exercises and you’re finding it difficult to move
the muscles just do it gently don’t be going at it like a bull of the gate to
try to get your muscles going facial exercises is a gradual change and if you
try to do everything all at once you will cause fatiguing and your muscles
will not respond so if you are a beginner just do the exercise gently so
if you’re a beginner just start gently with all the exercises do that for
yourself because as you start to get your muscles moving and growing they
will want to be worked a little bit harder and stronger anyway so start
gently if you have been doing exercises for a while or facial exercises for a
while go ahead and put more as much effort as you feel that your muscles
will take now remembering that you don’t go overboard with it don’t do it so much
where your muscles will ache so badly don’t press so hard that you
are causing bruises please exercise some common sense here go as far as you feel
that you can without causing any damage to yourself because people do it people
literally do that so be use your common sense when you’re doing the exercises
the other thing to remember of course what I learned too before was it does
take time so you have to be patient with this exercise
it’s a beautiful exercise and when you actually get the hang of it and get into
doing it it absolutely sweeps up your cheeks and it lifts them and it makes
your face look very very lifted it’s really a fantastic exercise and I love
it so the next thing that you work on with this exercise is your focus so all
your focus is up in drawing up the muscle to the end of it and squeezing to
the end because other muscles are involved like the platysma what will
happen is you’ll tend to use a lot of these muscles too but what I want you to
do is really focus on the energy in this area don’t worry about focusing down
here and if you are using that try to work ways of pushing the energy more up
here rather than using this area focus is a very important thing in these
exercises and it is key to the exercise it’s concentration and focus in what you
are doing so please do make a comment in the
comment box below if you want to ask a question I would really appreciate that
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much I hope you’ve enjoyed that you have a lovely day whenever you are in the
world and I’ll see you next time bye every one today we’re going to be
talking about the nose exercise in exercise along with me series one now
this is a really good exercise to shape your nose there is a time stamp below in
the description box if you do not want to hear this part of the video just
click on that little time stamp and it will take you to the exercise but it is
worth listening to because you do need to know the fundamentals behind
exercising and especially exercising your nose so it’s down there click on it
it’ll take you to the other two the exercise that’s fine for those who do
care to listen doing your nose exercise is really important because what it does
is it shapes your nose back to its original shape now if you’ve got a long
nose it’s not going to make you no shorter if you’ve got a short nose it’s
not going to make your nose longer what it does like all of the
exercises is it adapts to the natural shape of your skeletal features and then
it just reshapes back to what you were when you were younger that is the
miraculous thing about exercises and why people look so great
when they do facial exercise because they their skin’s not pulled up their
skins not so tight they can’t move it they’re looking natural they’re looking
younger and they’re looking more vibrant and fresh now with the nose exercise you
cannot just exercise your nose so many people contact me and say well I really
like the shape of my nose can I just leave that out and do the rest of it
well the answer is no because if you leave your nose out you won’t like the
shape of your nose because what it will do is make your nose sag and it will
make your skin more wrinkly because if you are exercising everything else by
your nose these muscles on the side of your nose don’t have the chance to lift
and they will be pushing and pulling against the rest of the muscles so you
have to exercise your nose you have to be doing a full of face routine and
whatever exercises I have in the routines just do them don’t worry about
it if your nose is great or if you you don’t like your nose or whatever just do
them because if you if you leave some out you are going to run into trouble
you need to be doing the exercises that are in the routines and you cannot be
changing them especially your nose because your nose will become misshapen
so if you’re going to start facial exercises and you like the shape of your
nose exercise your nose because if you don’t it will start to sag again the
reason why is the muscles are lifting these muscles that lift the nose are
pushing up against the muscles that are lifting so there is a push-pull action
happening and your nose will start to sag the exercise so when we do this
exercise we place our finger on the tip of our nose we don’t push it up like
this we do none of that all we’re doing is placing it on the tip so you can see
that there’s no pushing up and we don’t push up because what happens is it can
crease this area on the top of their nose so we just place our finger gently
on the tip of our nose so when I say the tip of our nose I don’t say here I’m not
saying here I’m not saying here I’m saying the tip so everybody do that with
me place your finger gently on the tip of your nose then with your other
fingers hold the bridge of your nose where that wrinkle could form so you
hold right on that the bridge of your nose there and just hold it gently and
then you start to push your muscles down now as you can see I’m not going like
this not doing that not doing that I’m pushing my nostrils downwards with these
muscles on the side so the muscles I’m talking about are the tiny little
muscles on the side of the nose I call them levitation muscles they’ve
got it a Latin name probably about that long
not good at Latin I’ve got it Australian but not a lesson but anyway I just
called the levitator muscles and these are the muscles that you need to be
isolating and thinking about when you push this your nostrils downwards
also the depressor cept deep muscle Russia the the tip bottom right at the
bottom of your nose this muscle and those muscles on either side are the
muscles that activate when you are doing this exercise the other muscle that
activates is the pre-service and a lot of people do sort of frown when they do
this exercise again you need to learn to focus and the first technique is right
here go and watch that afterwards okay and that will help you learn to focus
when other muscles are moving around your face but we are concentrating on
these two muscles on the side and the muscle underneath our nose so without my
fingers holding the muscles I will show you how to do it okay so you watch my
nose watch my mouth and watch the way it’s moving so slightly it’s moving up here but
mainly I’m pushing the nostrils downwards with the depressor septic
muscle and I’m using the levitator muscles that along side of my nose to
help do that also the nurse Alice is involved in this and the nurse Alice
is attach these levitator muscles are attached to the nurse Alice and that
helps push it down also so let’s give it another go all you need to do is
practice really at the end of the day if you cannot get an exercise correct just
keep practicing it until you get it right now if you finding it difficult to
do it you think you’re not doing it right just don’t push too hard with the
muscle don’t put too much muscle effort in it because if you’re not doing it
correctly then you might be just not doing it correctly so just do the
exercises lightly until you feel that you’ve got a handle on those exercises
also the other thing I want you to understand that all of these updates
like the nose update and their forehead and the eye update they’re all the same
exercises they’re just more tips to give you an idea of how to do the exercise
easier it doesn’t change it’s not a different
exercise it’s exactly the same exercise that is in the exercise along with me
series one so everybody I hope that this update has helped you understand a
little bit more on how to exercise your nose I hope you understand why you can
only do a full face routine that you cannot do it on its own because it will
become misshapen and I hope that it brings you so much success with your
facial exercises everybody please remember to subscribe so many people
watch the nose exercise and they don’t subscribe so please do remember to
subscribe to the channel because it really helps you understand how to do
the exercises better when I bring out all these updates also remember to like
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guys you have a lovely day wherever you are in the world and I’ll see you next
time hello everyone today we’re going to be
discussing the lower jaw exercise in exercise along with me series 1 I do
need to talk to you about some warnings before we do go into this exercise but
if you don’t want to listen to the warnings the time stamp as normal is in
the description box below just click on that and it will jump to the exercise
but there are some mornings to do with this exercise because a lot of people do
have your problems it comes through manifest in various ways for its route
mg or somebody might have had lockjaw or there are problems that people do
experience with the jaw but what I want to talk to you about is if you have any
known problems if you know you’ve got a problem with your jaw when you do this
exercise just do it very gently do it as if you may not even be able to feel it
because common sense would tell you that if you have a problem with your jaw even
if you can see that it’s off-center a bit and you haven’t had a problem before
but it’s off-center a bit and you know it’s off-center a bit common sense tells
you that if you do this exercise with too much effort you could have a problem
with it so please think about whether you have a problem with your jaw whether
you hear clicking in your jaw when you talk or whether you have a known problem
with your jaw and if you do I want you to do this exercise with extreme caution
if at all if you do have TMJ my suggestion is do not do the exercise and
unfortunately if you do have TMJ you may not be able to do my type of exercises
you might need to find a different program that might be able to address
that a bit better for you but certainly with my program if you have TMJ and it
starts to exacerbate if you try this exercise you will need to stop but I’m
just giving you the warning so that you are fully aware of this exercise that it
is a strong exercise and that you do need to exercise caution when you are
doing it if you have your problems so it is a very strong exercise it does help
you with lifting the jaw line and removing jowls and
with everything it doesn’t remove them perfectly but when you do this routine
you will find that your gels will start to lift a little and it’s really it’s a
great routine the whole routine is but this exercise is a good exercise to help
you with that so the exercise is you are using your jaw and jutting it out at the
same time as holding in with your fists along the message’ muscle for resistance
here is a picture of the masseter muscle so go to that picture and have a look
and see where it is and have a look and see where you need to visualize this
muscle it is responsible for chewing your food and it’s responsible for
opening and closing your jaw so it is a very strong muscle one of the strongest
air within our face so let’s give this a go so we place our fists on the masseter
muscle so you can see how I’m placing them here we can see on the side and do
it with me place your fists on the masseter now you
can see I’m not placing my fists back here and I’m not placing my fist here
and I’m not placing my fist up here I’m placing it right along the masseter
havein can see where my knuckles are in relation to my cheeks and my lips and
that’s where you will place it then just sweep your little fingers and just hold
back the skin don’t stretch it back just holding back the skin gently so when you
do that you’re pushing in quite firmly and then you judge your jaw outwards so as you are jetting your jaw outwards
you are doing a bit of a scoop as you do it I’ll show you on the side you might
hear a little bit of vibration in your ears because the Meseta muscle is
attached up around this area so you may hear a bit of vibration in your ears
when you do it as you do the exercise as you judge your jaw outwards go ahead and
push in now I push him really firmly but just push in and isolate that mess of a
muscle because it’s moving in and out as you’re jutting your jaw outwards you can
see how along here if you if you look along here how that’s working as with
the warnings if you have a known problem with your jaw common sense will tell you
do not do the exercise if you have if you hear a small clicking if you hear
clicking under here that is your jaw clicking if it’s only clicking slightly
just do the exercise very gently don’t push out with the muscle effort that I
was using if it’s clicking a lot stop the exercise and as I mentioned in the
warnings you may need to find a different face exercise program that can
help you with your facial exercises because you won’t be able to do this
exercise because if you do it and you create damage then you’re in a whole
world of pain also with this exercise you are holding the skin back okay
you’re holding with your little finger and when you you’re jutting your jaw out
it should be all smooth along here this exercise you’re not going like this okay
you’re not pushing inwards this is not how you do the exercise you gently pull
it back you can see the difference can’t you gently pull it back and gently bring
your little fingers back comfortably and do the exercise
and you can see everything on my face is smoothing outwards it’s not pushing
inwards very important that you understand the way the muscles are
moving this exercise the energy is moving outwards there’s another
important factor through this exercises that sometimes you feel it in your neck
so when you start feeling your neck muscles it means that all your focus is
sitting at the back of your neck you need to bring all your focus back to the
place that you are doing the exercise because if you’re pushing too hard with
the back of your neck then you are strengthening that neck area too much
and you could cause from headaches or you know it just it becomes
uncomfortable so the main thing is is that if you are feeling the exercise
with any exercise if you’re feeling this in the back of your neck you are not
focusing correctly and you need to bring your focus back to the spot that you are
exercising it’s pretty clear all your focus needs to sit where you are
exercising then you won’t have problems with your neck and you won’t even have
any problems with anything with your neck if you do that you won’t even be
thinking about your neck so guys give that a go I’d like you to go back
through the video again when you’re finished have a look at all the
instructions that I gave you and that way and that’s one of the reasons why
I’ve got the timestamps so that when you need to go back after hearing all the
warnings to the video you can then just click on the timestamp and it will go
straight to the exercise but do please study the exercise study what I say and
you will find that if you do what I say that you will not run into the
difficulties that you might run into when you’re doing the exercises
you can’t just skim through the video and go oh I’ve heard that I don’t want
to hear that I want to hear that you have to really listen to what I’m saying
so remember to subscribe to the channel because see if you don’t subscribe to
the channel you won’t get the updates and then again you won’t get things that
give you ideas and tips on how to actually do the exercises correctly also
please like my video I love it when you like my videos it really helps makes me
feel good all right guys will you have a lovely
day wherever you are in the world and I’ll see you next time bye hello everyone today we’re going to be
talking about the turkey neck exercise in exercise along with me series one I
love this exercise and this is one of the first exercises that I really
started to understand the power of facial exercise because it is a very
effective exercise and a very strong exercise and it works today with this
exercise I’m going to show you how to do it but first I would like to say I need
to go back to the fundamentals of face aerobics face exercise and talk about
focus because when you do this exercise sometimes what happens is that you do
get tension in the back of the neck and you’re getting tension in the back of
the neck because you are using your neck muscles instead of the muscles in front
of your neck and that is why you are getting tension also you are focusing
all of your focus to the back of the neck you are not bringing it to the
front when that happens when you think oh my god I’ve got tension in the back
of my neck that says that you are not focusing in the correct manner you had
to focus on the muscles that you are exercising and in this case you need to
bring all your focus to the front of your neck when you do it you will not
have success with this exercise if you continue to use your neck muscles
because you have to use the platysma muscles and the other associated muscles
with this exercise to have success so clearly if you are exercising your neck
and you’re getting pain in your neck it means that this is not going to be
exercised it’s very important that you understand the focus process if you
don’t focus on those muscles that you’re exercising they will not be exercised so
a lot of the times when people first start face aerobics what they’re doing
is mimicking me and just mimic what I’m doing but after a time when people start
watching the videos because you actually have to watch the videos to get the
information once people start watching the videos
and getting the information then they become much more aware of what they’re
doing when they’re exercising and this is the reason why I do the updates to
give you this understanding of them the exercises are the same it’s just a more
of an understanding and deeper understanding on how to do them so with
this exercise basically you are exercising the platysma and there’s a
lot of other associated muscles in here so you’re exercising these muscles
you’re also exercising the muscle that comes down the side and when you do that
when this muscle start moving and exercising it actually brings to your
neck into a beautiful shape now if you’re a man doing this exercise what it
does is it it straightens up your neck because it’s a little bit different a
female’s neck to a man’s neck is a little bit different and remember when I
said to you about facial exercises it takes you back to the natural shape of
your features it doesn’t change you can’t actually change your features
contrary to what people think and say you cannot actually change your features
on your face with facial exercise you can only have them adapt back to what
you look like when you were younger and isn’t that fantastic you don’t want to
go back to changing something you want to go back to what you look like when
you were younger so that’s what this exercise does with the neck for women it
brings your neck into this beautiful female shape and for men it makes the
the neck go up and down somewhat because that’s what a man’s neck looks like so
when you’re doing the exercise the first thing you do is get used to moving your
platysma which is a big muscle that radiates across your shoulders from the
top of your jaw that’s where it starts and it radiates all the way over so you
need to get used to moving that first so when you do that you just start lifting
the platysma and basically what you’re doing is you’re squeezing the neck
muscles together so place your fingers on your collarbone so that way you can
feel the muscles from here moving that’s the action that you do
when you do the exercise the next thing you do is that you run your fingers as
you can see I’m running my fingers up my neck and the flats of my fingers so this
part of my fingers here are sitting gently holding up some skin so you can
see how it’s pulling up the skin gently stop stretching it up stop out here
stretching it out this way it’s just you’re just running it up gently and
you’re tucking it underneath your chin so let’s do that so you do this rolling
thing with your hands and fingers and you can see how they’re tucked up
underneath and they’re flat along my neck and that’s because when we do this
action it creates wrinkles of course because we’re wrinkling it up but when
you’re holding it up and holding it back and that’s all you’re doing is holding
it back it stops the wrinkling we do this so we have our hands in that
position that I just described now gently just pull them out a little bit
just pull your arms and your your fists just part them a little bit they’re
still connected with the little fingers but they’re just parting a little bit so
what you’re doing so far is you’re bringing the excess skin up underneath
your chin so what’s going to happen is the excess skin that is on your neck is
going to bunch up in this area it’s going to bunch up and a lot of people
say to me oh my god I hate that I just don’t like doing that exercise because
it bunches up well of course it’s going to bunch up because you’re pulling up
some excess skin and believe me mine bunches as well so don’t worry about it
when I first started the exercise it bunched up it looked more horrible but
over time what happens is this the next steps to strengthen and the skin starts
to tighten and you don’t have too much bunching anymore so don’t worry about
that don’t worry about how it looks it doesn’t matter how it looks when you’re
doing it the next thing you do is you place your tongue to the top of the roof
of your mouth or you can place it too bottom of your mouth in right down to
the bottom or right up to the top doesn’t matter then what you’re doing is
just moving your neck up and down as you squeeze your neck without the hands
they’re isolating the skin this is what it looks like okay so I’m not sort of moving my whole body
over like this doing it I’m not putting my chin out when I’m doing it
I’m not doing any of this okay it’s quite simple you just have to
follow the video and follow the steps because when you do that then you’ll get
to do the exercise correctly the idea is to watch the video until you
get the correct steps so when you finish go back and watch the video you’ll need
to watch it a few times this exercise will help the neck to become smooth it
will help the skin tighten and it will give you definition underneath your
jawline so the other caveat with this exercise is that if you have really
strong wrinkling like if it’s really loose here and it’s very very loose skin
wrinkled skin you might not be able to get a perfect neck from that because
remembering the theory of the exercises are the muscle builds up and it
stretches the skin over the muscle and it gives an appearance of no wrinkles so
if you’ve got sagging skin and lots of sagging skin it stands to reason that
there’s only so much that that muscles going to build it’s not like your your
arm muscle or your leg muscles or your buttocks or those sorts of huge muscles
that build can build massively your face muscles and neck muscles do not build
like that they build subtly to the point where it stretches the skin over the
muscle and that gives that appearance of no wrinkles so please do understand that
if you have a really saggy neck it might not work but the other good thing about
it is the muscles of building up underneath anyway and you’ll have this
wonderful invigorated feeling of your muscles so there is still that benefit
to doing this exercise it’s a great exercise and as I said it was the one
that when I really started understanding the power of facial exercises so guys
remember to subscribe to me because when you do that you have the update so when
you do hit that Bell that Bell will give you a notification of what I’ve uploaded
a video and that way you can just go and watch it when you’ve got time you know
it’s been uploaded and it’s more convenient for you to know that there is
an update or a a new video coming also remember to like my videos I love it
when you like my video so please do remember to do that alright guys thanks
for listening you have a lovely day wherever you are in the world and I’ll
see you next time bye you

About the Author: Earl Hamill


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