💗BLACKPINK ROSÉ MAKEUP แต่งหน้าสไตล์โรเซ่ด้วย moonshot! | Babyjingko

💗BLACKPINK ROSÉ MAKEUP แต่งหน้าสไตล์โรเซ่ด้วย moonshot! | Babyjingko

Hi guys welcome back to my channel! I just got my acne treatment, so excuse me if I have some spots on my face I was surprised when many of you requested this makeup look which is BLACKPINK ROSÉ make up look And there were people asked me to do a moonshot products review Both special edition products and normal sized products Actually I’ve been using moonshot products for a while now I used their cushion and eyeshadow palette in my latest make up tutorial video as well The products are quite good TBH I’ve been addicted to their products lately Today I brought both special edition products, LISA’s pick (sell at 7-eleven Thailand) As well as normal size products (sell at EVEANDBOY and moonshotth.com) Let me show you the special edition first Here are LISA’s PICK! Their packaging doesn’t look cheap though. They’re quite nice just like their normal-sized products When you apply the lip stain you can brag to your friends that you use moonshot And these are normal-sized products moonshot products in Thailand aren’t that expensive I just bought their eyeshadow palette When I looked up the price before they imported this the pre-order price from unofficial stores was even more expensive You don’t have to pre-order from Korea No need to wait for the products You can buy moonshot products in Thailand since the price is similar to Korean price and now let’s get started! First I’ll use Multi Protection UV CC Special Edition it has SPF50+ PA++++ It’s a tone-up sunscreen face primer with skincare benefits can be applied to any skin tone It has encapsulation technology leaving your skin looking nice and smooth This is before-after It corrected my skin tone without looking white-washed my skin just looked brighter and healthier just like Korean people’s perfect skin I recommended gently applying it ’cause when you first apply it, it may look thick but your skin will absorb it as you apply another tips for those who have light hair color apply tone-up cream to brighten your skin before putting on makeup having light hair color can make your face look dull therefore I recommend tone-up ->makeup moving on to face makeup let me tell you right now that I LOVE moonshot cushions My previous moonshot Micro Setting Fit cushion has already been used up It’s my first cushion that I’ve completely used up. It is THAT GOOD. And for this look, I’ll be using this moonshot Micro Correctfit Cushion This cushion is light but it gives a really good amount of coverage You can apply it very easily I used it when I was in Korea too The cushion puff is also good It’s an egg shape. You can apply it on small areas too. It makes my skin look photoshopped. I LOVE THIS. If you’re looking for a high-coverage cushion. This is another good option. It’s okay in hot weather like Thailand and when I used it in a very cold weather (-3 c) in Korea, it still worked well! Today’s makeup reference is this look ROSÉ makeup style usually focuses on eye makeup since she has quite small and short eye shape she always extend her eyeliner line over 1 cm even in her daily makeup, she still draws a very long line and for her eyeshadow style since she has a very long eyeliner, she emphasizes the outer corner to make her eye makeup balanced and not making her eyeliner look too obvious the main focus is to make her eyes look longer and bigger eyebrows are also important in this makeup look they have to be light because ROSÉ’s hair is blonde having light eyebrows can makeup your eye makeup pops more so I use eyebrow mascara in the lightest color next I’m using the eyeshadow palette that I just bought this is moonshot reve de Paris eyeshadow palette I love the colors in this palette I took it to Korea with me and used it in my recent GRWM all of the colors are pretty and practical! Moving on to eyeliner i’m using moonshot Liner Performer Liquid It’s a black liquid eyeliner with a sponge tip very long-lasting and doesn’t smudge at all you can adjust the width the way you want This is ROSÉ’s eyeliner style she usually draws the line in her natural slope, slightly downward just follow your natural slope. straight line/downward however you want. next i’ll apply moonshot Jelly Pot G04 Spin Spirit It’s a jelly eyeshadow with glossy shimmer, very pigmented you can use it on your eyes, cheeks or lips. It’s long-lasting and has a cooling effect when applying it next I’ll curl my eyelashes and apply mascara I’m using moonshot Lash Infinite Length Mascara This mascara contains fiber and creates longer lashes without clumping It’s also long-lasting with water/oil/sweat resistant formula Moving on to cheeks and lips I’m using moonshot Cream Paint Stain Fit Special Edition There are 3 colors for special edition You can apply this on your lips and cheeks It’s very light but pigmented and long-lasting it also contains butter and coconut oil, making your lips smooth and hydrated for lips I’m using ginger coral Then I’ll set my makeup with moonshot Powder Fixer Special Edition SPF27 PA++ This is a foundation powder pact The color is suitable for Asian skin tone medium coverage,
waterproof & sweat-proof, long-lasting It also contains skincare benefits that help brighten your skin and here is the finish look this is the best I can do ’cause ROSÉ has such a slim and oval face shape but mine is just a perfect circle her eye makeup style is like this she mostly focuses on her eye makeup with cute lip color and less on cheeks hope you guys can follow this make up tutorial there are quite a lot of steps since it’s her stage make up but the finish look will make your eyes appear a lot larger and the makeup will look nice on camera if you’re interested in moonshot special edition, you can buy at 7-eleven Thailand The quality is no joke! you can get the normal size products at EVEANDBOY or moonshotth.com and if you like this look, don’t forget to give a thumbs up and leave a comment! I’ll see you in my next video. Bye~!

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