💧Reviewing the Top Water Creams + Moisturizers 💧Tatcha, Purito, Kiehl’s & More!

💧Reviewing the Top Water Creams + Moisturizers 💧Tatcha, Purito, Kiehl’s & More!

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. can you please do a clean beauty or natural skincare review because many of the products you are using are highly carcinogenic.

  2. In 1 Video you had a electric moisture-mesure-tool. Please try your fabourites with the mesuring-tool. How high the hydration gets on the skin after using the creams. Instead of doing an face-application-shot. 😉

  3. Kiehl's ultra hydrating cream and this is more of a gel, but the gel aloe vera moisturiser from Body shop which is amazing and a big bottle and can be used on the body

  4. The Purito Deep Sea Water Cream is marketed for those with sensitive skin and children with eczema, which is insane because it contains bergamot oil, a highly irritating fragrant essential oil!! As soon as I removed the safety seal, the distinctive bergamot scent hit me and there was no way I was risking my ultra sensitive and reactive skin by using it.

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