12 Makeup Mistakes on MATURE SKIN, HOODED EYES, WRINKLES – Makeup Tutorial

just kidding hi guys welcome back to
graceful beauty my name is sherry and today I wanted to share with you
something a little bit different I wanted to share with you how I used to
do my makeup compared to how I do my makeup now as a mature woman I know
there’s a bunch of videos like this out there already on YouTube but I thought I
would just do something kind of fun today
and mix it up a little bit instead of just putting on my makeup in the same
way I always do I wanted to share some tips and tricks and some things that I
am really guilty of but maybe these are some things that you guys might feel
like you’re guilty of also these are things that make us look a little bit
older than we want to be if you’re not subscribed to my channel but you would
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and if you do like this video I hope you’ll also give it a thumbs up some of
these things that I’m going to share with you today I probably will still
continue to do them even though I know they’re probably wrong but because
that’s what I like and that’s what makes me look happy and that’s really all that
matters honestly are they’re really rules in
makeup you know just put your makeup on however you want except for the very
first step that I’m going to share so the very first step in your makeup
application is also your very last step in your skincare routine and it should
be done every single day of the year rain or shine even if you’re indoors
outdoors it doesn’t matter but that’s applying a sunscreen this video is not
gonna be about specific brands it’s just the product in general so you can use
whatever sunscreen you want the problem with sunscreen that I think a lot of us
are doing that could be aging us I see a lot of people go like this this little
amount right here as literally all they apply to their whole face and then you
know they’ll rub it on and put little dots and then they’ll say help Brian so
Matt you come on out to get a little go alright I already have a load of
sunscreen on by the way so I’m not gonna put a whole nother amount on if you want
to know how much sunscreen I normally use watch my very last video I’ll link
it down below and I really quick morning skincare routine how much
sunscreen I apply and then I also do kind of like a natural everyday makeup
local don’t get tricked by seeing that the sunscreen says SPF 50 or SPF 100 or
you know I think that you should use at least an SPF 30
but that little small amount that I just used on this SPF 50 sunscreen I probably
dropped it down to like an SPF 5 I mean there’s just
I have no protection if that’s all I use is a little pea-sized on my whole face
the second thing that I think many of us might be doing incorrectly or just
making us look a little bit older than we are is number one using the wrong
shade of foundation but not just using the wrong shade using too heavy of a
coverage especially like when I have blemishes here when you have more mature
skin and you’re getting wrinkles and fine lines and you have large pores or
hyperpigmentation like what I have piling on a cake face of foundation
actually doesn’t make you look younger and it doesn’t hide those imperfections
or you know or make me feel better I’m guilty of this because when I started
getting this melasma about 10-15 years ago I thought okay I have melasma and my
face is breaking out I better add three more layers of foundation to cover it up
and honestly it just it looked terrible but I never realized that some people
would say why do you have so much makeup on but I thought well at least they
don’t see my hyperpigmentation so this will be the side of the face that I’m
gonna put my makeup on incorrectly or you know like I said I still do some of
these things now but this will be the side of the face that now I’m not saying
this side is like perfect and a makeup artist would approve I’m just saying for
me that’s what I personally feel makes me not look older than I really am if I
do my makeup the way I’m gonna do on this side of my face summer time so I
feel like I should use a darker foundation so I’ll use the shade tan on
this side of my face and a lot of times too I don’t think it’s so much the brand
or the product that we need to be looking for so if you have a foundation
maybe you don’t even need to go buy the foundation that you see me using or that you
see another youtuber using maybe you just need to use less of your foundation
to make it look more natural and still cover the flaws that you don’t want
others to see okay so I’m just adding a little extra here like what I used to do
because I really want to cover up then I got to cover my neck too I want to cover
these blemishes I mean you can see how dark this foundation is and sure I could
blend it all the way down but this is just not the right shade for me so I
feel like I’ve got most of my hyperpigmentation hidden but I still can
see these blemishes so I’m going to also spot conceal over top of these blemishes
and make sure that redness is completely not showing it’s pretty cakey on this side of my
face I am just gonna do a natural layer I still have you know a lot of this
hyperpigmentation and acne scar that’s healing here and these are spots that I
do want to cover but I’m not going to pile on the foundation so I have the
shade medium and then I have the shade medium tan but you don’t have to go out
and buy all different shades of foundation if you want to just stick
with medium or whatever shade you are in that range and then just buy some color
correcting these or shade adjusters these are by Physicians Formula and you
can adjust the shade of your foundation so if this is too dark I add a little
bit of the white if it’s too light I can add a little bit of the dark that’s
medium and then this is medium tan so I’m probably just going to mix the two
of these and get the perfect color first I want to blend what we have here
because this might be enough for almost my whole face now on this side I’m not going I’m just
blending it on this side I’m not putting the foundation all the way up underneath
my eye because then when I put on my concealer it’s going to start getting a
little bit cakey but on this side I did put the foundation all the way up
underneath my eye so now I have my layers of foundation and then my layers
of concealer so a lot of times it’s not your concealer that’s making you have
Creasy under eyes it’s because you’re putting on maybe too much and again this
is something that I have been guilty of for years so this is the dark cakey side
and this is the color that matches my skin tone the best right now I’m not
going to put a second layer of foundation on I’m going to just spot
conceal any areas that need a little bit more coverage versus piling it all over
my face now I want to put a little concealer underneath my eyes this is one
by L’Oreal I do really like this but I’m really loving the candid concealer by
Revlon but I’m trying to use this one up so on this side I’m going to put the
concealer on the way I used to and then let’s just blend that out and then I just like to add a little bit
extra underneath this line here just kind of blend it in and then on this side since I am getting
older and I already have wrinkles and fine lines underneath my eyes I have
this hollowed out area which you know a lot of people get filler to fix this but
I’m just too chicken for that so I want to put a little makeup there to help to
disguise it a little bit so now I just kind of put a few little drops but I
don’t bring it all the way up underneath my eyes I put them right underneath
where that hollowed out area or where the eye bag is and then same thing I
just kind of blend it out and it eventually works its way up anyways
because there’s still some on my blending sponge and then I might apply a
little bit more especially in this dark hollow here and then just a couple
little drops underneath and then I’ll just use my finger and then just kind of
lightly blend and now I’m just gonna set my face with some powder and since I
used to watch a lot of the younger gals on YouTube I thought this was the right
way for a 46 year old woman to set her face with powder get a little more to
make sure we really set it all under the eyes really good because we don’t want
our concealer to crease on this side and then I just kind of lightly press it on
everywhere else just to set that foundation I never really let this sit
and bake like a lot of people did I just would kind of brush it off right
afterwards but still regardless I still have a thick cakey layer of face powder
on which is going to settle in my pores and it’s gonna eventually just kind of
make my face look dry and wrinkled out versus natural and dewy looking so now I
do want to set the side to take down some of the glow and usually I do that
at the very end with some different products I’m gonna tap off any of this
excess and then I’m just gonna lightly dust this on my face one thing I want to
do before I ever lightly powder underneath my eyes I always look in a
zoom in mirror and I take my finger and I might have just accidentally gotten
some powder there but I like to take my finger and kind of make sure that
concealer that I just put on is already Preston because if I don’t then
I’m just going to be setting the wrinkled area already so I want to make
sure it’s not all wrinkled and then I just kind of lightly powder everything so next I’m just gonna go ahead and do
my blush and highlight and then I’ll do my eyes afterwards so I’m going to use
this pretty palette now again you can use any blush any eyeshadow but this is
one that I love and I think right now it’s on like half off sale at skin store
I’ll link it down below I paid full price for it but this is by Sigma has a
little mirror inside but then it also has four eyeshadows a blush and a
highlighter and I absolutely love this palette as we’re aging we want
everything to look lifted not to look down not to go down now blush is one
thing that I know I always wear incorrectly because I wear a lot of
blush and the way I like to wear it I don’t know if it’s right or not but I
think it looks pretty the way I like to wear but the way I used to wear it I
would always put the blush too far down on my cheek now I’m not gonna do a
contour or anything like that today because you know a lot of people don’t
even use a bronzer or contour and I never used to until maybe a couple years
ago but this is where I used to put my blush I kind of put it right here or I
see a lot of people doing it you know like this or I see a lot of people kind
of just putting it right here on the apple of their cheek and then you know
they like to brush it down and then blend it that way so now I do try to do
it on the apples of my cheek but I try to keep everything lifted and blended so
I’ll just put a little here and then I just blend you know very very lightly in
little circles and I feel like because you know look at little kids when they
blush when they their cheeks are flushed they don’t get red down here their
cheeks are flushed up here so they always look like that they have those
big chubby cheeks that you want to pinch now I want to put on a little bit of
this highlight it’s such a pretty highlight you guys I love it but if you
get too heavy-handed I think it’s aging I think a highlighter
this is just my opinion I think a highlighter especially for daytime
should just look natural like highlight where the Sun you know would make your
face glow not so much look at your face and you see a thick white stripe if
that’s the style that you’re going for again totally do what makes you feel
comfortable but in my opinion and even any age I just don’t find that
very attractive so I used to do this when I thought this was the end thing to
do and just take the highlighter and put a nice white streak of it here you know
to really highlight that side of the face I’m gonna use the same little brush
but I’ve just kind of tapped off the excess and and then usually what I’ll do
with my highlighter is I just very light handed put a smidge of it on to just
highlight the top of my soup bone this way you don’t see like a streak anywhere
it’s just like a beautiful glow one that I love I’ve talked about this in many
videos if you’re just looking for that natural glow but you do want it to look
you know like the Sun is hitting your cheeks and you have that beautiful
highlight this one by essence is called B my highlight I think you have three
different colors but I think this one is so pretty it’s such a natural looking
highlight and it’s perfect for mature women it’s great for younger women also
but my channel is about mature skin and so that’s what this is about
all right next I’m gonna do my eye so I’m just gonna prime my eyes real quick
with my Milani eye primer now if you’ve watched any of my videos you know I have
hooded eyes this is not something that I got from Aging I have had hooded eyes
like this ever since I was born but I never used to understand how to do my
eye shadow so on this so this will be the eye that I’ll show you the proper
way that I feel to do eyeshadow with hooded eyes is and then this sign I’m
going to show you how I used to do my eye shadow because I didn’t realize that
there was a special way that if you have this kind of droopy looking upper eyelid
that kind of you mine aren’t terrible but their hood it and it makes your eyes
kind of look down turn so if you have this little extra skin that’s kind of
pulling down on your eyes then maybe this side is how you might
want to do your eye shadow I’m just going to use this shade all over the lid
here I might put a little bit of this on the eyelid and under the brow bone and
then we use this shade right here in the outer V and then I’m gonna use this really small
brush this is great if you have really small eyes or if you’re trying to get
into the crease this is by Vasanti I think I got this in one of my like hypsi
beauty boxes now I’m just gonna use this dark shade called elderberry and that’s
what I’m gonna do to make my outer-v oops
I almost started trying to do it the right way I’ll do it the way I used to
do it make this nice little V on the side and then I’d also blend it into my
crease darken that V up some okay then I’ll just take this fluffy brush and
blend it cuz I did at least you know blend everything I didn’t try to look
crazy I just used to put my eyeshadow on wrong and I feel like I needed a little
bit more of an outer V now I also didn’t use this dark of eyeshadow but I feel
like if I use more light natural looking eye shadow you won’t be able to see what
I’m doing and then I would blend and I’d make I’d always blend it down you know
pull it down so already you can tell it just kind of pulls the eye down the
other thing I would do is I would take this dark color on a brush and I’d also
use it as eyeliner underneath and then blend that put this here and you know
you see so many of the really pretty girls on YouTube the younger gals it’s
messed up you see a lot of the younger gals on YouTube and they are able to
bring it down this way and then they blend it down and it just looks so
pretty the way they blend it you know it looks so nice and smoky so that’s what I
would try to do and then I would always just take a little bit of the lighter
shade and I put a little bit of that on the eyelid just blend that together and now I’m
just gonna do this I how I would normally do it with this pallet so I’m
just gonna do the same thing put this pretty peachy shade all over the eyelid
and then just kind of bring it up just a smidge above where my crease is so my
crease is actually down here but what I want to do is look straight into the
mirror which this is a camera but I’ll look straight into the mirror and see
where I would want the crease to be and then I’m going to make my own crease
even though I do love this palette since I have hooded eyes I don’t want to
use that super dark shade and make a crease with that so usually what I’ll do
instead of just getting out of separate eyeshadow palette or something I will
just use my bronzer so I’m just going to use this one by Maybelline it’s their
City bronzer and this is I think the shade 200 and I’m going to use this the
bronzer to make my crease so I’m gonna keep my eyes open and look straight in a
mirror and instead of putting it down here where the crease really is I’m
gonna go above and kind of make my own crease so right here that’s why this
brush is so perfect for hooded eyes and small eyes like mine because you can see
I can get right in there where I’m trying to make that crease and then once
I make the crease then I can kind of blend it out so I’m not using a super
dark shade to make the crease because I feel like the older I get now I’m not
saying you can’t wear heavy dark eyeshadow if that’s what you like to do
go for it I think it looks so pretty on so many people but I am NOT that skilled
to wear really dark eyeshadow especially when I have hooded eyes
because then I end up just looking like I would have punched in the eye and then
what I do since I have hooded eyes instead of making my triangle go this
way the outer V like everyone does I like to do it in the shape of a martini
glass so or like a backwards 7 so a martini glass if I held a martini glass
up to my eye the sides of it would go this way and then the top of it would go
this way now I don’t necessarily do a straight line I just kind of go with the
shape of my eye but I always will find the edge of my eyebrow
I will do it at this angle so that this way my eyeshadow and everything looks
lifted and I try to always blend in upwards strokes now I am going to use
this darker shade the dark purple shade I’m now going to kind of just follow
along where I drew that martini glass and just lightly draw this and use this
as my eyeliner actually I will use a different brush because it makes it
easier so I like to use something like that’s thin and tightly packed like this
and and then I’ll use this as an eyeliner and I’m still going in that
same shape of the martini glass I’m just kind of keeping it super close to the
lashes honestly I’m just kind of filling in between the lashes and then just
blending it a little bit and then what I do same thing I’ll take this light shade
and put some of this on the eyelid and then I’ll take this fluffy brush and
just kind of blend all that together now I’m gonna put the eyeliner on this
eye I’m just gonna use a black eyeliner which you know I use I still use this
every now and then I’d do a real thin line normally but I’m just gonna show
you how I used to do my eyeliner because that’s how I saw everybody doing it so I
would just line my upper eyelid and I would do a nice you know pretty thick
line because that’s what I see a lot of people do and then I would also do a
wing to go with that cat eye there so what I like to do on this eye if I want
to darken this up instead of putting this black eyeliner on the upper part of
my eyelid near my eyelashes I like to do like a tight line and go up inside and
I’m not like stabbing my eye but I like to line in between my eyelashes
basically where they’re coming out of my eye and then this way it helps to make
your lashes look a little bit thicker but I’m not taking away from any of that
precious eyelid space because that’s what I need since with hooded eyes you
usually don’t have much eyelid space showing so now this way since I’m tight
lined I do have a waterproof eyeliner on you could use black or brown but I try
to keep it close to the same color that my eyelashes will be with mascara and
then this way it helps to deepen it up give some definition but it’s not
shrinking my eye and I also still use eyeliner underneath my eye but I just
don’t use it dark and I don’t do it that thick so what I like to do I’ll still
take some of that deep purple color just a smidge of it and I will draw a super
thin line kind of just to connect where I did that light wing where I made the
upper eyeliner and I just only bring it maybe just see how thick this is it’s
almost like the length of my finger I will only go from here to and stop right
here just to kind of blend it but I don’t put the dark all the way under my
eye because if I do then it pulls my eye down and of course that makes me just
kind of look older so what I do is I take any light color I’ll take my the
highlighter maybe that’s I’m going to use I’ll mix that peachy
color with a little bit of the highlighter what I like to do is kind of
just blend that with the highlighter underneath my eye so it still adds a
smidge of color but it’s a super light shade because remember if something’s
lighter it makes it look bigger or opens it up if it’s dark it makes it look
smaller and you know maybe you have huge eyes and you do want to make them look
smaller but when you have hooded eyes and if your eyes are aging a lot of
times you’re not trying to make them look smaller you’re trying to make them
look bigger so all I did I just blended this peachy color whoops with this
highlighter right here the way I used to do my brows I used to do them really
thin and you can see that they’re pretty arched anyways but I think that when
your brows are a little bit fuller it’s a little more youthful but as far as
brows I will say I just suck with brows period so I’m just going to do this one
the way I used to and then I’ll do this one the way I do now and again the way I
do it now it’s probably not even the right way but that’s just you know the
best I can do for now I would also do my brows really dark
before you know I would see all these youtube videos where they would just
draw these really dark brows and then put whiter you know light concealer
around it so you could just see big brows but I just don’t feel like that
looks very natural and again if that’s what you like to do go for it now this one is in the shade dark brown
I actually like to use more of a taupe on my eyebrows now even though I have
dark hair I feel like a taupe or a light brown looks better so that it just
doesn’t look like I have this big fake eyebrow I’m just gonna use this by
Lancome it’s their source sales gel this is in the shade taupe and you don’t have
to buy one by Lancome there’s tons at the drugstore but I’ve had this for
probably six months somebody I think up Altaf said it was amazing so I got it
and I do like it but I’ve tried drugstore ones that I think are just as
good and now I’m just gonna put on some mascara I’m gonna do the mascara the
same way cuz I don’t really know of any ways that we’re doing mascara that makes
us look older other than putting it on super super thick I don’t use fake
lashes because I just I’ve tried them before and it’s just too much of a
hassle for me so I just use a lash growth serum and but what I like to do
is mix these two mascaras this is by Stila this is their huge mascara and it
really does give a lot of fullness and it’s got a really nice dark black color
to it and then I’ll just go in with my favorite my Maybelline full and soft and
I just kind of blend through and this helps to just make them look real full
and wispy and don’t mind if you get mascara on your lid I do it constantly I
mean you could put a little thing there to prevent it but I don’t just wait for
it to completely dry and then when it’s dry you can just take it off of like a
little dry q-tip it’ll come right off but if you touch it when it’s wet you’re
gonna mess up your eyeshadow so formidable relaxants I could use
those same mascaras on the lower lash line also but I used to put it on super
thick and full on the bottom the same way with the top but then I sort of
feeling like maybe I’m looking a little bit like Tammy Faye Bakker so what I
like to do is I’ll just use one of the mascara it’s not putting multiple coats
I’ll just do one very thin coat on the bottom lash or the older we get it’s
fine to use absolutely no mascara on the bottom lash line so I’m just using this
one by Milani it’s called highly rated actually really like this mascara I like
it on my top lashes – I just forgot I had it so I just do a super thin coat on
the bottom but on this eye I’m going to do it the same way I used to have wear
it I’ll go and do this I first will that sides drying a little and now let’s do our lips lips are my
favorite favorite thing to do with makeup and I’m just gonna be honest I
still do my lips the wrong way I know you’re not supposed to put a dark lip
liner on and a lighter lipstick but that’s what I like to do I used to I’m
not as bad as I used to but I used to put a really dark like a dark burgundy
or a dark brown lip liner on and then I would do like that I see pink almost
white lipstick and I just thought it looked so good like I even would catch
myself like when I look in the mirror going like because I thought my lips
looked so good and since I couldn’t find one of my icy
pink lipsticks that I used to use all the time I’ll use this one by Bobbi
Brown it’s called mod and I probably should
have exfoliated my lips first fix this look line sum because I always
had to have I always had to have the dark line showing and I’ll just kind of
blend it I thought that looked so good I normally don’t wear this lipstick by
itself anyways I normally will put it just as a pop in the center but for
demonstration purposes I want to show like maybe how I should wear even though
I still don’t do it completely correct but this is also by Estee Lauder this
one’s called spice it’s a little bit lighter and now I like to go just a
smidge above where the lip line is so then what I would do is I usually
since I don’t have such a harsh lip line what I’ll do is I’ll just kind of blend
that liner and then I’ll put this on and then what I’ll do oh the Sun is super
bright sorry let me close this and I’ll blend kind of blend it all together
another thing you can do is you can actually put your lipstick on first and
then lightly line afterwards so it looks a little bit more more natural that way
I also usually put on a little bit of a lip gloss so when my makeups finish I
always like to put a little pop of a more of a brighter pink blush on and
usually I use my favorite one by Milani but I don’t see it anywhere so I’m gonna
use this one that’s almost identical it’s by Mac but of course it’s not as
cheap as the one by Milani this is one of their mineralized blushes this one’s
in the shade bubbles please this one’s so pretty if you watch any of my videos
you know I just love a little pop of pink blush so now what I do is I just
put a smidge right here just to kind of lift it off and then I would still put a
pop of pink but I always would put it right over where I had the other blush
okay so here you have the final look this side I feel like you know just
looks hard it looks aging and then I feel like on
this side I still have a full face of makeup but I just feel like everything
looks a little more lifted it looks a little more natural nothing as super
harsh and this is just the side that I prefer but I don’t know you guys tell me
some people prefer this side I mean I don’t think this looks horrible I just
think it looks harsh and like I just have on too much cakey makeup so what
are you guys thoughts and of course like I said I still know I do some things
incorrectly on this side of my face and normally like I said I don’t use this
light of a lipstick I like it to be a little bit darker and I do still like to
wear a darker lip liner not this dark in comparison to the lipstick but what are
some tips and tricks that you guys have that you can leave down below that not
only would just help me like I hope guys don’t like slam me and tell me how
wrong everything is but hey if you want to that’s fine too
I totally welcome constructive criticism but what are some thing some tips and
tricks that you guys have that won’t just help me but might help some other
women in general and again this isn’t necessarily because we want to look so
much younger than our age I’m fine with aging
I just want to age gracefully I don’t want to obsess about oh my gosh I got a
new wrinkle here or there because I’ve got wrinkles I’m gonna have wrinkles and
I’m okay with having wrinkles but I don’t want to accentuate my wrinkles and
large pores or my acne so I hope you will leave a comment plus I absolutely
love hearing from you guys I hope you’ll consider subscribing to my channel if
you’re not already subscribed and if you do like this video I hope you’ll give it
a thumbs up and if you hated it feel free to give it a thumbs down either way
I’m very appreciative that you took your time to watch my channel thanks so much
for watching and I hope you guys have a great day you

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