30 Second Sign Language No Facial Expression Challenge (American SIgn Language Vlog)

30 Second Sign Language No Facial Expression Challenge (American SIgn Language Vlog)

[sound of pencil writing] [sound of electronic game] Hello! There’s a new challenge called the No Facial Expression Challenge. That’s what it’s called, right? The No Facial Expression Challenge? All of my friends are trying it as well as the ASL Practice Group, so now I’m trying it. I think – Oh, wait! It’s called the 30 Second I thought this would be easy, but my favourite song just played on the radio, so now I’m a bit hyper. So this challenge might be a little difficult. But now it’s time to shut up and do this! 1, 2, 3, GO! Hello, my name is Rikki Poynter. Sign name is because my name has two K’s. I’m 25-years-old. I like coffee (like Starbucks – the doubleshot on ice is my favourite coffee. I work at DTV News and I’m a YouTuber and public speaker. I also like Pokemon and Sailor Moon. I have two cats. I love pomeranians. I can’t seem to spell “pomeranians” right now. I just woke up, so I’m a little tired. I don’t know if 30 seconds has passed. I don’t know what to say about myself now. Alright, I’m done! I think I did pretty well. I grew up not using facial expressions a lot, so. I just had a “mean” face, natural “bitch face”. Didn’t care to use facial expressions. If you try this challenge, I want to watch it. It’s fun! If you want to follow me on social media, links are down below in the info box. If you want to support my content via Patreon or Ko-fi, links are down below. I upload every Monday and Thursday. And I’ll see you later. Bye!

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  1. I just tried this on my own and I didn't even last 10 seconds without using facial expressions. DAMN it's hard!! For your next video, can you try fun fingerspelling challenges. In my ASL class we try to spell cat and dog at the same time. Like, spell cat on your left hand and dog on the right at the same time. Sounds easy, but it's so difficult. Love your channel!!! 🙂

  2. Next time think of a story you can tell of something that happened to you. It'll make the no expressions that much harder and make the video more interesting ^^

  3. I feel like this wouldn't really be a challenge for me. I go to SL course and I just passed my 1st semester, the only remark they had for me was that i don't use facial expressions much. Idk, it's just not natural to me, and I don't like forcing myself to do it. But unfortunately, they're really important in sl hahah

  4. I'm hearing and did level 1 BSL a few years ago and it took me a while to get used to more exaggerated facial expressions and generally being more visually expressive than most hearing people are when they speak but after I'd been doing the course a while it became more natural and less of a conscious efforts

  5. This challenge was definitely me when I did my first ASL video for class. But I had to go for a minute. I obviously had to use facial expressions but I was barely learning so I just brushed them off because I so focused on getting all the signs/fingerspelling correct!

  6. Your eyebrows moved! But yeah, you did a pretty good job 😛 The part I struggle with most when I'm trying to not do any expressions is my eyebrows. Mouth, eyes, face, no problem! Eyebrows… FORGET IT.

  7. Is the point to emphasize the difference between expressive signing and non-expressive signing? Personally, I can barely understand sign if there's not a lot of facial movement, but that may be because I'm a theatre kid and am used to a lot of facial movement anyway.

  8. That "mean face" expression is the same reason everyone kept asking me throughout my entire childhood, "why u mad tho?" -_-

  9. I've always been so expressive with my face. It helped a lot when I took my interpretation courses ^_^ ur cute!!keep up the good work!

  10. I would win at this challenge. My facial nerve was damaged at the same time as my hearing nerves, so I have partial facial paralysis.

  11. You did a great job! Although I think you weren't also meant to nod while signing and I believe you did at the beginning but you did well spot on after! I bet I can't even do it myself, haha!

  12. I just started learning sign language and even for me just about 6 months into it, it's so difficult not to use any NMS or facial expressions!

  13. Rikki I just found your channel from Molly Burke! My mom was an ASL teacher so I grew up with some sign language. I have such a passion for the deaf community & really want to learn how to sign more fluently. I love that you're a bit slower in your sign so I can keep up! 😂 anytime I see someone using ASL I'm mesmerized!

  14. This is hilarious, it feels so unnatural, I feel like I'm staring into the soulless eyes of a ghoul.
    I'm hearing, and I've just started learning French Sign Language (bc I'm French and in the healthcare trade, and I want to offer accessibility and make all people feel welcome in hospitals I serve), maybe someday I'll be bilingual in ASL or BSL I hope.
    Anyways, I love your channel, rock on.

  15. Damn. Being a hearing person who has only learned about the deaf community fairly recently, I haven't really seen how weird it is to not use facial expressions while signing.

  16. I thought that pokemon was signed like "closed fist, open five hand, closed fist", like catching a pokemon, but maybe that's just state/region differences.

  17. Hello I’m Elizabeth I am death and have no sence of smell so people at school used to call me stinky and they thought I cold not understand them but I read their lips and every night I came home crying but my mom was their to comfort me and when she died I wanted to kill myself but I dealt with I issues because of u rikki poynter at the age of 22 I still struggle with me disability- I lost my hearing cause of a car crash at the age of 4 but no matter what happened or happens to u I just want u to stay strong xxxxxxxxxxx

  18. I have Aphasia a kind of internal deaf mute its hard to explain but imm in north africa and everyone keeps thinking im giving them “THE EVIL EYE” 🧿 FFS

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