40+ Best Decorative TV Stand Design For Living Room In 2019

40+ Best Decorative TV Stand Design For Living Room In 2019

The TV background wall mainly refers to the main wall in the living room and bedroom that reflects the decoration style. The position of the general TV is also the visual center inside the room. The most distinctive place is the visual focus after entering the door. The previous decoration TV background wall will make a variety of shapes, showing the owner’s taste and style Later, the decoration of the TV background wall became more and more simple. here were many reasons for this phenomenon. For example, people who bought a house were younger. They no longer like the complicated decoration of the past, and they liked the decoration. In family rooms where the TV is almost always on, don’t try to hide the action Dress up the mantel with just a simple, long and low arrangement like this wooden planter box that can be filled with different things as the seasons change A row of pillar candles, or a grouping of short, square glass vases would also work. Alternatively, you could flank the TV with two taller arrangements of items. Experimenting with accessories and distinct parts in the room will help you to balance the space. If you go this route, don’t feel you have to stick to only one item on each side as shown here. Get creative and form symmetrical groups of three objects, like a set of wall sconces, matching vases, and a pair of candlesticks, for example The design that integrates the cabinet and the TV background is flexible, and different lockers are designed according to different styles and living habits. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING ,,,,

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