5 MAKEUP MISTAKES On Mature Skin Over 50 | Fabulous50s!

5 MAKEUP MISTAKES On Mature Skin Over 50 | Fabulous50s!

today I’m going to show you five big
mistakes that women over 50 make when applying makeup to mature skin hi I’m
Schellea this is fabulous 50s a Lifestyle channel for women over 50 and if you’re
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every time there’s a new video and they’ll all relate to you today I’m
going to talk about makeup mistakes that we make as mature women and it’s very
very easy to correct this side I’ve done with the mistake side and this side I’ve
done in a way that’s way more flattering for mature women it’s not hard I’ve
broken it down into easy steps and all you have to do is follow along and just
by knowing these makeup tips it’s going to make a big difference to the way that
you look this will be my mistake I and this will be the correct eye first thing
I’m going to do is just put some eyeshadow on my lids and I’m just using
a basic color this is the morphe palette and I’m just going to cover my eyelids do the whole base in a light color and
this isn’t about eyeshadow this is about a few techniques so I’m just going to
add a cut in a bit of a crease here to give me a little bit of definition and
I’m using of this color here I’m just cutting in the crease here and
that’s all I’m doing and underneath my eyeshadow I put an eyeshadow primer on
and I’ve already got foundation on because I’m trying to save time for you
and this is the still a hide and chic so I’ve applied this with a brush and I’ve
buffed it all into my face and evened out my complexion the first mistake that
I’m going to show you that women make over fifty you know who had mature eyes
is the eyeliner I’m going to show you the wrong way and the right way the
wrong way is expecting to apply eyeliner like a 20 year old and I’m going to show
you how to do that beautifully and you are going to see what the difference is
so first of all we’re going to do a winged eyeliner a beautiful winged
eyeliner I’m using the Sigma 11 brush with a black eyeshadow from the morphe
range oh so I’m going to take the eyeliner out and it’s looking really
good so far until I open my eyes and everything’s dropping downwards so young
women can do this beautifully older women with mature skin and droopy eyes
can’t do it I’m going to show you the right way to do it now and I’ve done a
video on this and I’m just going to recap here but you take your finger and
hold your eye inwards so you kind of pull it in a little bit and then we draw
a line like that at the last lash don’t go this way from the last lash and I’ve
swapped to brown this sides black and this sides a dark brown it’s this color
here pull your eye in and then do the triangle like I showed you before and
make a triangle and then feel that triangle in that’s what it looks like so far and
we’re going to go all the way to the center of the eye and we’re going to
stop there so can you see how this eye is lifted and this is coming down it’s
the same eyeshadow the same brush it’s just a different technique this is for
young women and this is for mature women now the second mistake that we make is
going all the way in to the corner of your eye with the eyeliner and I’m going
to apply it now but we’re not going to see the mistake now we’re going to see
the mistake in a little while I’ll come back but I’m going to show you that the
wrinkles here inside of your eye in the inner corner of your eye on your eyelid
get mixed with the eyeliner and it cakes up and creases and it looks terrible and
you may not realize this is happening to you particularly if you’re not looking
in a 10x mirror like I am and I’ll just show you what I mean
so that would be putting your eyeline all the way in I do love doing it like
this but it creases every single time if you’ve got wrinkles on your eyelid and
it’s kind of okay now let me show you though the right way to do it so I’m
using brown on this eye again okay so this is how you do a mature eye
you don’t go all the way into the corner here and if you’re like me you’re going
to have some loose skin like this on your eyelids when you bring the eyeliner
all the way in which I love it looks great but I’ll show you now you can see
it’s starting to crease there’s no disaster yet but one is on its way I
promise you let’s move on I’ll just put a curl in my lashes and some mascara I’m
going to use the Thrive mascara just to lift my eyelashes a little bit and then
we’ll move to the next tip we’re going to move to our lips now and I’m going to
do my lips the wrong way and the right way the wrong way is to over line your
lips all the way out to the side and this gives us old lady mouths I’ll show
you what I mean you’re going to line your lips and take it all the way
following along your lip line that is lined all the way along my actual lips
and this side I’m going to stop just before the corner of my lips and I’m
going to bring my line inwards I’m not going to line this part of my
lips here okay I’ll show you what I mean can you see the difference here I
haven’t gone all the way out to the corner of my mouth this side I have gone
all the way to the corner and then I’m going to top it with a lipstick
Charlotte Tilbury this is angel Alessandra and I’m going to color it in and on this side I’m just going to make
sure not to go out to those corners I’ll put a bit of gloss and that’s the
finished look so if I cut my face in half
you can see this side and paid to this side it’s a subtle
difference and as the day goes on this side is going to bleed into the lines in
the corner of my mouth and it kind of detract from my mouth altogether so this
side I like much better it’s a much nicer look for mature women and it’s
soft so I think you should try it the next big mistake that we make with
mature skin is not buffing our foundation into our neck area it doesn’t
look nice and I see it so often so I just wanted to show you how to do it
properly I’ve already got foundation on but I’m going to show you what can be
done so if you put your foundation on this is such a beautiful foundation it’s
so lovely but if you put your foundation on and don’t rub it in here you’re going
to get a line and it looks terrible so always make sure every single time that
you grab a brush and you bring it down your neck because your neck and your
face need to be one we don’t want two things and it’s kind of like you’ve got
two shapes on your face and it’s not all connected so we want to blend it all in
every single time that you do your makeup and you never ever ever forget
this step so take it down the neck and if you’re wearing something low-cut take
it all the way down and just blend it out into your chest as well because we
want everything to be seamless not a face a neck and a chest and particularly
if you tan or fake tan and your face is a different color to your body you don’t
want to stop it here because it’s all going to be wrong so just grab a brush
this is just a kabuki brush by Sigma and bring it all down and you’re good to go
and don’t make the mistake of not doing anything with your eyebrows they’re so
important for shaping your face and your eyebrows are going to shape the top of
your face and get everything perfectly put together so this is a benefit
precision brow love this with the pointy end number two
for blondes and take your eyebrows in to the correct measurement so from the
corner of your nose to the corner of your eye and that’s where you start the
corner of your nose to your pupil is the tip where you pick up and then the
corner of your nose to the corner of your eye is the end of your eyebrow so
you fill in the dots and create the perfectly shaped eyebrow for your eye
because we’re all different but if you follow these measurements you are going
to have the perfect measurements for your face they don’t have to be too
intense at all there’s a spoolie on the end brush them up get rid of the dot and
that sides done and you can see on this side it just needs something for me it
needs to come in a lot further I have a look it needs to come into here and when
I bring that eyebrow out my face looks so much more in proportion because I
have an uneven face this really helps but I’m going to leave it because this
is the wrong side the last step on your face to add a youthful touch to a mature
skin is to add a beautiful blush to make your skin look like it’s just been
flushed and I’m using the benefit gala for Nia this is a really nice color I’m
going to show you the wrong way first and the wrong way is to smile and put it
on the apples of your cheek and you’ve probably heard that you can do it this
way I’m going to show you what happens if I smile and put it on the apples of
my cheek I’m going to look like a granny I can show you because we’re not stop
smiling and I go to normal this is sitting down here because my skin has
dropped and this is great if you’re young and you
skin is very very taut but as you’re getting older you can see where you
smile it drops and we don’t want that a better way to do a blush for mature skin
is to find your cheekbone and feel it okay when you get to the end of it that
part there that bone that’s where you’re going to want to add a little bit of
blush start slow and add more as you go okay this is really important with blush
you don’t want to add too much on that bone just add a little bit just a touch
even on this part of the brush because you don’t want to add too much just a
little bit feel the bone a little bit and take it up and this is going to give
you just a gentle flush instead of a well I’ve got a lot of blush on today
how are you and then just keep buffing it out you don’t want to have marks and
lines on your blush just keep blending in and buffing out that’s just giving me
a really soft flush it’s very age-appropriate it’s not over the top
and it’s perfect for mature skin plus on top of that it’s lifted my face and this
has dragged my face down everything on this side is dragging my face down my
eyeliner is bringing the attention down my blush is sort of sitting down here
it’s not in the right quadrant of my face it needs to be more up here and
it’s down here this if you’re looking close you can start to see that it’s
starting to go into those lines and I’ve only been talking for not so long and
it’s already happened but this side is up so my eyeliner with that little
eyeliner trick is lifted my eye and it’s not too much coming in to the inner
corner of my eye it’s fresh it’s not looking like this this side is starting
to crease I can already see it because I’ve already got creasing there so
adding the eyeliner to it is making it more accentuated and this is lifting my
face up compared to this this is more soft and ladylike compared
to this and my foundation is all blended in just the way it’s meant to I really
hope you enjoyed those makeup tips today for mature skin keep in mind we don’t
have to be over-the-top and we don’t have to pack on the makeup we just need
gentle makeup to soften our look to even out our complexion and to highlight our
good bits so highlight our eyes highlight our lips to add color and some
color to the cheek and it’s not difficult just do a few simple things
and you’re going to get it right and let me know if you’d like me to do a
tutorial on this hairdo because you should have seen it just before I
started it wasn’t pretty please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and
share it with your friends thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful

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