It’s recording right So cringy So today we’re going to do a challenge video This is like a generic challenge. We know everyone’s been doing it we’re just really way behind on this challenge, but it’s a blindfolded makeup challenge and We’re going to make it more of a challenging which is like a 5 minute makeup challenge Blindfolded and we have a special guest here as well. We going to see her after this and of course The Rojak Squad Cass and Misaki Yay We’re going to put Makeup on them. I’ll be the– I’ll be blindfolded and of course– the guest will be blindfolded as well, so… Yeah Now we’re going to do the five-minute blindfolded makeup challenge and our guest is here A: So now I’m going to do… A: Kay let’s hope… I can’t see… M: さくちゃん見てますか?^w^
M: (Are you watching this, Saku-chan?) A: Okay so… A: So, the makeup is set up here… A: Almost forgot! A: So.. We’ll put in the five-minute mark A: Starts… A: Now. M: There! Yeah. Y-You just take it A: Wait wait wait, I’m doing your eyes now right? G: What is this…?
M: Uh… I can’t really see because my specs are off. A: Uh so this is the eyeshadow I don’t know which colour…
M: Wait… uh… ah– M: You take that one, that one! *asking A* What’s that?! M: What’s the white-coloured thing? A: Eh–ah– What?! I don’t know!
C: Mascara I think… A: Why Mascara?! M: O-Okay you open it. You take it. G: Open this?
M: Yes. A: Okay so… M: You pull it out! Pull pull pull pull pull!
A: Where’s your eye?? Okay. M: And I… will… later…
G: What IS this?
M: This is the thing for the eyebrow M: I’m scared!!
G: Ah! The thing to darken (your eyebrows)?? G: Do you want it??
M: B-But there’s no colour, I don’t know why! M: Why is it white colour?
A: What??? Where? C: The white brush thing– the white brush. M: Yeah, white brush thing. I don’t know why it’s a no-colour mascara… C: Maybe it’s just a gel for the…… A: That one is just gel! Sorry sorry! G: Which one (colour) do you want?
M: Anything on the palette! Yes yes there! Yeah any colour would do!
A: Grabbing this… and colour her eye…
C: Are you sure you want that colour?
A: What? M: And then you– ah– I dunno. M: Maybe… because I have my specs off… M: Just dab it! Yes, you’re dabbing on my cheek, yes! M: You’re doing well, not bad! G: Next?! What’s next?
M: i don’t know, I can’t see! M: The black one– oww!
A: I’m doing her other eye… M: The side x1000 Yeah that thing!! Yes you’re holding– yes!!
A: You have your eyes–
G: This this? G: Is this… lipstick? M & C: Yes, lipstick. M: Yes, lipstick is the most– and then you turn it!
G: Turn turn turn
C: You can tell (the makeup person) what it is?
E: Yeah but not the colour or anything. M: Turn first! Ah, okay! A: Sorry! M: My lips are in trouble..
A: Is this your eye? C: Yeah M: Wait!
A: I’m trying man, I’m trying! A: Wait wait wait what–
C: DRAW! M: Continue!! A: I’m drawing but–
C: The camera can’t really see! M: It’s so dry, why is (the lipstick) like this?!
A: Kay I think, I think it should be fine, is it fine?
C: I don’t know. C: How would I know?
A: Oh yeah yeah I’m sorry! M: And turn (the lipstick) back! A: Okay now I’m doing her eyebrow M: C’s laughing like mad C: She’s also laughing at me A: Where’s the… where’s the…
G: What do you want?
C: Draw M’s eyes! A: Where’s the eyebrow thing??
M: I don’t know where it is!! M: Uh whatever! Okay just dab what you were using just now. A: Is that not your eyelid?
C: … just draw, just draw.
G: Is this for your eye?
M: I don’t know I can’t see. A: Any other…
M: You just go on, I’ll control with my head. M: Okay okay– oww! It was my eye!
A: Wait, where’s your eyebrow? A: Oh sh– this is hard! A: How many minutes left?!
M: Why is five-minutes is so long?! M: Kay draw draw draw!! C: Hurry it up! You need to draw my lips too! A: I’m panicking now, I’m panicking! Where’s the thing?! A: Wait where’s the thing?
G: What is this?
M: I don’t know what that is! A: WHERE’S THE THING?! A: Wait where’s the eyebrow thing?! M: I don’t know!
C: Oh the eyebrow thing~ yeah yea that thing
A: This thing! M: Oh she’s holding the eyebrow thing already! M: Your hand, go upwards– YES THAT THING! G: This thing? What is this thing? M: Another eyebrow thing M: And then you dab on any one of them A: How many minutes le–
C: 40 seconds! A: OH FUDGE!!!!!!!!!!
M: Yes dab it! M: And then you apply it to my eye! Just apply it! Downwards! Correct!
A: Where’s the lipstick?!
C: Here here here here! C: 30 seconds!! A: HURRY HURRY!!!! G: Sorry sorry!
M: What on earth are you doing?!!
A: DON’T SMILE! M: Are you drawing me into a cat?! A: Wait where’s your lips? Is this your lips? A: How many minutes left– I mean how many seconds?
C: 15 seconds! A: I think I can put blusher on you! M: Oh my gawd C you’re really ugly…
C: I’ve always been ugly, okay?! M: No no no, this is THE FIRST TIME I want to say you’re really (ugly) A: Wait don’t move!! G: Is there anything else you want???
M: I dont knowwwwww A: Is it over?! I didn’t even put on blusher TT^TT A: Now the reveal! A: Oh my– I’m sorry!! M: G’s going crazy lololol A: Now you guys wanna see how you look like? C: Is it better than mine? C: WHAT THE HECK?! A: I’m sorry TT^TT M: Actually I feel like you look like a clown x’D M: This is seriously like a clown x’D C: Why is it so dark?! A: Nooo wait I didn’t even know what colour I was like, picking! A: Okay, now we’ll zoom into Misaki’s face first, this is the result A: Not bad, not bad A: And this is… the result A: For Cass M: Look, even my cat got frightened A: Yep, that’s So that’s it for the video Thanks for watching. Hope you guys enjoyed watching it as much as how we enjoyed doing this? WE? I mean I– Yeah yeah sorry sorry As much as I enjoyed doing this and the guest, of course Our special guest So yeah, thanks for watching Please subscribe for more aaaand yep! Bye! Bye! Makeup Removal~~~

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