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  1. G'morning everyone! Whipped up this "no makeup" makeup look that you can do in 5 minutes using ALL drugstore products. Do you have any holy grails from the drugstore? Mine has been the L'oreal Signature Rouge lippies!!

  2. Hello Jenn !! I am waiting to see your lasik video. Do you know if the vision can change after you have a baby ? ❤️

  3. Omg I literally just got the maybelline palette for my birthday yesterday ! What a coincidence ! Loving the look Jenn <3

  4. Love how creative you got with your makeup when you couldn’t put anything on your eyes!

    Ps: have you ever thought of using Cheeki for a video? Something like a day in the life vlog from her perspective. I feel like you and Ben could show your life really creatively from her perspective. She could ride in your car, come to a meeting and maybe even go shopping. What do you think?

  5. Hello~ long time silent subbie here!
    Been feeling pretty down lately but your videos make my day! Stay beautiful inside and out <3

  6. omg this look is so flawless it legit looks like you have no makeup on it looks so natural and all of the products are sooooo affordable I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THIS VIDEO HAS CHANGED MY MAKEUP LIFE FOREVER THANK YOUUUUUU <3 <3 <3

  7. I actually don’t see a big difference between you, not having Make-Up on and having Make-Up on, because you’re beautiful in any way. ☺️ Much love ♥️

  8. I posted a Valentine's Day Makeup yesterday! Thinking about what to do next! You gave me some good ideas! Thanks Jenn!

  9. Legend says if you're early Jen responds to your comment, THANK YOU for making videos – sometimes they are the best part of my week ❤️

  10. Hey babe! I’ll always love you but I wish you cared more about cruelty free products, especially knowing you have a pup of your own 😔.

  11. I love the "no-makeup" look! I haven't tried many drugstore brands, but watching your video gave me new ideas on what to try out~ :3

  12. Loved it, but it doesn't look 'no make-up' at all! And thats perfectly fine hahaha Love you and your videos! Lot of love from Brazil ❤️

  13. I thought 'No makeup' look would mean no eye makeup becos that's the most obvious on the face. This is more like mininal makeup look lol.

  14. I tend to use drugstore brands for makeup more than high budget ones so I love this makeup look.Its simple but also works for Valentine's day

  15. cute look! in my opinion i think the eyes would have looked a bit more natural if the shadow was kept closer the eyes and not fanned out so much. nonetheless loved the color scheme!

  16. I 🧡 CVS for all things beauty. Their rewards program is great, and there are always new sales👍. Congrats on the sponsorship

  17. For some reason this reminds me of how some of my guy friends were super surprised at how much makeup we were wearing one night. Yes it's a "natural" look but DUDE you have NO IDEA how many products are on my face… and how much they cost.

  18. hey jen I think you shouldn't try to the "inclusive approach" with your clothing line because as a result I noticed eggie has no cohesiveness and doesn't have a clear brand. also I think some of the pieces are cool concepts like the Chinese silk fabric on the silhouettes of summer dresses but the fit and attention to detail isn't there.

  19. Hey Jenn! I absolutely love your content and your personality 😊 There's only one thing that's bugging me: a lot of the products you use in your makeup tutorials are not cruelty-free. Please think about Cheeki's furry friends trapped in those labs being tortured over makeup. You have a great community ; it would be awesome if you could use your influence to make things a little bit more right and help defend a beautiful cause ~~

  20. Hmmm… I'm not sure why the title is "No make up" make up look…. it's a nice make up tho, she's pretty as always. Maybe "5 minutes everyday make up" will suit more?

  21. Light makeup but definitely not “no makeup” makeup look. A little annoying when people don’t use the correct title because sometimes you really want them to try the challenge of doing a “no makeup” makeup look.

  22. i really like it when you let your freckles/moles show through 🙂 they're cute and I think make you look more human – er, not that you're not human with a full face of makeup on but. um.
    the freckles/moles make you more approachable than you already are?

  23. This is so quick and helpful! Thank you so much ❤️ do you think you could do a hair tutorial? Just noticed how nice and naturally voluminous your hair looked ❤️

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