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  1. Thanks for these high caliber videos❤️, ever since I started watching these videos I've attracted more women in these 6 months than I've ever done in my entire life

  2. I matched with a woman on bumble who had her looking for set to marriage so I guess I'm high caliber, but then she never messaged me so maybe I'm mid caliber 😂

  3. it is clear you just experienced an endorphin rush from exercise 'cos you seem even more hyper then usual, it was going a bit too fast for me🤔

  4. Now u made me wonder why is there some feminist women out there wanting so much power? If they can't survive if they end up pregnant.🤔

  5. all the looks an confidence in the world isn't going to work if you don't have legs even if you have money an a house

  6. My theory is, and tell me if I'm wrong. I think ALL women want the same thing. It is to absolutely KNOW, not think, that no matter what, you ate safe and secure. That at the end of the day, your man can handle any and everything that comes y'alls way. I think that's where the money part comes in because it helps to be financially stable. But, I think his mental stability to handle absolutely anything is the single most important thing.

  7. I have all these traits and I’ve been doubting myself? Time to stop being insecure and realize I’m good enough already.

  8. Well J this was worth waiting for 😎. I do a couple of the thing’s you talked about 😉🤙🏽. By the way J you busting out with the M.D side awesome 😉. J you keep up the great work

  9. Like I said REAL women dont like REAL men anymore. Love your videos but im so curious, where are you getting your information from? Fore real💪

  10. In social events, I have to check my phone because of work
    Long story short, your saying women seek a man who can solve their life problems
    And that’s me at work with a gigabillion people DAILY; Hence my name 🤙

  11. Am A Free Sprit Right NowBut A Gentleman At All Time Woman' Like That They Find You You Don't Have To Do Nothing But Be Yourself Right Jessica Love Ernesto B Nyc🤗🤗

  12. Thx for the validation.

    Stable enough for "Blu – Melo"

    "why is this so important to you?"

  13. I think I’m solution focused, but I generally need time to talk me way through the problem so I can find the solution. I’ve noticed that my staff at my last job expected me to have the solution at the ready, and both of them are women. It doesn’t always work that way with me. It sounds to me that women generally want a leader. Just like the rock comment before, they want a rock. They don’t want to be the rock.

  14. So after the video you made that had to do with the appropriate amount of time to make eye contact with another person I had a dream about you.

  15. Good stuff Jessica. You're a great teacher keep up the great work.

    Several of these days we should have yoga sessions together. And I'll even do your laundry for you my momma taught me well how to take care of myself 😀💐😘

    Thank you Jessica 😉

  16. Let's pitch in and get Jessica J a can of Anti-T-Rex and Bear-be-gone spray for her place. That building must have a view of Jurassic Park or something.

  17. OMG!!! I have all these traits except for being curious about others!

    A little background story. I want to date again. But I am unable to approach and attract women. I’m ugly and incapable of banter and flirting and connecting with women and obviously showing curiosity about others. So women will not see me as boyfriend or husband material.

    But I never viewed this problem as something that will ruin my life or stopping me from having a happy life I enjoy. I figured I’m powerless right now to do anything about the problem of women not wanting to date me. But I also figured I have the power to change myself for the better.

    So I started by realizing I really love my job caring for senior citizens, so I began a quest to become the best Caregiver for Senior Citizens I could possibly be!
    Next, I began to hit the gym and changed my diet to help me gain the strength and fortitude needed to care for senior citizens. I lost over 100 pounds and had to buy new clothes. I also felt I was wasting my time eating crappy, high calorie and high carb and sugary junk food in restaurants and looking in misery and jealousy at all these happy couples I see that are having a great time.
    So I stopped going out to restaurants and started grabbing salads and apple slices for dinner to get my butt home to begin work on a side business to earn extra income and a YouTube channel to show off my passion doing what I love which is caring for senior citizens!!! Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself looking at all these great women I’m not going to have, I figured this is a great time to forget about them to begin work on a side hustle and a YouTube channel.

    I’m working as much overtime and saving the extra money I’m earning with my side hustles to buy new stylish clothes, but I’m also saving up to travel and to pay for sewing and jewelry making classes and I want to learn how to dance, so I’m going to be paying for dance lessons!

    And finally, I’m going to confess, I began to have feelings for an older woman who works at one facility I have to work out of. I’m 41 and she’s 58 years old. But I am not allowed to tell her of my feelings and to tell her I want to date her and I’m unable to connect with her. So I’m now avoiding her as much as I can and walking away from her to make a list of what I want in a woman I want as a girlfriend to help develop standards. I’m also going to learn how to flirt and banter and connect with women since I feel I’m missing that with the confidence to approach women for dates and continue to work on improving myself and evolving more.

    Anyways. My ramble is over. But I thank you for this video. At least I know I can’t be THAT HORRIBLE a guy for women to be intimately involved with if I have all but one of these traits you mentioned in this video.

  18. i hate to be the one to do this….

    but contrary to fake science and the devious medical system which loves profit by any means necessary…

    the appendix has an essential function in our gut microbiome.

    anyway good vid.

  19. The "I don't know " aspect. The most boring and narcissistic men and women for that matter or the "Know it Alls."
    In fact when I was a car mechanic, it was always more important to know what I didn't know.

  20. The cell phone thing. That's just how the world is now in general. Nobody really communicates the same anymore. People will text each other at a dinner table rather than converse with one another. It's sad. Another example is dating sites. It's the new norm. people are rated based on their bio and posts even before meeting in person.

  21. Watching this video while listening to Brightside by Lil Peep💯💯😊..

    Very important information 🤟🏼😊..

    Thank you Jess ♥️🤗

  22. Jessica J Thank you ever so much for this video. When you said we as guys have to love our lives it brought tears to my eyes. I always hated my life because of my disability and it was epiphany that I can learn to love my life inspite of my disability. I should even stop calling it a disability as it has taught me so much. It has taught me to be a kinder, more compassionate caring person.

  23. Love video don't feel bad sometimes months happen laundry gets behind. Informative video I am not afraid to give my respectful and real opinion, and I'm sure of myself even times when I'm down I Avenger Up, Solutions driven tip love it. Now I'm the guy too put a my Green Arrow take them down guy. Sometimes outta blue women talk to me more than five minutes I brush it as Friendship. And go about my business

  24. I dont think a caveman would give two shits if a cavewoman liked him or not. He would just grunt and drag her ass to his cave if she was lucky. Now days guys just point and grunt. LoL jk

  25. Yo Jessica would you like to share with us your tips on how to touch&kiss a girlfriend to satisfy her? I’m with a shy girl rn and last time we saw I started to kiss her neck slowly and she really enjoyed that (she’s really sensitive and romantic). It’s too early for Poundtown but I’m sure there must be some other ways. Have a good day! 😉

  26. I’m sure cavemen probably had frog skins or rabbit feet for trade and some good herb! 😎 could you imagine the social atmosphere? No clubs, no coffee, no dinners! Was just bad body order, a lot of hairy parts I’m guessing, and always the awkward boner! Either way let’s hope for the end result the best 38 seconds of our lives….🥊🔥Town

  27. The appendix supports beneficial bacteria, Ms. J. Think about that during your giraffe-hating rants. Good vid, though.

  28. Sports bra doh 🔥🔥🔥 lol…nah hope you are feeling better Jess🙏🏾❤️ thanks so much again for all you do

  29. Jessica J: I don't know how feel about dating younger men. I'm 22 btw. We could make it work! U can mold me like a clay pot 😂

  30. Ewww do your laundry, that's disgusting, my birthday is tomorrow 53, wooowhooo….sorry I didn't know you were still single it's hard going through breakups especially when you want to get back together with him, I need more context to help you through it unless your over it…!!😊

  31. I know I'm the catch I get Sooo block by the haters insure dude's and alfa females the mother hen type yeah they 🐝 cuffing…..

  32. I can get a date and eat Turkey too?!! (Sarcasm)😋🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤙🤙⛄🎅🌲🦃

  33. The appendix is not a vestigial organ.


    Evolution is a religious belief about the past and is not supported by any scientific evidence.

  34. Hi Jessie, poor Terion, as cute as he is, is actually evidence against evolution.



  35. Founder of Planned Parenthood, was an evolutionist, eugenicist and racist.


  36. Cavemen were just people people that live in caves.
    In Coober Pedy, Australia, it gets so hot people live under the ground in Caves.


    That's not evolution.


    Cave people of Malta.


  37. But feminism said Women need Men like a fish needs a bike. There is no financial reason for Men to marry women. I rather rent/lease a woman than marry her. House Cleaning lady is still cheaper than a wife. I can cook, I do my own laundry. If I want kids I can hire a surrogate with no strings no child support. If I marry half of all marriages end in divorce and the majority of the filing are women at over 60-80% and take lifetime alimony. What is a woman's role other than a roll in the hay? If she don't fuck you, she will rape you in divorce court and family court.

  38. Another sign that you are MORE "Desirable" than you think is when she plays "Dread Game" (she says she has a boy friend and/or prioritizes another man) YOU THEN SAY, "I WISH BOTH OF YOU GOOD LUCK AND SAY GOOD BYE!!!!

  39. Three things here…..don't get married. They don't last, and you'll lose half your shit (and be paying for two houses for years if you have kids), the 'courtship" dance is dead; women killed it. Look for choosing signals (women choose), and then pursue but keep yourself first (masculine frame)…and finally…no laundry for a month? How many pairs of tackle do you own? Or do you turn them inside-out like us guys? hahaha

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