a full face of (mostly) colourpop cosmetics || mermaidqueenjude [CC]

a full face of (mostly) colourpop cosmetics || mermaidqueenjude [CC]

Hi mermaids, welcome back to my channel If you’re new here, my name is Jude, hello. and today we’re going to be doing a face of mostly…? Colourpop makeup. Uh, I say mostly colourpop because got the foundation and it is too dark. And also it made the skin on my hand feel weird And I refuse to use it, so we’re not using it. I have a box full of [things rattle inside] full of things full of things. the first thing I’m using is going to be their all star matte blur primer I’ve never used this before, I’m kind of scared that it’s gonna dry my skin out [elevator music] oo, it’s like, a white? color? I don’t… I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before
so we’re just gonna put that on my face It smells… It smells like lime, and also some kind of lotion from my childhood and also I’ve done all my skincare already to give it like, a fair shot It feels… fine, I guess? I think it just dried everything out, I also
have this zit. So like, welcome to the family. This is my holy grail, I love it a lot. I wanna do more makeup and fashion videos and so
if that’s something that you’re interested in and you have things you want me to try or do please leave them in the comments
so that we can do that if you have any products you want me to try
also leave them in the comments compartmentalizing myself for the sake of success is not working out for me because I’m just unhappy with doing rant videos all the time,
which makes sense so Oh, I don’t like this oh no, the primer Like, makes my skin really dry I-I do not like this at all, oh my god. Yeah no, you can definitely see all the texture. like in camera, it’s a little better but in person I can definitely see all the texture and because I’m putting concealer on top of this like Oh no [laughs] I’m really glad I didn’t use their foundation because
this would just be worse why did it make my foundation come out orange? That’s so fucking weird, I don’t like that either. Yeah, my skin does not like that primer. I added the Bahi Cosmetics sunflower serum on top of it because I was just, not going to walk outside with
a cakey face and look like that Yeah, it definitely looks a little better, I didn’t–ow just poked myself in the eye [sighs] cannot believe that I poked myself in the eye
with a beauty blender aGAIN, this is not the first time this has happened to me face feels really really dry still, even though I added serum on top of it so I got two concealers my problem with them is that there were no medium warm shades on colourpop, so
i got these two really light concealers, one is light 18 and this is light 10 which is supposed to
be for highlighting I don’t know if I’m actually gonna highlight because
normally I don’t and also that’s like a shit ton of shades lighter
than I actually am. Okay, this is like a nice creamy kind of concealer we’ll see how I feel after I blend it out cause I have really accentuated shadows on my face from how my face like sits
because I have really big cheeks also, the texture of my skin right now,
I really really really hate like I might not leave the house like this, I might wash my makeup off and start over. Before I go out because
I really am just not a fan of this at all Like the way it’s sitting on my skin is really really drying And like I can see the flakes on my nose which normally doesn’t happen with makeup Like I don’t even wanna put powder on top of this to see what’ll happen – like even if I’m in direct sunlight, it’s still *so* cakey, like around my nose and stuff oof, okay, I’m gonna go wash my face and give us a clean slate to work with Do my face stuff the way that I normally do and then try out the other things because these skin products, I really do not like should I bring you guys with me? I think I’m going to. Okay hi, welcome to my bathroom. It’s so cakey and I hate it [pats cheek] [overlaying music] So, I did my skin stuff, I feel much better than I did before so the next step is bronzer It looks like this that’s a nice bronzer, it’s not like, too dark so this is a Jude Buys a Bunch of Makeup and doesn’t
use it haul, and that’s okay. I really like the dramatic blush look I think it’s cute, I think it makes me look like a doll I like the shade, I think it’s pretty Still pissed about the foundation thing but that’s okay If you’ve never owned a colourpop highlighter before They come like this, the shade is Thimble, and in order to get the best color payoff possible, you’re just
going to use your fingers the blush that I used was never been kissed just gonna highlight the high point of my face see [sighs] colourpop has me spoiled with Flexitarian which is actually my favorite Colourpop highlighter, so when I try other highlighters that don’t have as much color payoff I get kind of salty and upset about it It shouldn’t like, disappear soooo, let’s just do a little more I don’t use a lot of eyebrow things because I have pretty bushy eyebrows already I have the Mar palette And it’s really pretty, I swatched all of them the other night, and I’m pretty sure they’ll have a ton of fallout, so I’m not worried about them Yeah, I’m gonna use El Rey and Sorbet and then use a pop of color like either under my eye or like in my inner corners so, ooo, this is a nice reflector wow ooo, that’s a nice like yellow color the thing I don’t like about colourpop eyeshadows is that they are a little bit chalky, but like for the price I don’t expect them to be the most buttery shadows in the world I find that their super shock shadows, the ones that come in the smaller pans Do a better job of not being as chalky. Why… Why is my white balance all types of fucked up? I dunno who’s a fan of fallout, Fall Out Boy maybe? Anyway! I don’t like having my eyeshadow all the way up to my eyebrows so I am always pretty mindful of bringing it back down Next, I’m gonna take, so I got these two gel liner things, so I’m going to actually put this blue colored gel liner on my waterline and then use the eyeshadow to make it pop Uh, did it just? Uh excuse me colourpop, I would like to have a word The tip of my eyeliner just fell off to the ground That’s really pretty. I think what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna take Take this blue color and put it in my inner crease and see how I feel about it I got Y2K which is one of their
blur lipsticks, and then I got Mess Around which is like a greyish like satin lip I’m really glad that we were able to pull this together, even with products that we didn’t actually like oo, it applies like a pink, I like it As far as like the texture of this, it is very faint Or like light I guess is the word I wanna use Which I guess is what they were going for Cause they are called like, blur lipsticks I think I like it, I don’t know if I would wear it with this particular look again but I think it looks cool Oh wait I’m not done! I have- I bought mascara. I never put on mascara ever so I wanted to try this BFF mascara because I know that they have them in different colors and Maggie McGill was talking about these on her Instastory I don’t wear fake lashes because I have pretty long lashes, also I’m very high maintenance and I hate feeling like I have things on my eyes What is- What are you doing? But the problem with having long lashes is sometimes they clump together and don’t do what you need them to do Oooo, this lipstick tastes like candy. The formula itself does not feel like particularly drying which is nice Like I don’t feel like my lashes are gonna like fall off I think we did it, I think we did it, so Here’s the final look I hope we like it If you’re new here again, my name is Jude, hello. If you wanna be a part of the Mermaid Kingdom, all of my social media links are down in the description If you wanna support me with your dollars, I have a patreon, that’ll also be in the description And I think that’s everythin I think I’m gonna try and put out three videos this week I put out a poll about whether or not you guys cared if I stuck to my schedule strictly or if you guys cared if I just got the content out so You might have three videos this week, not promising but trying. And yeah, if you wanna subscribe to me, there’s a subscribe button down below, also comment your experience with colourpop products, I would really appreciate it And make sure to like this video And ring the notification bell so that you know whenever I upload thank you Just keep swimming, sigue nadando, and I’ll see you when I see you, bye! [kiss sound]

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  1. did u read my mind?? I've been meaning to request a makeup video, and here it is! (btw ur bathroom looks very calming and peaceful)
    I would love love love to see skincare stuff or a foundation routine in the future!

  2. this is literally the most relaxing beauty video ive ever watched u literally alleviated all my anxiety thank u bb we stan

  3. Love this!

    I'd love to see you try Sugarpill, but it's really pricey so I'm not sure how doable it would be.

    But either way, I'm looking forward to seeing more makeup vids from you!

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