A Trend Is Born: NYFW AW19 Kick-Off | MAC Cosmetics

A Trend Is Born: NYFW AW19 Kick-Off | MAC Cosmetics

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  1. Absolutely gutted! Today I went into my local MAC store to enquire about some upcoming products, only to be told they aren't getting them!!! I mean, what is the point in having stores if they aren't going to be stocked with the Limited Editions stuff as well as the everyday makeup???? I still want to try before I buy! I was advised to check out the website but that doesnt seem as much fun as browsing IN PERSON and walking out of store with my little MAC bag knowing I have some gorgeous goodies inside! x Deeply disappointed! x

  2. MAC provide Colours in our everyday lives!🎨🎨👨🏼‍🎨👩🏻‍🎨

    Transforming my looks for the season with S/S trends straight from the backstage to our kit!

    So much you share!
    So much we learn!


  3. You're promoting these new products, yet your counters can't even keep stocked up on current products. Everything I need from MAC, they're out of stock of. BUSTED THE HOUSE! Get it together, "makeup authority". 🙄

  4. This is how MAC should promote their products instead of sending them to “influencers” who haven’t the slightest clue what the product is or how it’s to be used. I would rather see how an artist uses the product, product knowledge, and how an artist likes to use it.

  5. More videos like this please and thanks! Coming from someone who works for the company, I absolutely LOVE when MAC shows more of the creative/behind the scenes side of the company. People want to see that. Keep doing these!

  6. The colors are beautiful! I can't wait to get my hands on the Cherry Blossom Spring Collection and Nudes eyeshade and lipstick.

  7. Since in the video was mentioned about these beautiful lipsticks than can be used in the cheeks or lips (nowadays is so trendy) Pls. make a video in your channel about the formulas!! How do we users can trust thesekind of products. I am afraid that the pigments used can harm my skin (the skin in lips is so different than the skin of cheeks) Thanks y SALUDOS from Mexico City!

  8. Hi someone could give me the name’s lipstick of the minute 4:33 please i heard framboise but i don’t know help me!

  9. ♡ ♡ ♡ you forever MAC!!
    A loyal fan since my first LipGLASS at the age of14 (I’m now 31)
    You kick Sephora’s butt since the beginning!!!!

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