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  1. Can all of you shut up like you are being rude she can do what she wants and really don't think you can be rude to someone because that's kinda true i am 17 i am pregnant and I don't really were makeup on a daily basis

  2. U say that kids wouldn't own any expensive makeup but how come I'm only 10 and I own M.A.C makeup like …..
    and stop saying a kid wouldn't know what they are doing bc James Charles did a look and I copied it exactly

  3. It really just depends on that child’s situation, my younger sisters is 10 and she uses the same makeup as me ex: Fenty, Becca, Lancôme, Clinique, and good drug store stuff. If she doesn’t know how to use something she’ll either ask me and I’ll show her or she’ll just search it on YouTube. But say a child doesn’t have any older siblings or a mom who uses makeup, they may not understand how some products work so they’re just gonna do it how they think it’s supposed to be done.

    ( and by kids I’m pretty sure she’s referring to kids in the 4-8 range) not every kids the same but vast majority aren’t going to be pros and she did a good representation of that.

  4. omg guys stop like coming at sylvia. she’s not talking about how like 10 and 11 year olds do their makeup she’s talking about younger kids like 3-6 like come on people stop being so rude!

  5. She saying “kid” because she talking about like 5 year olds, also she’s just making an assumption. Not every child is the same, so don’t be triggered.🤠

  6. I am a child and I learn from her and buy the products that she uses but then when she says this it’s like kid CANT have nice makeup or nice makeup?

    Also this more CLAIRES makeup I mean technically there isn’t a such thing as “kid” makeup it’s just makeup. Makeup is makeup and you can use it just the same as your high end stuff. It’s just like drug store makeup. 😬

  7. I’m 11 I can do my makeup better than my mom I have ( adult) makeup I literally have to tell my mom what to use so shut up

  8. I'm 11 and I kind of hated it when she kept saying that kids wouldn't do this or would do that. It kind of made me really mad. Just because they are not as old as you doesn't mean they are dumb or that they don't know stuff. Just plz don't judge kids by their age

  9. Guys all of y’all are overreacting I think by kids I mean she probably thinks like 4 or 5 year olds like come on now y’all take thing to seriously😂😬🙄

  10. i know i’m late to the party and i’m sorry but kids would just put ranom dots or stripes on their faces and be proud of thenselves. also if they use their moms makeup who has luxurious makeup it might have happened they play with gurelain or other dior.

    and there are many channels of 5 years old who happen to have yt channel where they do makeup… so the distinguishing between adult and kids is not accurate.

  11. im offended because im 10 and i use all of the adult items and i have your palette which is probably considered “aduld makeup” im really insulted and annoyed because i looked up to you

  12. I'm 10 and I use my mom's old makeup so I use "adult" makeup and my mom even has to tell me I can't go in utla yet cause I always want to. Also I have a credit card

  13. I’m 8 and I use the adult makeup and I’m amazing at makeup and have actually done my mums makeup for a WEDDING and it was so good 😐❤️

  14. Ok, I love Sylvia as a YouTuber , but this video is so STERIOTYPICAL! She keeps saying 'because that's what a kid would do' but I'm 11 years old and I have 3 of my own custom eyeshadow pallets that look very similar to hers, and it's also really annoying because she just assumes that all kids are clueless with makeup, I attend this school for makeup and I take tests every term, which determine my skill level of makeup, the levels are judged by the assumed level of talent for each age and I'm in the section for 20+ year olds which is the highest level, SO STOP GUESSING THAT ADULTS ARE THE BEST AND KIDS ARE CLUELESS LITTLE PEOPLE WHO BUY MAKEUP FOR $5!!! I spend $30-$50 dollars on each of my makeup products or pallets and I'm sick of this stereotype ! That's all I'm gonna say!

  15. I find it really funny how she talks as if she would be talking to a 5/6 yo children. Plus… She talks about adults or children. Hey! I'm a teenager still (18 in 5 days now) and I felt a bit excluded. Honestly being an adult doesn't mean you can purchase expensive makeup. With those products prices I can buy probably the whole empire of make up items that I own 😂.

  16. Omg y'all seriously don't get it. She was talking about like 6 or under not preteens and teenagers jeez

  17. I’m 11 and you must not know the kids in 2019 I have more expensive pallets than the price of all my moms makeup. This video was offensive you barely tried and stop saying a kid wouldn’t know how to do it .and also do you realize every time their a good kid product to barely wants to use it just to drag kid. For example 13:40 13:45 13:50. Exposed I’m really disappointed cause I actually really like her videos but I’m disappointed.

  18. Also she didn’t even try.she assumed the way Kid would do it we are not dumb we wouldn’t buy it if we didn’t know what we would 🙄

  19. These are all my least favorite part to expose her 5:59 13:39 14:55 16:25 16:44 18:06 19:28 . Stop assuming and actually try.

  20. Legit I have 2 abh palettes , two too faced palettes , 3 tarte foundations and a lot more high end stuff . Yes I use drugstore makeup and love it just as much but not all kids do their makeup like that

  21. Bro I'm 10 and I'm good at makeup every body I know tell me to to there makeup and I started doing makeup at 7 and it is not kids makeup this kid I know started doing makeup at 5 she is 6 know I stared doing makeup with kids makeup at 2 and I'm 10

  22. I agree she shouldn’t talk about “all” kids but I think by kids she meant 6 and below I mean I’m 11 and I don’t wanna make my self look “good” but I think I’m pretty good thanks to my mom, my brother and YouTube, and I’ve been doing this since I was 7 using my moms makeup but that’s my opinion

  23. Guys she’s not talking about teens she’s talking about like 8 year olds with Claire’s play makeup ….like i’m a teen and can do my makeup better than an adult so

  24. when she was talking about the eyeliner i started raging- she thinks kids don't know how to do anything?? wow dude…

  25. all i see is “i’m offended” inthe comments”
    she means like 5 year olds.
    she isn’t trying to offend you girls that do makeup
    and kids are different then preteens/ teens.
    so i don’t get why you guys are offended..
    also i see comment saying “i’m unsubscribing because of this” like wtf guys.

  26. Btw I’m 8 and I don’t even use kids makeup I use brands like huda beauty, ofra benefit 2 faced Mac morphed yeah so by kids you mean 5 year olds

  27. Wtf I’m 10 years old still a kid I use Sephora Lancôme fenty beauty Victoria secret and more she said kids like brighter colors wtf who she thinks she is i don’t like bright colors wow 😮

  28. I use high-end makeup and I'm 11 and it's not like every kid goes to Claire's to get their makeup some kids use drugstore makeup

  29. I'm 11 and I shop at ulta and sephora and my mom has a credit card she can order stuff and I can pay her back so…

    This is also just sylvia trashing the only thing kids have bc if they had super pigmented stuff then they would be going to school looking like clowns

  30. Most kids nowadays go to sephora and superdrug and buy just as expensive makeup as yours
    No hate ❤
    I myself use too faced, mac and maybeline and im 11.

  31. tbh as a kid I definitley knew more tham i should have about makeup .. and I never owned any kinds of kid makeup I just bought dollar makeup from the store

  32. Children be out there doing their make up better then me & I am a grown ass women. Keep your chin high little ones, you guys are awesome & remember one persons opinion or view doesn't define who you are.

  33. this video is so stereotypical ,a "kid" can do makeup just as well as an "adult". im 15 and im offended and its very hard to offend me. i did my sisters wedding makeup and she pays me to do her make up when her husband takes her out and she went to school for cosmetology specifically makeup and she still decides to pay me to do her makeup. again im 15 still a "kid"( like and comment if you agree)

  34. my 12 year old niece knows more about makeup then I did at 12, we went to ulta and she did a great job at picking the right palettes, I let her do my makeup, and she is very good, she was spot on.  So, she is kid using adult makeup…. and she does a great job.

  35. Sylvia: “kids wouldn’t go for this foundation “
    Me: she literally has an audience of kids who probably bought the foundation because they got
    Inspired by her using that foundation lmao

  36. She makes kids seem so dumb and act as if they don’t know what they are doing with makeup most of the comments are literally how mad people are for what she’s saying. Also all the comments talk about how they use some nice quality makeup not just Clair’s for example I own some Chanel makeup and Morphe (not trying to brag just an example) and other kids have way more high quality things then what she’s using.

  37. I’ve been doing makeup since doing makeup since I was SEVEN and I’ve literally never used kid makeup and I dislike how she says a kid wouldn’t know this or a kid wouldn’t do that and btw I’m still a kid and I use some of the stuff in this video on the “adult” side and NONE in the kids

  38. My lil sister tht 11 yr don't use kids make up and if she does I'm pretty sure she would do what ur doing one side what she always use and kid make up. Also I love ur YouTube channel.

  39. Claires say there makeup is meant for kids 8-14 that im 13 and i have almoust all of the makeup you have on the adult side, and i did makeup at 11 too, when i was a child, got alot at 12, and did not become a teen before this year

  40. Not trying to be rude I love Sylvia but why does she always use higher end products can’t she use more drugstore affordable products

  41. You didn't even try on the kids side. That's why it doesn't look great. I could make an adult look bad if I didn't try either.

  42. Why are people getting triggered. It's her opinion, also do you think writing a comment complaining is gonna change anything. It's not 🙄

  43. Sylvia dear, u couldve done the make up with the "kids" products just like youve done with the "adult" products, comparing only the products themselves, not to apply the products " as a kid does". Just sayin' 🙂

  44. Idk why but the "kid's" side is giving me 80s vibes.
    Also I am 17 yrs old and still Idk how to put on makeup so Idk what she talkin about little kids for😂😂💀

  45. How do I have all those adult products and none of the kids ones and I’m 12…. adults think so little of us!
    And also I have a debit card

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