Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science

Improve your formulation skills with Formula Botanica’s Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science. Once you’ve mastered the basics
in formulation on our foundation Diploma, continue your online studies with us to take
your skills and business to the next level. This Advanced Diploma will push you out of
your comfort zone and get you trialling new ingredients and new skills. Learn how to confidently
investigate cosmetic ingredients, trial new techniques and explore your organic formulations
in great detail. Follow our guidance and set up research projects in your artisan cosmetics
lab. Work with high performance ingredients, such
as vitamins, anti-ageing cosmeceuticals and herbal extracts. Study the penetration of
cosmetic ingredients into the skin. Formulate for different niches in the beauty sector,
including vegan, raw and Halal cosmetics. Learn how to recreate any natural product
on the market. Enrol for our Advanced Diploma in Organic
Cosmetic Science and gain access to our award-winning and accredited eLearning platform. This Advanced diploma is aimed at existing formulators who want to improve their skills. We give
you two years to comfortably complete this 5-module online course. Become an Advanced Organic Cosmetic Formulator with the confidence to create exquisite luxury skincare using the finest botanical ingredients. Wow your customers with your amazing formulations by studying with Formula Botanica.

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