Affordable & Drugstore Skincare Products Under $20 To Add to Your Daily Routine

Affordable & Drugstore Skincare Products Under $20 To Add to Your Daily Routine

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  1. I have combination skin and I feel like a lot of sunscreens for oily skin give a lot of texture on dry patches when I apply make up on top of it, but oilier sunscreens slide right of on my nose and forehead. What are your recomendations for sunscreen that works well with makeup? Keep up the awesome videos 😀

  2. Also, let's say someone uses a lot of CeraVe products, would the amounts of the 3 essential ceramides, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. It's different for everyone but I'm asking from a somewhat general perspective.

  3. i think that the background is too white and boring. could add some brighter colors so it doesnt seem so boring to audience

  4. You know what? I do not have nothing against oriental people. But I DO NOT like people that, not even knowing, me have the nerve to insinuate decisions that are mine and personal and ARE NOT true. I DO NOT like intrudness or invasion of privacy. I DO NOT like MANIPULATION. Have you seen me doing that to girls lie these??? Well they should know, because that is Witch Hunt!!! 👎

  5. I would not use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I have it currently, and it just dries your skin too much when you use too much. Especially for dry skin people. I think there are much better options. I will check out the Cera Ve though, after I finish this. But I do think that, especially for sensitive dry skin, their moisturizing cream is sooooo nice. It is wonderful. The richest one may be too rich for oily skin, but I think there’s a lighter one too.

  6. Please make a video about drugstore basic makeup under $30. And a video of what are the basic makeup and what are the proper steps to apply your makeup?

  7. You said from your previous video the one with "9 skincare mistakes that can make your acne worse" that using micellair water without cleansing is bad for the face but here at 4:57 you're only using micellair water and leaving it on the face during mornings? I'm just curious, hope you answer.

  8. I would like to add glycolic acid to my routine I’m over 55 but I don’t know where to start what strength to get or good brand to buy do you have some suggestions I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a product that is going to be too harsh for my skin I do have acne scarring or mono on my chin but I use Innisfree green tea balancing

  9. I need help friends please 🙁 I’m looking for a great moisturizer for oily skin than can be use through the day. Something not to expensive like the tatcha one haha. I don’t know what to do anymore I feel lost in the skincare world. Thanks in advance 💓

  10. I love your videos and really good graphics and captions. Please do a video on particular brands that are more commonly available or marketed worldwide for example L oreal, Avon, Bodyshop and on high end Estee Lauder.

  11. Would you want to not use BHA when using the first wash because one breakers cells apart and the other locks them together?

  12. Also the vitamin c syrums.. you said it’s for everyday but I thought you use chemical exfoliant everyday… so confused ..

  13. I started using Cetaphil's acne products (cleanser and moisturiser) in 2016 and within 2 months it had cleared my skin up completely. I've tried to switch to other products that are cruelty-free (unfortunately Cetaphil isn't) but I just start breaking out again so always keep coming back to Cetaphil. The acne line is a bit more expensive than their regular products but well worth the extra few dollars!

  14. Ok. Errrybody says that Retinol is super drying but my rx tretinoin has not caused any peeling or drying at all. Am I a medical miracle? lol.

  15. I have oily skin and use the cerave hydrating cleanser. Just because it doesn’t say for oily skin it does not mean that it does not work. Oily skin is dehydrated too

  16. I just wanted to say I have used a few of your recommendations from older videos and some of them did work! Thanks for sharing all your guys knowledge, honestly I am grateful. But now, I am super disappointed and feel like I can't trust this channel. I had been binge watching a bunch of your guys videos and finally I clicked one of the links- it was link, so was the next one, and the next one. It needs to be clearly disclosed that your links in the description are affiliate links and you earn commission.

  17. Pity that in Brazil some of these products aren’t affordable 😔 but God provide 😊 I love the Korean skincare routines, since I started following, I never want to stop. Thank you for the great video, girls! 🐙unicorn kisses 🐙

  18. It will help me a lot if they would have told us the skin products price😖hope they will tell us the price in the future☺

  19. you actually have to wash off the bioderma micelar water bc it contains a detergent substance that shouldt be kept on skin

  20. I have a question! So ive been practically binge watching your channel. I genuinely love watching you guys nd hearing you guys nerd it out. But my question is, in another video you guys said Vitamin C nd Niacinamide should never go together. Why is it that this product holds both and it ok?

  21. I bought the derma e from another one of your videos but it actually hurt my face so much. guess my skin is too far dry

  22. It is my first time wanting to learn about skincare products and your channel helped me a lot! Learned so much from you guys. Really appreciated your informative reviews in every videos

  23. Would it be possible for you a video to help narrow down in choosing ingredients to choose for specific problems/goals. Just your favorite active ingredients, and maybe a little about how many different ones to combine, what can be interchangeable? Learning so much but overwhelming when trying to buy expensive products! Thank you for all your educating!! 🙂

  24. Where can you even find half of those brand? I've only know like 3 products only in this video that I see at my local stores.

  25. Hi! I just discovered this channel and before this I just cleanse and moisturise not having enough knowledge the do’s and don’t. I just taught everything will be solved by makeup not until I have started watching the channel’s videos. It is so addictive to learn so many things regarding taking care of you skin. Thank you for saving me from ruining my skin.

  26. Love these informative videos! Can you guys do one on face oils to use after a skin care routine for different skin needs? Like hemp, tamanu, rosehip, grape seed etc.

  27. can someone tell me how much the cetaphil cleanser costs in america because here it costs over 19 dollars for one of the normal cetaphil cleansers and boy let me tell you the cetaphil oily cleanser costs way more.

  28. I absolutely loved this! I’m just starting out with skincare and I’ve been looking for simple, inexpensive products. The skincare world can be really confusing and you guys just immediately cleared it up for me💕thanks you

  29. If you have oily skin and are in the uk the cera ve flaming cleanser has a different and much better formula and works super great to clear pores and make the complexion better (by better I mean if u compare both ingredients the UK’s are safer better for sensitive skin etc)

  30. Hey guys, just uploaded an everyday skincare routine using Dermalogica on my channel, would love for you to go check it out 💖

  31. how does your skin not break out after using different products every week? I can't do that, other wise I will break out.

  32. Hey Beauty within! I really love your videos but something is missing for me and that is : could you maybe always give information to a product if it’s not cruelty free or if it has ingredients that’s bad for the environment? For instance I saw that the Clinique cleansing balm (which I wanted so bad since I heard good things about it) has an ingredient that could not be removed from the oceans which is harmful for the animals and living things in the ocean.

  33. In one of your videos you say not to use vitamin c and niacinamide together because they cancel each other out. So I’m concerned that the serum is ineffective. Please let me know because it has the other ingredients that I thought about purchasing from the ordinary brand.

  34. It’s not necessary to wash your hair everyday. Try using a different shampoo sometimes over washing actually makes your scalp produce more oil. Depends on your job and environment as well for how often you need to wash, plus hair texture & what hair products you use.

  35. Loreal has a line of masks and while I'm not a fan of the fragrance they put in their products….the blue mask is amazing…and I think it's a dupe for the blue flame mask which I love. But this is cheaper… also was a dream to apply and a breeze to wash off….and my skin felt soooooo amazing after. Probably the beat immediate results I've experienced from a mask

  36. It amazes me how educated u guys are about the skincare products! Thank u so much for helping us, your videos r very much appreciated 💌

  37. Love all your videos and suggestions. Thank you for your professional work and research. I've heard from other youtubers that micellar water strips your natural oils from your skin, is this true? Thanks again for great information ❤❤

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