All The Kylie Jenner Mentions On Travis Scott’s ‘ASTROWORLD’ | Genius News

All The Kylie Jenner Mentions On Travis Scott’s ‘ASTROWORLD’ | Genius News

JACQUES: If fans of Travis Scott’s ‘ASTROWORLD’ album were looking for any mentions of Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians, well they’re sure to be satisfied. Jenner is referenced on numerous songs throughout ‘ASTROWORLD.’ These mentions touch on their newborn daughter, Stormi, his relationship with the Kardashians, and how they met. KYLIE: We always knew each other like we were
hanging around each other, I mean we just had mutual friends, that’s what it was. But we never really had a conversation because
I thought that he didn’t like me. JACQUES: Later on in the song, Scott compares
his relationship with Kylie to another bi-racial Hollywood couple. Jenner and Scott have been together since
Coachella in April 2017. JACQUES: Over a year later, the two are still
going and covered GQ together in August 2018. Kylie detailed how they kept it up post-Coachella
saying quote: JACQUES: Travis may be alluding to this ‘pick up and go’ attitude on this bar from “SICKO MODE.” JACQUES: Four months after meeting reports
surfaced that Jenner was pregnant. On February 1st 2018, Kylie & Travis’ first
child, Stormi was born. Scott gifted the mother of his child a $1.4 million Ferrari as a push present, which he mentions on “Who? What!” JACQUES: In July 2018, Kylie covered Forbes’
America’s Women Billionaires issue. Travis shouts this and their daughter out
in a bar on “Sicko Mode.” JACQUES: The lyrics about the Kardashians begin on “5% Tint,” comparing them to the Jacksons. JACQUES: On “Coffee Bean,” one of the
most introspective songs on the album, Travis shares his worries on whether or not the Kardashian family accepts him. JACQUES: He also shares that things may not
have always been so rosy between the two. JACQUES: Travis will most likely stay far
away from Kylie’s show, ‘Keeping Up The Kardashians,’ and he disregards the
so-called, “Kardashian Curse,” which says that all men who date a member of the family come out worse than how they arrived, telling GQ quote: I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

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  1. Dude who care ,quit making this about anyone other than Travis , Julie deserves no attention for this masterpiece

  2. Dude kardashian curse so fake they say they do worse when they with a kardashian but he just dropped a whole album

  3. LMAOOO I don't know if anyone elsesaw but at 0:18 He's talking about kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's baby but then proceeded to show Kylie holding Kim Kardashian's baby

  4. Damn, can you guys just stfu and let them be? They’re happy together and if this whole video is pointless then why did you click on it and decide to post your negative ass comments?

  5. What about the line on Yosemite that goes, “couple of angels is watching over my soul.” Isn’t that referring to Kylie and Stormy?

  6. This cute and all, but I gotta ask about stargazing
    “Bounce that shit forever, she on both knees She was talkin' 'bout forever, got a whole week (Alright, alright, alright)
    Plus she know my baby mama is a trophy” ???

  7. I usually hate all those talentless bitches from Kardashian who were ugly af before surgery but if it’s la flame’s it’s ok

  8. At least do your damn research right 0:18 that's not Stormi, that's Chicago, Kim's daughter. Kylie was pregnant in that video.

  9. Niggas saying who cares yet they contributing the views, and believe it pr not, at least this gives more subject to Travis to rap about, not like he has more 😂

  10. I watched this after they broke up and when he mentioned the Kardashian curse I FKN LOST IT LMFAOOOO THAT SHIT IS REAL

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