Aloevera Facial At Home For Clear, Glowing and Spotless Skin DIY

Aloevera Facial At Home For Clear, Glowing and Spotless Skin DIY

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel embrace wellness my name is Sweeti Addya. getting a facial done is
a great way to get that natural glow on your face facial not only helps in
cleaning your skin but it also increases the blood circulation in your skin that
makes your skin glow naturally now if you’re not the kind of person who would
like to go for hour long facial treatments in the parlour you can do a
facial at home using the natural ingredients that is available in your
home today I’m going to share with you Aloevera facial which you can do
easily at home. Aloevera is a blessing to our skin. Aloevera has some amazing
properties which make us skin look flawless it has vitamins a c e and b12
and folic acid which literally hydrates your skin from within all these vitamins
are rich in antioxidants which make your skin look great so without further ado
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the first step of the facial is cleansing for this we will be needing
aloe vera gel you can take the extract directly from the plant or you can use
aloe vera gel which is available in the market I’m using wow aloe vera gel now
take one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and one tablespoon of raw milk and mix them
well to make the cleanser this cleanser deep cleanses your face and takes away
all the toxins from your face allowing it to feel soft supple and breathable
this facial is excellent for those who have a very sensitive skin as well now
milk in this cleanser brightens your skin while aloe vera has an excellent
antibacterial properties which helps in removing pimples sunburn dead skin and
moisturizes your skin as well cleanse your face for 2-3 minutes and then wipe
your face with a napkin or clean with water this cleanser helps to get you rid
of your skin the next step is scrubbing or
exfoliating your skin for this we would be needing one tablespoon of rice flour
one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and half a lemon squeeze it well and mix to make
the scrub. rice is an excellent scrub it has anti-aging properties and it smooths
fine lines and wrinkles and firms and lifts your face
rice flour can treat hyperpigmentation and blemishes on your face while lemons
are rich in vitamin C and citric acid and they can help brighten and lighten
your skin when used over time aloe vera is packed with antioxidants and vitamin
E to lighten discoloration around eyes and the cooling effect helps with the
puffiness after scrubbing clean your face with water or wipe your face with a
napkin using this exfoliating scrub on your
face will eliminate dead skin cells that make your skin look dull and reveal
brighter skin. the next step is Toning the skin is freshened by skin toning for
this we would be needing one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and one tbsp of rose
water this toner helps restore the natural pH level of the skin and leaves
your skin clean clear and ready to be hydrated rose water has mild astringent
properties which helps tighten the pores and gently tone the skin. the next step
of a facial is having a massage for TO MAKE massage gel we would be
requiring one tablespoon of aloe vera gel one tablespoon of honey and half a
teaspoon of glycerin mix them well to make your massage gel apply the massage GEL onto your face
and then massage in the right way that is in circular motion, upward Direction
massage, eyes massage forehead massage, and pressure points. Honey
is full of antioxidants so it is great for slowing down aging it also gives you
a complexion boost as it is extremely moisturizing and soothing so it helps
create a glow it contains antibacterial properties so it helps to rid your skin
of blackheads by removing dirt from pores aloe vera is known as the natural
moisturizer it has hydrating properties and absorbs into skin like magic while
glycerin is very good for oily skinas the humectants in glycerin lock in the moisture in your skin. Massage your skin for 5-10 minutes and then don’t wash your face
apply the pack directly. Now let’s move on to the face pack. To make this face
pack we would be needing 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1
tablespoon of HALDI / TURMERIC for beauty purposes we use wild turmeric or Kasturi
turmeric which you can get online or in any beauty stores and 1/2 a tbsp of rose
petal powder. Mix them well to make a smooth paste. Apply a thick layer of this
face pack to your face and in your neck turmeric has antioxidants and
anti-inflammatory components as a result it decreases pimples and brings a glow
to your skin. It can prevent formation of wrinkles and melanin and helps in making
your skin even. The healing properties in turmeric help reduce acne scarring as
well. Rose petal powder is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants which
help to boost the collagen production and strengthens skin cells and tissues
give this face back for 15 minutes while it’s semi dries wet hands and massage in
circular motion to remove the pack don’t directly wash it. I personally prefer
using rose water to wet my face and then massage it before washing my face. Aloevera
when teamed with honey as used in this face pack uses its anti-inflammatory
components to calm your skin down and prevent breakouts and help cure patchy
dry skin thus leaving your skin deeply nourished. Rinse off with water and
marvel at instant flow your skin now has The next step is moisturizing your skin
for this we would be needing a pea-sized of aloe vera gel and two drops of tea
tree oil loaded with antibacterial properties the blend of these two makes
for an amazing skin healer aloe vera has proved to be an excellent
moisturizer for all skin types because of its light texture and 99% water
content so whether you have acne prone skin or you have extremely dry skin
which is a need of major quench you will reap enormous benefits from this
nourishing homemade aloe vera facial. So lovelies I hope you enjoyed watching
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take care and Embrace Wellness!

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