An Overnight Facial In A Jar

DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: “Firming Facial Age
Corrector Cream,” otherwise known as the famous blue cream. I have to tell you a secret
it took me two years to develop this product. Two years in the lab to be able to perfect
it to just the way I want it. This cream is all about firming the appearance of your skin,
and it’s all about retexturizing your skin and bringing radiance, tone, and clarity back
into your skin. We call it, “Firming Facial Age Corrector Cream,” remember the word
facial. It’s just like having a facial overnight. You go to bed, put it on your face, it’s
like receiving a facial. You wake up in the morning to a younger more firm, more glowing,
and more radiant looking skin. There are three remarkable technological innovations about
this product. One is that it contains our Actizone firming factor. It’s a unique proprietary
collection of ingredients including Peptides and other advanced scientific ingredients
that truly deliver. I have a clinical study on this product showing that a 100%, 100%
of subjects found a remarkable change in the look of firmness and elasticity to their skin.
This cream also exfoliates your skin. A clinical study shows that 100% of subjects found a
remarkable change in radiance, tone, and clarity to their skin. Radiance, tone, and clarity,
what else is there? Ninety percent of them found a drastic; this is quote / unquote from
the subjects, a drastic change in the appearance of wrinkles, a drastic change. Just think
about it, that’s profound. It contains Glycolic Acid, Retinol, and multiple Peptides that
give you a very high performance cream. It is truly a facial in a jar. You wake up to
more radiant, more toned, more clear skin. Remember, underneath the skin you see in the
mirror is the skin that you really, really want and its right here in this jar.

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