Ask #18 – Cosmetics = DANGER! – Surfrider Foundation Europe

Ask #18 – Cosmetics = DANGER! – Surfrider Foundation Europe

Hi this is Damien. Welcome to a new episode of ASK SURFRIER. It are supposed to make you prettier, younger and thinner, and you use them every day. COSMETICS!! Destined to be applied on your delicate skin, in reality, these beauty products are a weapon of mass destruction against the environment and your health. Involving thousands of plastic beads in our day to day products, they can represent up to 10% of the volume of the product. Used for their exfoliating effect, they are especially destructive to nature. By their microscopic size, they flow into the sewage system and end up in the oceans. Once in the water, the plastic will set chemical pollutants such as pesticides or hydrocarbons. The micro beads, assimilated to the plankton, will be ingested by marine species that are part of our diet. Some of these pollutants are endocrine disruptors. They affect our hormonal balance and thereby promote obesity, diabetes, stress or even sexual issues. Now, how do we find out which products are affected? Take toothpaste, for example. If the list of ingredients includes polyethylene, that product contains micro beads. Now you know! Otherwise, there is an app for that. With the application Beat the Microbead, you simply scan the barcode of a product and you will know if it contains micro beads. I am leaving you. I am going to have a word with YouTube beautie vloggers that play a little too much with microbeads so farewell. See you later.

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  1. Beware of plastic microbeads in cosmetics!!
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Attention aux microbilles de plastique dans les cosmétiques !!

  2. Utilisez du sucre ou de la poudre d'amande pour vos gommages. Mélangé à de l'huile, du yaourt ou du miel, votre peau sera beaucoup mieux traitée qu'avec les produits cosmétiques "classiques".
    Ajoutez un peu de jus de citron et vous serez lumineuses !!

  3. N'empêche, on en plaisante à la fin mais c'est vrai qu'une sensibilisation des youtubeuses beauté peut s’avérer intéressante ! Je ne pense pas qu'elles s'en fichent mais qu'elles ont une méconnaissance du sujet. Sachant l'influence qu'elles peuvent avoir, je ne dis pas que ça changerait la face du monde, mais ça sera déjà un pas en avant 🙂
    Vidéo très brève mais intéressante. Je m'abonne !

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