ASMR Relaxing Halloween Party Makeup πŸŽƒ (English)

You are such a lovely and gorgeous witch. Sharp jaw line. Nose. I’ll put it on your lips. It’s a beautiful witch’s dress. Okay. It will enter. Give me your hand Lastly You are such a lovely and gorgeous witch. Hello! I‘m PPOMO. Today I‘ll help you with your party makeup. You’re going to go with the witch concept?! It will look so pretty and cool on you. πŸ™‚ Here I have pretty witch dresses, hats and gloves. Accessories too. It’s going to look really good. I’ll help you make up if you wash your face over there. I have very soft hair turban for washing your face. I’ll put this on you. Really good. First, I’ll put up the bangs and the hair on the sides. Then I’ll start. Nicely done, thank you. I’ll give your skin some moisture to make sure your makeup will be nice. I’ll sprinkle you with plenty of moist mist. It’s a little cold, but we need to lower the skin temperature to make it look good. Very moist Very well. I’ll apply an alcohol-free serum. This serum is my favourite and the blue bottle is very pretty. Just a thin coating already fills your skin with water and nutrients. Your skin is very soft. Tap tap tap… Very well. Now basic skin care is done~ Before I apply the foundation, I will put on a sebum control pack to lessen the oiliness of your skin. If we do this, it will keep your makeup nice and proper. Very good. Now, I will take a bright tone for the foundation~ It will look good with your skin complexion. Mix it… Apply it gently… Excellent Good… Softly… Excellent. You’re done~ I will lighten up your forehead and nose with a lighter color BB cushion. Your face will look more three-dimensional. It’s a wet puff with water. Very Well. I’ll use some powder so your skin looks smooth and soft. For witches, soft skin suits them better than oily skin. It looks great. It is lovely pink color. On your nose, forehead. Wonderful. Very soft. Okay… Now let’s move on to the colourful makeup. I’ll draw your eyebrows. What shape do you want? Do you want to have an arch or rather flat? Well, let’s do it with arched eyebrows. Let’s use an eye shadow that matches the color of your hair. First… I’ll brush your eyebrows with this screw brush. This side too. Okay… I’ll draw your eyebrows now. Okay… Wonderful. I love it. Next up is the eye-shadow. I have a black and gold necklace ready. Then… why don’t you try the gold and orange coloured eyeshadow? It’ll complement your dress and accessories fantastically. First. As a base for your eyesockets As a base for your eyesockets I‘ll use this beige. and then, And then, the pearlescent orange one. Okay, I apply it Very well. Your sparkling eyes are so beautiful! Okay. I’ll also add a bit of shade to darken the brown of the eyeshadow for a deep look~ Now I’m going to draw the eye line clearly. Using gel eyeliner to create deep, sharp eyes. Very Gorgeous. I’ll draw the underlines too. Your eyes are too gorgeous. Wonderful. Good. I’ll curl your eyelashes by using this little curler here. Curling from the roots to the tips~ Very Gorgeous eyelashes! Now, I’m going to apply mascara onto these beautiful eyelashes to make them seem longer and thicker. Open your eyes a little bit… Good. Oh, I’ll use this brush. Good. Curling… Curling… Curling… Curling… Under eyelashes too. gently Okay. Now… it’s time for the shading of your face to give it a more three-dimensional look. Create a sharp jaw line… Sharp jaw line… Arrange the hairline And keep the nose sharp. It’s really pretty. Okay… I put a highlight on your forehead and nose make them shine a bit and stand out. Nose… Very good. Next are the lips. There are many colors to pick from. Peach color. Strawberry color. Deep coral color. Deep red color. Which one do you want? Do you like this color? I’ll put it on your lips. How fascinating! Here is a peach coloured blush that matches the eye shadow. Let me give your pretty face some extra loveliness. How lovely. I’ll just finish by brushing away the powder and residual makeup with a fan brush. wonderful Makeup is successful. Okay. Now we should try on a beautiful dress. How do you like it? It’s a beautiful witch’s dress. How wonderful. Do you like it? I’m glad you like it. I’ll help you change clothes over there. How beautiful! It looks cool on you. How about cute pig-tails for a witch’s hair style? I’ll braid your hair. Also, I have pretty purple hair bands. Okay… Great… What is your plan for this halloween party? Your hair looks so silk. Okay. Very cute. This side too. Wonderful. You have a good hair. I’ll put a matching accessory for your dress on you. It’s a gorgeous black lace choker. It’s really beautiful. I’ll put it on for you. Gorgeous! And… They are pretty gold earrings. They will go well with the gold foil and the choker. Let me help to put it on you as well. Okay, it will enter… Great. This side too… It will enter… That looks great on you! We can’t forget the black lace gloves… …can we now? They feel so great. Give me your hand. Okay… This side too… Lastly… This is the hat that completes the witch. I’ll put it on your head. You are such a lovely and gorgeous witch. You’ll really shine at the party! Thanks for your patience. Have a nice party time.

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