ASMR Turkish Barber Massage with Professional Facial Treatment 170

ASMR Turkish Barber Massage with Professional Facial Treatment 170

Gimme a hair restraint Give me the tovel Play the music Dont do that. Can be copyright problem okey You told me that without a high sound is better. I think that thats why i ask for music Dont need to open your eyes. Hold it with both your hands. Both hands should touch You feel electricty This is about the cream we apply.It will insert the cream under your skin It blows your fat under your skin The step next to that is vacuum process Preperation for vacuum It helps us to take the fat under the skin easly You feel a lil battery taste on your tongue Tell me when you feel that Do you feel that lil electricty? He just become speechless ha-ha We just come to the massage part a lil You can close up this one No need to be scare.Its just vacuuming the fat Not makes any harm Unfortunately fats are stratified. Not easy to operate Dont open your eyes You can see how clean the skin Face has some blood pressure from the operation.We just make some movements to spread the blood. All the devices we use has different cream. All the creams we use has different specs. Like every device has different function This device is for acne treatment. As you can see Deniz would love this device:) It has its own lil suprises After all the process we did.This device is for the blowing all the fats left under the skin with electricity. If there is still left. The acnes fat under the skin will be destoryed in one day. After this process. your skin will be clean and protected for 10-15 days depends on weather conditions. As you can know. Blackheads can be easly be formed This is also a cure for them for 10-15 days. In general. On lotsa questions people ask that is it a continuous solution for acnes? No acnes and blackheads can be formed again The thing we did is a cure for them. However we prefer hamam to clean at home. And when we go to hamam even we had bath.There will be still some dirt comes from our body. Thats some kinda it. Even how much we could efford to clean our face there will be still some dirt need to be professionally clean Its necessarily done for 15 days. Our skin needs that Our skin is cured from acne and fat now. It shines brightly Deniz can feel the pressure and tension from all this. On last process. We apply a cream to get the tension from skin and get relaxed. Now you cannot see any blackheads on his skin. The acnes on this side has no fat inside. Okey. Our facial treatment is done. You can open your eyes. Here is our victory pose Tonic Normally when i tear your hair it hurts but in that way no harm. How is that feel? Relaxed? Can you please put your hands in sink Gimme your hands This is a peeling for taking the dead cells and skin from your hands It makes the hands soft Check your hands about soft Show your hands Unbelievable

About the Author: Earl Hamill


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  2. 16:17 you can still see black spots in the skin right below the left side (of screen image).. below the eye.. so i call BS!!!!

  3. Bikaç yerde eksiklik var gözarda etmiş çok basit şeyleri.. neyse çok merak Eden olursa yazarm belki xD

  4. Gördüğüm en iyi berbersiniz başarılarınız daim olsun. Vatanını en çok seven,görevini en iyi yapandır. M.Kemal ATATÜRK

  5. Very relaxing but there’s no such thing as “vacuuming fat”, very gimmicky. Can’t blame the man for his money making ways though.

  6. i love that these guys values their job a lot. his assistant also looks very happy assisting the barber

  7. Bir zahmet nerede olduğunu ücretin ne kadar tuttuğunu da yazsamda bilsek mesela Bursa Osmangazide böyle bir yer var mı Çok merak ediyorum gitmek için

  8. As relaxing as it is there's so much wrong with this the sucking the fat thing is incorrect for one, it's a pore cleaner and nothing more, it doesn't hell that he steamed open the pores for way longer than supposed to and the filling them up with cream, thetheing he sucked out wasn't dirty pores or "fat" it was just the cream he originally applied

  9. 凄く気持ち良さそうなんだけど、機械が安っぽく見えるのは俺だけ?😂


  11. i will be in Istanbul from Dec 9 to Dec 17. i would love to stop by and get a facial and beard trimming. do i need a appointment?

  12. 1st thing if im ever in anils.then to this be the most relaxed jet lagged man in the world haa. 🌎

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