August Beauty Favorites 2016 | Cosmetics, Skincare & more | Maya Montri

August Beauty Favorites 2016 | Cosmetics, Skincare & more | Maya Montri

hi guys and welcome back to my Channel
today it’s my August beauty favorites 2106 i know it’s the temple September so whatever we
are just doing the favorites now i just want to show you my parents of this
month months of products that I really use almost on a daily basis so if you
want to see what products these countries keep washing I start off with
Kiehl’s cleanser it’s the red up deport daily cleanser i really like this guy’s
I don’t use it everyday i use it maybe every second day but it leaves a very
nice feeling on your skin your skin is fresh and clean and really love it moving on I don’t know how its with you
but the summer is still here in germany and I’m sweating all the time so I was
like searching for a really really good do during the last months and half weeks
and the last days so i ended up with this one here it’s the Far romantic
moments i like it i really like it i think works and don’t get me wrong I
don’t think every deodorant on the market works there are a lot that I try
it and I don’t think they’re good but i like this where it smells really nice
very decent smell flowers and it works so i can recommend that for hair i still
use the Castile’s mosque density week this mask as you can see oops i use frequently it smells really
good and it leaves your hair so soft and really liked it especially since I’m
blonde I like dyed my hair so it’s a 10-story and hence we have really dry love it really nice product next thing ah the baba boost setelah guys these
things are like ampoules with like a serum for your face you change just one
to be honest i have a small face so for me half of this one is really enough to
put it on before you makeup on your face you wait a little until it sets in and
it gives you an instant really really nice glow so after that you can pit take
on your makeup and if you’re going out or if you have a special canning or
maybe unless you don’t want to wear makeup this is enough you have an instant
fresh-faced you’re glowing and really not these ones can recommend it so moving on our must and love face my
guys I love it i’m always looking in the drug store or department store for new
mosque and your sheet must must can talk to to try out so I found these ones here hydro bomb from cotton gown yet i really
like them can recommend it gives a very nice skin and my last item for office is
a half-year Buffalo it’s lamb organic guys it smells so good it smells like flowers
very flowery but not too sweet it’s a very fresh fresh scent like oh I
love it very very nice smell by smell like this
everyday guys that’s it these are my August favorites 20 16i hope you enjoyed it
and hope you liked it please comment below what you favorites I i really want to know maybe
you can tell me about new products i always like to know what good great
mosque especially sheet mask so please give me a thumbs up so black and
subscribe and I see you next time

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