Baby Born With Huge Facial Tumour In Indonesia

Baby Born With Huge Facial Tumour In Indonesia

COMM: A baby born with a massive tumour on the side of his face has been admitted to
hospital. 00:11
COMM: Nine day old Muhammad arrived at the St Antonius Hospital in Pontianak, West Kalimantan,
Indonesia this week. 00:20
COMM: His father Buasin and mother Mailani travelled from a remote village in Pulau Maya
in search of medical attention. 00:31
COMM: The couple are now trying to raise funds to have the growth operated on, although surgery
will have to be delayed until Muhammad is at least three months old.

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  1. Lord be wit your child….may he /she get all the best treatment n hav the best recovery. in jesus name AMEN.

  2. btw alaa god want things to happen for a reason and He's not a bad god for forcing this on somebody. U need to try going to church and educating yourself

  3. Why is it always in these countries that they have mutant babies with like 3 legs or missing eyeballs and shit? Is india above some toxic waste dump or something?

  4. I give a best wish. I belive that when the god close one window, he must leave another opening window to us. I believe that light at the end of the channel.

  5. I never know whether I should like these videos or not because clearly I don't like what's happening to the child 🙁 can't help but feel horrible if I like a video of them suffering 🙁

  6. As much as I'd wish this child well, but at the same, I'll be honest to say that the child is going to have a very harsh life ahead. We are just too judgmental 

  7. Baby Born With Huge Facial Tumour In Indonesia


    THESE heartbreaking shots show a nine-day-old Indonesian baby whose face has been disfigured by a giant head-sized tumour. Muhammad Nafi is the second child of father Buasin, 32, and mother Mailani, 22, who live in a remote and isolated area of Satai Lestari village, in the Pulau Maya subdistrict of West Kalimantan. The malignant growth is so large that it gives Nafi the appearance of having two heads. Nafi is currently in St Antonius Hospital in Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan province, while his parents try and raise money to fund his treatment. 

    #baby   #babytumour   #indonesia  

  8. This might sound stupid but I didn't even realise babies could get tumours let alone when still in the womb- I thought it was something that developed over many years?

    It's so sad…

  9. This the type of shit that happens when you be fucking your cousins. If your in a 3rd world country stop producing babies, it will only make the situation worse and now an innocent infant has to suffer because of it, might even die to, the baby is not gonna live long to be honest.

  10. These countries, I believe do not have pre-natal care and so there will be lack of important vitamins and minerals esp the folic acid that is the most impt. to prevent these kind of congenital anomalies.  Folic acid supplements is a must for developing fetus, like the first and second trimester of pregnancy.  Their gov't is not doing anything to help the poor combat these inborn defects.

  11. Why does Bancroft tell us these stories and then not explain how to help? They show us that they are trying to raise funds but not how to contribute

  12. it will be much more human if this child is not survive. It is happening sometimes when the very close relatives have child. If a little dog born with that kind of defect he will be euthanized. sad thing that is not available for human child. 

  13. i wonder how the kid is doing after all this time? did they eventually get the surgery done? did they remove the entire tumor and his face looks NORMAL now? or did waiting 3 months to do the surgery let the tumor kill the poor kid?

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