BEAUTY BASIC / Skin Care : Evening Routine

BEAUTY BASIC / Skin Care : Evening Routine

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  1. Missing her to be honest. She produces such high quality videos like this one that is super informative. Where ever you are now Michelle, I wish you well.

  2. Im new to skin care, I am supposed to do all of this at once or different periods throughout day? Sounds like a stupid question but I am clueless.

  3. To be serious after so many years this is the most videos I always go back to learn when I need to know skin routine deeply.
    I really hope she can be back and make more skin care knowledge. I applied her 5 stages for 4 years and my skin never has any problem. Wonderful

  4. So informative even back then, she was using all the skin care secrets that people are now discovering. Michelle is the ORIGINAL beauty guru, the one that started it all. 2019 and I miss her!

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  6. @MichellePhan you are such an inspiration. Thanks for doing such beautiful videos….I really hope that you make a come back!

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  8. I remember as a child watching her videos all the time. She has really inspired me into art or makeup, which I would think I wouldn't be interested.Sadly, Michelle has stopped being a youtuber. I'm not blaming her or anything but she lost the joy of makeup with all her anxiety. She is a great role model in the beauty community. She is the number one beauty influencer in my opinion.

  9. Hi! I don't know if you'll see this comment. Just came back from your Harper's Go to Bed with Me, and honestly the entire concept or your thoughts on putting self care in that vid are the same just like this one 😂 This one vid is something near to my heart, something that guided and still guide me through skin care. We miss you, thank you for visiting us here in YT Community ❤

  10. Michelle phan and her videos were way ahead of the time. What a shame.. After Michelle left beauty community of YouTube became a mess!

  11. My dermatologist said not to use oil for my skin instead use water based proudest and I ha e seen such a huge difference

  12. Bcoz of this video I started using vitamin a derivative retino a oinment which has made huge diff on my face my face started glowing like never before.

  13. My skin care routine(I can say with full confidence I have really good glowing glass skin):
    1) Use any mild face wash according to weather or need I currently use dove soap sometimes I switch to oriflame aloe or ponds face wash
    2) no toner at night I use glyco 12 oinment which is an aha(research on it) holygrail for skin it can do pretty much everything you want.
    3) sometime especially in winters I use facial oil for miniaturization or some aloe Vera mixed with vitamin e.

  14. With all the James Tati Jeffree drama, it make me miss Michelle soo much. I watched her video years and years ago now Im married with 2 kids. How fast time goes by.

  15. i know this is mostly about makeup but i didn't know manuka honey was good for sore throats/colds, even if expencive it's a good idea, thanks!

  16. It is a loss for her subscribers that she no longer makes videos. Her videos are always full of great information and I find them really useful. Really miss her 🙁

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  18. woww this video was uploaded in 2014…omg this same method used by current beauty bloggers…she must be ancestor of nostradamus.

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    انا امزح اوك بدون إساءة أو اقصد اي شي سيذ بس الموضوع مضحك نوعا ما 🐸💕

  20. I wish I could do all the thing she suggested, but I have oily skin, I could have pimples very easily, even with sheet masks,

  21. 2019. September now. And this video about her skin care routine – from 2014 – is sooooooo TRENDING today!!! You are so eons ahead from all the beauty gurus of today! I always loved watching your videos! I learned applying my own make up because of your tutorials. There's just no one like you. You put videos where your subscribers/viewers are also learning at the same time.


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