Beauty Store Employees Guess Cheap vs Expensive Makeup

Beauty Store Employees Guess Cheap vs Expensive Makeup

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  1. I love how there’s more and more videos with Spenser. She looked very upset with her makeup that I knew instantly that it was drugstore makeup 😂😂😂

  2. It's worth googling your favorite brand as many high end brands come from the same factory as the drug store ones. The only difference being the label and of course the price.

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  4. I don’t like this segment.. it just seems kinda hurtful to sit there and tell someone their makeup looks cheap. Maybe switch it and have the ladies decide if products are drugstore vs expensive?

  5. Just because you use expensive makeup doesn’t mean it’ll look good if you don’t buy the right shades or don’t apply it well. That first girl 😖

  6. So true !!! You cannot tell by just looking at it, but the way it performs and how long it lasts you can tell if it’s drug store or name brand

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