Hi family, welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Selina Zinchuk welcome Today I’m going to be speaking to you guys on various oils that are good for our hair and our scalp When it comes to your natural hair There are two different types of oils that you need and I’m going to help educate you on Those various types of oil and how they can be used in order for you to moisturize and seal your hair properly the first type of oil we will be looking at is Moisturizing oil. Those are oils that penetrate your hair strands and go deep into your hair They actually get into your hair and moisturize the hair moisturizing oils are best pair with Water-based product example water-based leave-in conditioner or just to keep it simple. Just water Moisturizing oils are, these are the oil that are best for hot oil treatment Moisturizing your hair with it or just using it to oil your scalp They can also be very great if you want to use it as a scalp massage You know people talk about the inversion method where you bend your hair over and you massage, you rub oil on your finger and you Massage it into your hair so using moisturize oil to do that. Those massages is very great It will stimulate, it will stimulate blood flow into your scalp. So now let’s look at those type of oils that are good for Moisturizing your hair. You have Coconut oil. This is a very great oil for that Some people have problems with coconut oil. So I have two other choice that you can use. You can use Avocado oil this Is another great alternative or Simple just use olive oil This time of oil, the best place to buy them is from your grocery stores if you want to buy them From your hair, your beauty supply. They’re gonna be more expensive So I will advise you to go into your grocery store Pick up any great brand of these three different types of oils and you can use these oil’s To moisturize your hair, because they do penetrate your hair and keep it moisturized Now, let’s look at the next step of oil that you can use to seal your hair they are called sealant oil, these oils just Seal your hair. They don’t enter your hair shaft. They don’t moisturize your hair They just sit at the top of your hair That is why when you use this type of all you see that your hair is shiny your hair is looking So beautiful and luster because they just sits on top of the hair they don’t enter the strands of the hair. Sealant oils are oils that you Can use after you are done moisturizing your hair You can go and apply your sealant oil to your hair so that it can lock in Those moisture. Sealant oil help your hair from being very dry because it lock in the moisture that you already put in with your other products or your moisturizing oil. So to give you an idea on the best type of oil to use to seal your hair you have grapeseed oil You have regular castor oil this is very good for sealing your hair and you have our jamaican black castor oil I know a lot of people swear by this oil and a lot of people talk good things about it But this oil is just a sealing oil it don’t enter your hair strands It just sits on top of your hair. it would make your hair to look Which makes your hair not to feel dry and that is also, that is great because if your hair does not feel dry It does not break off, right? So that’s that’s why so many people claims that jamaican black castor oil help them to grow their hair back Sealant oil is great to detangle your hair because these oils When you apply it to your hair, it makes the hair very slippery So it’s easy for the comb or your fingers to just slide through The tangles. So if you want to use these oils to massage your hair These are the type of oils that you need to use me personally, I love to combine my moisturizing oil and my sealant oil together to make my DIY growth oil so that when I apply it to my hair I can benefit both from Moisturize hair and sealing my hair. I have a video on my DIY growth oil if you will love to see that video I will leave it down in the description box for you But there are few other oils that I also love using on my natural hair Apart from all these oils that I show you So, let me just take you To where I keep all my oils and you can also see the various types of oil that I also have that I love to use on my natural hair. This is my oil selection for my natural hair I’m just going to leave it on the shelf and show it to your one at a time because I don’t want to take everything Out and then put it back. It’s just gonna be a lot of work on me I’m gonna start from Here so these are my avocado oil this is the brand that I love to use And recently I came across this brand So I’m going to give it a try That’s new This is my grapeseed oil, there’s the brand I’m using The previous brand I was using I just decided to put it in these mini bottle because it was too long and Then I started using this Dr. Miracle when I started my hair journey, so I normally add this into my growth oil And then this is my black rice oil I will leave that video up in the description box for your to check it out Now coming to the front.Hemp seed oil is another great oil for hair. And this is my jamaican black castor oil Now this is my DIY carrot oil. I also have that video up on my channel This is my organic neem oil Organic neem oil is very good to keep your scalp healthy, so I always been using it for the first time I started my hair this is my macadamia nut or sometimes if I don’t want to use my growth oil I would use that on my scalp and I made a new batch of my growth oil so this is presently in the fermentation Stage so when I make it I leave it to ferment for at least two weeks That’s it. And then sweet almond oil I tried this brand I didn’t like it so I switch my Wild growth oil when this oil came out I heard a lot of great things about it. So I Bought some to give it a try. I really cannot tell if it works cause. I always alternate with my growth oil and Then this is sweet almond oil. This is the new brand that I got and I love it. So I’m gonna stick with this brand This is just regular castor oil. It’s also good for hair care this is This is also new sunflower oil, one of my subscribers suggested this oil. So I’ve got it to give it a try It’s New I haven’t open it And then this is safflower oil One of my subscriber also recommended this oil. So if you are watching this video and you recommend it, thank you I give it a try and I love it. So I also going to add it to my oil collection and this is my coconut oil Okay, so coming to Essential oils I got Rosemary essential oil. I got tea tree essential oil And I got lavender essential oil These are just a smother batch I supposed to have peppermint among this. Yeah and also peppermint essential oil. So when it come, this don’t want to focus when it comes to essential oils This is the 4 types that I like. So this is my oil collection Let me know down below in the comment section. What are some of your favorite oils You love to use on your natural hair so maybe I can give it a try too if I haven’t mentioned it in this video or If it is not already part of my favorite oils for my natural hair If you love this video, can you please give me a life? It would really help my channel leave a comment down below and subscribe I will see you in my next video Bye. Bye

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  1. I twisted my daughters up last night fro school! I added coconut oil in her hair! and it is holding up so good! Even in Z’Nyia’s hair and it in the second week now. Thanks for sharing this Selina another great video with great information!

  2. What a great oil collection. I love argan oil. I can’t use anything with coconut oil. Wonderful info you shared.

  3. I am going to definitely try this. My mom brought me a whole bunch of oils from Dominican Republic for me to try

  4. Hi Selina, this is such a great video!!!! I use oils in my hair but I definitely didn't know all this!!! I love how informative your videos are and I definitely didn't know grapeseed and castor oil were sealants and doesn't actually penetrate the hair. I definitely want to try avocado oil b/c I need something that is moisturizing. Really great video and thank you soooo much b/c this really really helped!!! Also, I use Wild Growth Hair Oil too but I'm not so sure if it actually works. LOL

  5. great video sis next tome try Haitian castor oil👍👍you can get on creole essence online.great video..i have a cabinet just for my hair product i make combine with blended oil for hair grow i sell .great job keep up the good work.i also use jojoba oil pumpkin seed oil and blackseed oil

  6. Hi Selina! This video was super helpful thank you for breaking down sealing vs moisturizing oils. i have never tried avocado or olive oil to moisturize my hair! i have thick, coarse hair so I hope these will help moisturize my hair! i keep hearing amazing things about caster oil!!

  7. my great combin oil are coconut, castor, hemp seed oil, grapeseed & apricot. i think you should try out apricot oil, if you have dry hair & scalp. it's a super moisturizer with so many benefit.

  8. I absolutely love your oil collection. My favorite oils are the ones you have and I love the nettle oil from MyNaturalMyChoice. It smells really good. 💕

  9. Wow you have such a great collections of oil,I’m only a coconut oil and olive oil person , really nice to see more oil and essential oil that are good for the hair, thanks for sharing ❤️

  10. Hi Family So I bet you didn't know that there's a difference between Moisturizing Oils and Sealing Oils..this video could save your regimen 🙂 Hope you enjoy . If you will love to see my DIY growth oil you can watch that video right here

  11. Hi Selina

    Thanks for sharing. Great video. Great content. Thank you for also helping me to understand moisturizing versus sealant oils. Great job. I love your videos.

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