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  1. This is a SURPRISE to who? if I don't trust you, why would you let your children around that madness ๐Ÿ˜•

  2. well wtf did you expect chyna?? that family is all about family. No way in hell she gonna betray her brother for a crazy ass like yourself. you can't handle your anger, you've been known to be agressive and abusive, that's not a stable environment for a child. Both blac chyna and her mom are agressive ass hell. At least the kardashians never get in physical altercations and aren't about violence at all, they can at lesst control their anger… you on the other hand…
    like seriously chyna, you been around that family for years, you should know that they stick together as a family. rob may have betrayed them but they still gonna stand by him. and i know you blac chyna fans gonna hot me with the " they wasn't by his side when he wasn't taking care of his health " they tried to help him, especially khloe though she was going through shit herself she still did everything she could possibly do to help him, he didn't want to help himself, there's nothing NOTHING you can do for someone who doesn't even want to help theirselves. blac chyna told him they can have a baby if he helps himself and all that guy wanted was something to love him forever. he stated himself that. that's why he helped himself, for his child, chyna didn't helo him herself.

  3. Bruh wtf? I don't even like Kylie but there's nothing wrong with her siding with Rob. After all, Rob is her brother. Family first.

  4. Well duh and she's an idiot for expecting a person to not take their siblings side. Not only that but why would she trust someone that pretended to be her friend and then stole her man in the first place??!! And oh snap Rob is doing what she never could get him to do. This is a double L for Chyna smh. Never trust thine enemy for as iron rusteth so is his wickedness. My ppl lack knowledge so this is why they don't know this. Chyna should have let this whole Kardahshian-Tyga thing play out and let time heal her womb but now because she was being petty and in her feelings, she is stuck with that evil family forever. Smh.

  5. They all need to get over it because they're all stuck being in each others lives for the rest of their lives because of King and Dream

  6. who didn't see this one coming? The kardashian is going to try and end up with both of chyna kids and going to try and destroy chyna's brand she worked hard to build all while Black people totally built the kardashian brand but didn't profit who can't see through these racist white trailer trash ass whores lol

  7. this whole thing is wrong,why not just have share custody it shouldn't be that hard,China is just making it a big deal

  8. obvs Kylie is gonna side with her brother. The kardashians have a great family ethic as they ALWAYS back each other. blood is thicker than water. I still love chy tho ๐Ÿ˜Š

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