Blepharoplasty in Hurricane, WV: Terry | The Facial Center

My eyelids were drooping so bad, especially
on the top. When I would get real tired, I could really
feel it, and I couldn’t see real good looking up. Well, they said they could easily take care
of it for me. Also, I asked him, I had little bags underneath
my eyes, and I said, “Could we take care of that too?” And they did. It went very well. I feel real good. No problems with my eyes at all, and I think
I probably look 10 years younger. They were very good to deal with. Very nice. any questions I would have, they took care
of me all the way. The doctors and the staff – they were great
to deal with. Everyone was very, very accommodating. I’m just very pleased with the outcome. The surgeons there were just great.

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