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  1. It's such a nice video. They both are so very nice, I still go back to this video to relax and sooth uneasiness if I have so

  2. Omg I thought she’s gonna be blindfolded but not completely blind 🥺
    Anyway, she’s really strong 💪 Good job giiiiirl you’re awesome! (She probably can’t read this but guys I hope somebody will do it for her someday💕)

  3. I wonder how hard it is to not feel bad about yourself and show negative emotion and not to be see your friends and family and yourself when your blind! 😩

  4. I don’t wear makeup EVER, but I love watching James Charles…

    But then….

    Doesn’t everyone love watching James Charles?

  5. I feel like I learn the most about a youtuber when they're doing a collab with james. He asks such thoughtful questions and has a way of making people comfortable enough to really open up. Honestly if I want to know a youtuber better, I search for a james charles collab because that's where its at.

  6. So nobody is gonna talk about how she's so unbelievably cute and gorgeous? It makes me so sad that she is blind really

  7. She’s so beautiful, and she can’t even see what she looks like. Oh and what if she gives birth..she won’t be able to see. But she makes it work

  8. How does she know where the camera is or where James is or where everyone is
    I’m not questioning her lover her just wondering

  9. Tbh this is very sad Bc I feel like ppl are using molly for clout just Bc she’s blind and it’s just really sad Bc there’s soooo many youtubers that have used molly for the past year.i May be wrong but it’s just a thought I had.

  10. can we talk about how absolutely amazing it is how happy james gets when learning something new? both in this video and the zoo one, its so sweet :')

  11. Hi Pretty Human!!
    I just wanted to ask can you do a video ,,I went to the worst rewieved makeup salon in my city"?
    I love you James😊😊

  12. When a blind woman is better with colours than you are… The irony though. Molly is so intelligent and a pleasure to listen to. I get 100p ASMR from Molly touching the makeup. What a cool girl!

  13. It’s feel bad that when people make a video with molly they put “my blind friend or anything with blind and not her name

  14. How did she know that there were beauty blenders and it was in a container thing gurl u know ur makeup and what they come in

  15. Not being rude and I know she is blind but it looks like shes not because of her eyes going like a non blind person

  16. I looked up molly burke on google because i dont know a lot about her i had a feeling she was born in february.
    i didnt think that she would HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME!

  17. She knows so much of make up she is seems like she isn’t even blind just by the way how she knows all the make James Charles has

  18. Omggg throw back to when molly had loooooong hair! Now she has had EVERY colour and length😂😂😁😍😍I found molly through this video and now I love her so much

  19. How does Molly still be able to make eye contact and know what makeup brands? It's like she's not blind..Also this is the the first time James has been quiet and not speaking as fast

  20. I always see videos with people buying makeup and they buy ur palette and they say "omg I love James charles I love his packet" or something like that

  21. Molly "How do you talk so fast!!"
    James "I dont know but thanks for the feedback I promise I'll slow down a bit
    James Continues to speak 129miles per hour

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