Blue Balls Ice Globe Facial

So what exactly are these blue balls good
for besides you know a sexual innuendo? Hey guys Candy Dawn. Welcome back to my channel. So one of the things I really love to do on
my channel is review and test out products for you guys. So today I’m going to be showing you these
cold facial globes. So if you have been a subscriber or a fan
of my channel then you know I love reviewing products. Anything from the weird and wacky to the cool
must haves. Sometimes products work amazing and other
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miss out on any future videos. So I’ve come across a ton of videos on social
media of girls rubbing these blue balls all over their face and I became intrigued. A lot of times you see videos on social media
you know promoting these products and often times you wonder if they are just beauty gimmicks
or if they do serve some sort of purpose. So what exactly are these blue balls good
for besides you know a sexual innuendo? So these icy globes are actually really great
for a skincare routine. So in this video I’m going to show you how
this product works and I’m going to answer some questions related to these gadgets. So I picked these globes up off of Amazon
and I think I only paid roughly about twenty five dollars Canadian but I will put a link
down below if you guys are interested in trying them out for yourself. So first I want to start off by toning my
face and I’m going to go in with one of my favourite toners and this is the Thayer’s
witch hazel rose petal toner. Now this stuff smells so amazing. Like I literally want to bathe in this stuff. I don’t find it harsh at all on my skin. It has like an aloe vera formula in it so
it I actually find it very calming and soothing on my skin. I highly highly recommend this toner. So I will put a link down below for this as
well. Next I’m going to go in with this unicorn
glow face mask and I just picked this up from my local Walmart. This is nice and cold. I had this actually sitting in the fridge. So while this is sitting on my face I’m just
going to answer some of your questions about the ice globes. I look like an idiot right now. I look crazy. So first off these ice globes are made of
glass so they are super delicate so just be careful with them. Don’t go banging them around. Now the purpose of these globes is you want
them to be cold so I suggest placing them in the fridge to get nice and cold and not
the freezer. I have read some other bloggers reviews and
when they put theirs in the freezer they actually popped so just stay on the safe side and put
them in the fridge. So I actually have no clue what this blue
liquid is in here. I have tried researching it on the internet
and couldn’t find anything. Maybe it’s the same stuff they put in ice
packs. Maybe it’s just coloured water. Maybe it’s some sort of refrigerant gel liquid. I have no idea but if you know please comment
down below and let me know. So what exactly is the purpose and benefit
of these chilly balls? Well a lot of professional salons will actually
use these when giving facials because these ice globes will actually you know reduce redness
decrease inflammation and reduce the appearance of large pores. Now these also stimulate and exercise your
facial nerves and muscles which essentially tightens your skin which is great for reducing
fine lines and wrinkles. It’s not staying on here properly. I look like the tin man or something. I don’t look like a unicorn. Now ice therapy is also really great for soothing
skin after any kind of acne treatment. As well it’s just a nice cool finishing touch
at the end of a facial. So while the mask is still on I’m just going
to take these icy cold globes and rub them all over the outside of the mask. This is just going to help stimulate the ingredients
that are in the mask and help them penetrate deeper into my skin. Oops see you have to be careful. I almost broke them there. Oh this feels so good. Who knew balls on your face would be so good. So now I’m just going to take off the mask
and because there is going to be some ingredients left on my skin here I’m just going to take
those ice globes and rub that all in. Seriously you guys this feels so amazing. This is so calming. My skin just feels so rejuvenated. The ice cold just feels so nice on my skin. Honestly this is such a great way to pamper
yourself at home without like spending a fortune at a salon. So I’m just patting off any excess oil and
ingredients that were on my face from the face mask. Next I’m going to go in with this smooth and
glow facial oil from Garnier. Now I actually received this complimentary
from Garnier and Influenster. Now if you have no idea what Influenster is
it’s an app where you can sign up and link your social media accounts and based on how
many followers you have etcetera the company may send you free products for you to test
out and provide an honest review. So if you guys are interested I’m going to
put a link down below where you guys can sign up for that as well. It’s absolutely free. So I’m just going to take some of the oil
and drop it all over the ice globe. And then I’m just going to rub that all over
my face. Okay guys that’s it. That’s how you can basically give yourself
an ice globe facial at home. Now I do highly recommend these globes. They feel absolutely amazing on your skin
and they will change your skincare routine. If you do want to see any of my other product
reviews I’m going to put some links down below for you guys to check out. Please be sure to like this video. Share this video and subscribe and I will
see you guys next time.

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