Bretman Rock with MAC Wipes | MAC Cosmetics

Bretman Rock with MAC Wipes | MAC Cosmetics

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  1. No man should wear makeup and if he does he gotta get that ass fucked up on sight these sad excuses for men make gays look bad

  2. You dumb dude what do you think you are you know girl that's what you are anyways and you're not even cute you're just ugly hideous boy acting like a girl

  3. Hey man who is not a big fan of your choice . I'm a little while ago and it will be able to make a difference between 😁😢

  4. Sad thing is, is that you'd be gorgeous as a guy too….I honestly don't want to offend and I respect you for everything you do, I think your beautiful

  5. Your my new inspiration. I deal with bullying, and lots of anxiety attacks.. but this video makes me feel like I can concur those attacks. Thank you 😊❤️💕

  6. Get rid of this bottom loser with all the stable positive people to put on your channel you put this imbecile on look at the comments mac he's stacking your clients bad PR move

  7. Ok, I honestly like the video but
    People that are commenting hate stuff (whatever it's called lol) and people that support Bretman, just don't think about replying to the comment.

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