Bright Gold decorative detailing – Annie Sloan Gilding waxes

Bright Gold decorative detailing – Annie Sloan Gilding waxes

Hello! Now I stand here with a small mirror that I will give a make-over I painted it a very long time ago and now I have a new idea for it What I will do is to paint it completely covering with Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint the color I’ve chosen for that is Graphite and then I will do some detail work on it you’ll see! Now I thought that I should sizzle it up a bit and then I have decided to use Annie Sloan’s Gilding wax and I will apply it with my finger and this wax is very covering So one must be careful with how much you put on your finger I take very, very, very little now And so… I put this … It was very much anyway … But I want to just kind of get this little shimmer over certain details So I wipe away … And I work it out And because I use my finger now to apply this, it’s very, very easy to adjust where you want it and not. So easy!!

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