Can You Afford Cosmetic Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

Can You Afford Cosmetic Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

there are lots of surgeons that are
calling themselves plastic surgeons now and that are trying to do plastic
surgery at cut-rate prices and that can be okay
you just have to do your research you have to make sure your Plastic Surgeons
board-certified you want to make sure they’re experienced in the procedure
that you’re getting and you want to be sure that they’re gonna take care of
everything after surgery as well a cheap price up front can actually be a nickel
and dime thing down the road if you’re having to pay for every garment any
touch-ups and all these kinds of things so understanding the full breadth of
what your surgeon offers before going into the operation can help you to
appreciate the value and you know some surgeons do hundreds and hundreds of
breast augmentations every year like we do here and we’re really good at it and
it’s not going to be the cheapest one on the block and that’s kind of the case
too with some of the other operations but we do – we do try our best to stay
competitive we’re always looking at local rates and things like that so it
won’t be you know terribly far off from what other people are offering just
because it is a competitive market we don’t do upselling for patients the way
that it works is people come in and they tell us what their goals are in terms of
what they want their body to look like or their face to look like and we tell
them what we surgically think could get them there we’re not in the business of
you know having people do more surgery and in my mind those patients just have
the potential to be unsatisfied especially if I recommend a procedure
for them there’s only one person to blame if they don’t like it and that’s
the person that recommended it that’s me so I tend to be more focused on what the
patient’s goal is you know if their goal is they want a tighter neck line and
they want that to include the lower portion of the face we may be talking
about beyond just a neck line we may be talking about the face I’m not trying to
upsell a facelift but if it looks like the looseness goes beyond their area of
concern we need to talk about that during the consultation but it’s just a
talk if the patient knows they want a neck lift great we will just do a neck
lift that’s no problem but it’s my job at the time to tell you that with an
extra three centimeters of incision you can get the lower portion of the face
done at the same time and then it’s their choice so I could
tell you how much it cost I can tell you what the risks and benefits are and
ultimately you choose but I’m making recommendations based on what you tell
me you want to look like you know and some patients tell me I you know what
would you do to my face and I try to avoid those generally I try to say well
you know what bothers you rather than try to give a you know a whole facial
analysis or something like that but some people are really open to other things
on their face they may have never considered and so I just ask you know
are you open to having any other conversations about things that are
going on with your face or breasts or body or whatever it is and if the answer
is no great that conversation is over so we’re sensitive to that because I
never want a patient to feel that way there are some specific financing
corporations that just do cosmetic surgery and it’s similar to borrowing
money for a car for example or you go in and they would
loan you money that is just for that automobile you can go in or you can see
your plastic surgeon they give you an invoice or a quote and then you can
reach out to there’s a couple companies that do it with that quote and they
basically run your credit history and then loan you money for just cosmetic
surgery and you pay them back over you know a specified term go ahead and hit
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  1. Thanks for making this video. And giving a ballpark on what to expect. I feel like a lot of plastic surgery agencies would reply “come in and we will tell you” pitch and its comes across like a salesman. So thanks for being upfront on what to expect. 👌🏻

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