Caring for Eczema : Eczema & Thicker Moisturizing Products

Caring for Eczema : Eczema & Thicker Moisturizing Products

To make sure that once you have the moisturizer
on your skin, the great thing to do is to put an even thicker almost ointment like lotion
on the skin as well. The areas that are more susceptible to eczema. Eczema really likes
to show up in the creases of your arms, any kind of crease maybe behind your knees. My
daughter has it on her fingers because she’s always in contact with things. So we don’t
know if she has her eczema because of an allergy that she’s touched, something she’s allergic
to or simply just because she touches her hands and scratches them quite a bit. So we
use this product, it’s a very rich ointment like product that we use. And it coats her
skin, we’ve used it around her mouth and her nose. Because of her allergies her nose tends
to drip a whole lot and she had a reaction to Vaseline, the petroleum in it. So we would
like to do instead, we use the this product and it coats her lips; her nose for those
times she’s using a lot of Kleenex and her nose tends to get extremely raw. It’s a great
product to use and have on hand. I even carry little samples of it in my purse for emergency

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