Celebrities With Lip Injections | Real or Fake? | Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Lindsay Lohan & More!

Celebrities With Lip Injections | Real or Fake? | Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Lindsay Lohan & More!

Having plump lips may just be one of the biggest
trends in recent years, and these days it doesn’t matter if you’re born with them
or not. It’s possible to go from no lips to Angelina
Jolie pretty damn quickly and easily with fillers. Stars like Angelina, Scarlett Johansson, Julia
Roberts, even Madeleine Petsch from Riverdale all have naturally full lips or so it seems But you’d be surprised that plenty of stars
known for their gorgeous pouts didn’t always look that way. Some of these celebs admit they’ve gotten
fillers while others don’t – but in some cases it’s just so painfully obvious, I
don’t think you could deny it. Big lips have always been considered ‘sexy’
but I don’t think they’ve ever been as popular as they are now. The first celebrity with enhanced lips that
I remember noticing was Real Housewives’ star Lisa Rinna
who I love – and I still think she’s the OG. Now, it seems like everywhere you look, ESPECIALLY
on Instagram, enhanced lips are more common than not. You may even feel like the odd one out for
not having them. A lot of the times they look great – as
long as you don’t go way overboard and Im sure they’ve given some added confidence
to many who didn’t have this option before. So if plump lips make you happy, then go for
it. We’re just gonna go over some famous ladies’
lips, and see what you guys think. What’s going on guys, I’m Kara and today
we’re doing something a little different here on Famous Entertainment. As always you gotta make sure you are subscribed
and ring that bell to be notified when we post videos so you can always be up to date. Today we’ll be discussing which celebrities
may or may not have lip fillers. We’ll look at some reality TV stars, actresses,
singers, influencers and more – and let me tell you, some of these may surprise you. It’s kind of hard to make a list including
everyone since there’s a ton, so we’re gonna mention some of the most popular ones. If you guys like this idea and want more lists,
like maybe the best Hollywood nose jobs or boob jobs, let me know in the comments down
below. Cause we all know everyone is curious – DON’T
LIE. For now, lets get into this video. PROCEDURE
But just before we get into our list, let’s get the lowdown on the cosmetic procedures
you can get to plump your lips up. These days the most common method of lip enhancement
is via an injectable dermal filler, usually a Hyaluronic acid filler. Collagen injections, fat injections, or even
implants are other methods used to plump lips but they aren’t considered as safe and aren’t
as popular so most people don’t choose these. There are different Hyaluronic acid fillers
on the market like Juvederm, Restylane and more. They all work to add shape, structure and
volume to the lips. It’s a relatively quick and easy process
to have done with little side effects, but I’ve heard that the actual injection is
a little bit painful and there may be some slight bruosing. The results usually fade around six months
and you need to keep getting injections in order to keep the volume of your lips, so
it can be a continuous process. But enough about that, I think you get the
idea. Let’s get into our list now. SNOOKI
Starting with an MTV star we all know and love, Snooki or Nicole from Jersey Shore. Snooki has definitely had quite the glow up
since her early years on Jersey Shore and now if you’d believe it she’s a gorgeous
wife and mama of three. Snooki definitely came along way and found
her happy ending. Part of her “makeover” included her new
plump lips , but she was honest about it. Snooki shared her lip plumping experience
on Insta and posted a photo confessing: First session of lip plumps and it’s just
fabulous. I’ve always hated my thin lips and never thought
I had the balls to get needles in my lip to perfect them but I did! And she continued to do them after that because
clearly they made her more confident. So good for her. And I don’t think Snooki is the only one
out of her JShore castmates that gets their lips filled either LINDSAY LOHAN
Next up is Lindsay Lohan.One of the biggest teen stars of my generation who I was obsessed
with – I mean who didn’t love Mean Girls Lindsay? It’s clear that a lot has changed since
Lindsay’s teen star days and she had her fair share of struggles and drama. Some might say she went a little bit off the
deep end – but right now we’re just looking at her lips. Lindsay already had great lips before, but
you can tell the girl likes her fillers Sometimes her lips have looked a little bit too inflated,
but when she leaves them to settle a bit they look just fine. One thing I have to say though is that Lindsay
has the prettiest collection of mugshots ever, you can even see the lips in those pics CHRISTINA AGUILERA
This next celeb I never knew had lip injections until recently. Growing up, I remember Christina Aguilera
always had great lips so I don’t think she needed to touch them. I guess she always had a smaller top lip and
fuller bottom lip, but I swear naturally that’s how most lips look? Although Christina has always denied going
under the knife, most would agree she’s at least had fillers in her top lip because
it’s changed shape recently. Fans have definitely called her out on her
photos about her extra plump lips so it’s safe to say that she definitely does get them
filled, whether she admits it or not Let’s just hope she doesn’t go overboard MEGAN FOX
So this actress seems to have fallen off the map slightly, but maybe it was because she
was just SO big at the height of her career. One thing I noticed about Megan Fox over the
years is that her looks really changed. She was considered the hottest woman around
and obviously she was always gorgeous. I definitely don’t think that she needed
to change anything with her face. The star still got plastic surgery though
and also got bigger lips. It’s hard to pin point exactly what work
she had done when you compare photos but the differences are there. You can also tell that she’s a fan of the
lip fillers. BELLA THORNE
Now onto Bella Thorne. If there’s one thing we can agree on about
this ex Disney star, Bella doesn’t care what people think. Whether she’s directing an adult film, growing
her body hair, or having open relationships with men and women at the same time, she’s
pretty out there about it all. So it’s no surprise that even being so young
in her early 20s that she’s had work done – including lip fillers. You can see how much her lips have changed
when you compare with early photos of the star
Personally, I think Bella looks great with fuller lips and it seems like she’s been
getting them for awhile now so everyone’s used to this look. TANA MONGEAU
Who better to mention after Bella than her ex girlfriend Tana Mongeau? I don’t think Tana used to have super thin
lips or anything, but you can definitely tell she fills them because of how big they are
now compared to the size they used to be I’m pretty sure everyone knows that Tana uses
fillers and it’s not like it’s a secret, she’s posted it in vlogs. ARIANA GRANDE
Moving onto one of my fave ladies, Ariana Grande, who never seems to admit having any
work done. And believe me, there are still a TON of fans
who believe that Ari was just born that way. I do think she already looked perfect but
she definitely had some cosmetic enhancements, including her lips. Recently, Ariana’s lips have looked a lot
fuller than they used to. The fillers look like they’ve been done
tastefully and don’t look super drastic but when you compare pics of then and now
you can see a definite change.I still think Ariana is flawless though, lip fillers or
Another young star who is drop dead gorgeous but also definitely fills her lips, is Dove
Cameron. This actress got her start on Disney and as
we know, was always super cute. But when we look at older pics of Dove from
back in the day you can see that her looks actually changed a lot. Although there’s reason to believe that
Dove got other cosmetic work done aside from simply filling her lips, I think that her
growing lips are one of the more noticeable changes to her face. They definitely keep getting bigger over the
years Whatever the girl is doing, it seems to me like everyday she looks more and more
And just because we can’t NOT mention them, let’s talk about the Kardashian Jenner sisters. I’m not exactly sure if they all get lip
fillers but I think that most of them do, and we all know which sister is most infamous
for them. Starting with Kim, although it looks like
she had nice natural lips to begin with, from the shape and fullness of her lips now it
looks like she does get them enhanced slightly It’s most noticeable when you look at her
top lip. So there’s one sister. I personally love Khloe, but I definitely
don’t think her lips are all natural either. Comparing before and after photos, you can
tell that her lips are a lot plumper than they used to be . Fans obviously noticed,
but at the time, Khloe blamed it on pregnancy saying
Some women get pregnancy lips. I was one of them. So my lips look crazy and massive. Trust me I know and I HATED IT
Maybe there is some truth to that, but Khloe’s lips definitely have that look of getting
fillers. She’s had to have at least some. Kendall is definitely one of the sisters that
stays out of the tabloids the most, and it also seems like she’s less targeted about
her appearance. She’s always been a natural beauty, but
if you look closely you’ll notice that she HAS had some enhancements to her face, and
clearly gets her lips filled. When she was younger her lips were nowhere
near as full as they are now so to me, it’s pretty obvious. Queen of Lips=KYLIE JENNER
Finally, the youngest sister, and the Kardashian Jenner who’s most famous for lip fillers,
is Kylie. Although she denied it for as long as she
could, Kylie’s lip fillers were so obvious she had to admit it – nobody was buying
her excuse about lip liner. You could tell how much bigger they were getting. Kylie has said she was always insecure about
her thin lips growing up so getting them filled was something that made her more confident. I think that’s a good enough reason to do
whatever you want with your face anyways. Although at one point Kylie let her lips go
“natural” again either by not filling them or getting them dissolved a bit, she
soon reverted back to injections. At least these days Kylie’s open about it
with her fans. CONCLUSION
Obviously these ladies aren’t the only ones in Hollywood to have lip fillers, it would
just take forever to name them all – and im sure there are also some that we don’t
know about. But some other honorable mentions include: The iconic Britney Spears, who probably just
had hers filled a little bit Teen Mom and Adult film star Farrah Abraham,
because who could forget that time she got a bad reaction to a lip implant Heidi Pratt and Stephanie Pratt from The Hills Trisha Paytas … who loves her lip injections And actress Nicole Kidman. Honestly she’s just so classy, she’s definitely
my one day goals. Let me know any big names that I might have
missed down in the comments. Like I said, there are way too many celebs
to count. These days lip fillers are so casual, it doesn’t
even seem like a big deal at all. We have Before and After videos on most of
these stars here on Famous Entertainment too so be sure to check those out if you want
their full transformation stories. I also wanna know what you guys think about
this list! Do you agree or disagree? Who has the best celebrity lip fillers? And Is there anyone on the list who you thought
was all natural? Make sure you’re subscribed and let me know
if you’d like to see more of these lists and which ones. AND Follow me on Instagram if you wanna chat
more (@Kara_emi) I’ll see you next week with some new videos! BYE!

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