Celebrity Inspired Makeup Kendall Jenner

Celebrity Inspired Makeup Kendall Jenner

Hey guys it’s Samya again welcome back to
my channel I’m so excited for this new year I was thinking
about all types of content that I want to create for you guys I’ve been getting so
many make up requests and you guys loved the Selena Gomez video so much that I decided
why not do a whole series of celebrity inspired make up looks and so today is the first video
of that series and I decided to do this Kendall Jenner look I love how almost all her looks or never too
over-the-top but they still look glamorous and the one I’ve chosen today is one of my
favourites it looks natural but still works for night time and it could work on so many
different skin tones! So let’s get started Ok I’m going to start by dealing with this
pale mess and I’m going to be using my NARS tinted moisturizer this look doesn’t really
need that much coverage so this should do the job I just like to go over my whole face first
and then work on blending it in right that way I know if I need to put more foundation
or not Next I’m going to apply my mascara if you’ve
watched any of my other tutorials you know that I tend to make a big mess when I put
on mascara so I have to put it on first and if you’re wondering how I clean up my lashes
after I put on eyeshadow I have a little trick for that which I’ll show you when we get
to it So worry not I’m going to be using my L’Oreal voluminous
lashes mascara for this Ok now that my eyes are all cleaned up I’m
going to go ahead and apply some concealer now for under my eyes I’m going to apply
the Maybelline instant age rewind So to prime my eyes I’m actually going to
use a different concealer I’m going to use the NARS creamy one in Custard to get that
kind of clean canvas to put on my eyeshadow next Now for the fun part: the eyes. For this whole look I’m going to be using
my Ultimate palette from NYX and for the top lid I’m going to be using these top shades I’m gonna start with this shade I’m gonna go now for this shade this gradual buildup of the shades will prevent
any harsh lines and it’ll make blending in the colours a lot easier and for those
of you wondering I’m actually using this angled crease brush from EcoTools so now I’m
actually gonna mix in the same colour and just a little bit of this because I don’t
want to go very dark Ok so next I want to do the inner top part
of my lid and I’m actually going to put some concealer to prime that area because
I’m going a shade lighter and the colour I’m going to use is this
one and then I’m going to use my finger using
the same shade just because I feel like your finger picks up more pigment and keeps it
on there and I’m actually going to go back to the
angled crease brush and put the same shade on this time go from the middle and do the
same thing that I was doing before along the brow bone this way you get a more blended
look So I’m pretty happy with this now I want
to show you how I’m going to clean this up so I’m just going to get a brush to clean
up underneath and then I’m going to get some concealer and draw that line I’m gonna
blend that in with my brush So now for the moment you’ve been waiting
for cleaning up my lashes! so what I like to do is first brush them off with a clean
brush and then I get my liquid eyeliner that’s in black and I just go over it like this trying
to get the black formula from here on to my lashes and there you go so now I can move on working on the lower
lashes I’m going to use a more precise brush for the dark shade and move closer to the
lash line I’m gonna go ahead and use that glittery red shade just on the outer corner
here for my waterline I’m going to be using an
eyeliner from NYX in this colour to kind of accentuate the brassy shades that I have going
on in the lower lid but she also had some black liner in there so I’m going to do
that as well including my top waterline this always makes my eyes water and tickle Ok I think that’s good again I’m just going to fix my lashes and
I’m going to apply eyeliner to my top lid start from the middle here Ok so I went ahead and did the other eye and
now I can move onto filling in my eyebrows so I’m going to draw them in using my Sephora
Collection liner and Soft Charcoal I wanna apply some strobe cream just to get
that kind of dewy look that she has going on so for that I’m going to use my MAC strobe
cream Ok now I can put a little bit of bronzer on
and some blush so for the bronzer I’m going to be using my Tarte Park Avenue Princess
bronzer in matte and just get my angled brush over here Just to flush my face with a little pink like
her I’m gonna use my Tarte blush last but not least… I have this Rimmel gloss in this shade I’m going to put on a clear glass as a topcoat
and I’ll also use a Rimmel one: Oh My Gloss! I’m going to put it on my finger I don’t
want to get lipstick on this one wand Voila this is almost the complete look just
one more thing This is the completed look what do you guys
think? so what I did for my hair is I just curled
it with a straightener and I actually have a video on how to do that I will link it somewhere
here and all I did differently was take thinner strands and then twirl it right after with
my finger to get this piece-y look and that’s it! I hope you guys liked this video if you have
any celebrity looks you want to see let me know what they are in the comments! if you like this video make sure you hit the
like button and subscribe! thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll
see next time 🙂

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