Chatty GRWM with Kylie Cosmetics Purple Palette, Milk Makeup, OCC, Urban Decay & Kat Von D @phyrra

Chatty GRWM with Kylie Cosmetics Purple Palette, Milk Makeup, OCC, Urban Decay & Kat Von D @phyrra

Oh my god, aren’t the two of them so cute
right now? Can you see them lying down? If not, I’m going to move the camera a little
bit so you can. They’re both exhausted. I took them to the dog park. Okay, so I wanted to film a really informal
get ready with me as I try out some new products. Yeah, I took the dogs to the dog park today
and had a crazy time. I’ve been going to the same dog park for 10
years. Normally, it’s a great place. There’s either a lot of dogs there or only
a couple there, depending on what time I go. And I thought by going on a Friday in the
afternoon, it’d be pretty dead. And it was. We had the park to ourselves for probably
40 minutes or so. But then … I was basically tossing a Frisbee
for the dogs to run after. A guy came in with a greyhound and I was like,
oh. It’s a cute dog. I haven’t seen a greyhound in a long time. It looked kind of like a … A friend of mine
used to have a greyhound, and it looked kind of like that, so I was like, oh, kind of makes
me think of Val. And I didn’t really think anything of it. Was continuing to play with my dogs. And then all of a sudden, Nyx started crying
and ran and hid between my legs, and this greyhound was bounding up towards us, and
I was like, all right, that’s not cool. So the owner grabbed his dog, took the dog
off to the other side of the dog park, and I was like, okay, whatever. Went back to playing with my dogs. This dog comes up again and starts barking
and sounds like he’s going to attack Nyx, so I scoop Nyx up in my right arm and I’m
holding this dog off in my left arm, and wishing that the owner of this greyhound would get
his ass over here to take his dog away because my dog was scared. Phaedra was biting the back of his dog’s neck,
and this greyhound was probably 75, 80 pounds. Basically twice the size of Phaedra, three
times the size of Nyx, and scaring the crap out of both my dogs. The guy finally comes up and grabs him, he’s
like, “I don’t know why he’s chasing him.” And takes him off and he leaves. So I’m pretty rattled, because this is the
only time I’ve ever been to this dog park and had an experience where I thought, well,
one of my dogs is going to die. And then it hit me later on, it was like,
oh. That dog could have actually hurt me as well. Because greyhounds, they have big teeth. They’re sharp teeth. Made me really nauseous and I thought I was
going to puke. But we’re all okay, so that’s all that matters. I just couldn’t believe somebody would have
a dog at the dog park and let it off the leash if it was going to attack another dog. Seems crazy. I think I’m going to grab this color right
here, which is called Stone, and use this as a transition color. Yeah, that works really well. This is my first time using any Kylie Cosmetic
products. I bought this palette because it was a purple
palette, and you know I love purple. I have all kinds of purple stuff in my house. Purple bed, purple hair, so I was like maybe
it’d be nice. We’ll see how it works today. I swatched this on Instagram already, and
there’s really only one color in the palette that seemed like it had terrible color payoff,
which was the bottom left color, which is called Amethyst. It seemed really fucking sheer, so it’s probably
one of those shades that’ll look better if it’s layered, but … I’m going to grab the purple color here in
the center, which is called Wine and Dine. It’s a red-toned purple, and I’m going to
kind of pat that on my lid. I think I’m going to work it into the smokey
dome shape. So yeah, I’m not really sure why somebody
would bring a dog to the dog park that was going to attack another dog. That just seems like a lawsuit waiting to
happen, and I feel very fortunate that neither of my dogs were hurt. After I calmed down from that bullshit, we
went over to the small dog side of the dog park, where there was one little six month
old puppy that was a little bigger than Nyx, but seemed very calm and sweet, and so she
played with that dog for a little while. So at least she had something positive come
out of this horrible experience. I always find this brush is really too big
to get into the corner of my eye. So I’m just grabbing a smaller brush to try
to work in at the corner. Have you guys ever had any crazy dog park
experiences? Did you ever sit there and wonder, how the
hell did I get out of this with anybody dying? Or without anybody bleeding. There was no blood. I do know that greyhounds have a really high
prey drive, and so I think they normally see small animals like bunnies and cats, they’re
not good around them because they see those as things to chase, hunt, kill. So my thought is, maybe the greyhound thought
Nyx was small enough to count as that, but Nyx is 25 pounds. She’s a four month old standard poodle puppy. She’s not really small, by any stretch of
the imagination. She’s just smaller than Phaedra, but she’s
not toy dog size. But between that and … I made the mistake
of reading the news today, and there have been three murders in Seminole Heights here
in Tampa. It’s like some sort of serial killer going
on. I’m just probably not going to go out without
my husband. Sad to feel like I live in a world where it’s
not safe for me to go out of my house without somebody with me, but that’s where I’m at
right now. One of my friends was like, “Oh, you should
be fine. You should just pick up a taser or a SIG Sauer.” I’m thinking, really? I don’t feel like I should have to be armed
to leave my house. But I have heard worse stories from my neighbors. My neighbor was actually telling me the other
day when I was out walking the dogs that apparently at that dog park, several years ago, somebody
had a pit bull that ate a chihuahua and I’m like, that sounds like an urban legend. He’s like, “No, no, because one of our neighbors
owned the pit bull.” The pit bull is now dead, but I was just like,
that’s terrifying. That poor dog. Poor owners. The hardest part with hooded eyes is always
trying to figure out how high up to take the color for the crease to make sure you can
see the crease under the hood, since where my actual hood is is hidden by all the fold
skin. I think that’s actually going to be okay. I need to soften this lower lash line, so
I guess I’ll use a little bit of Stone, that gray taupe color that I used as my transition,
along the lower lid. What I’m going to do next is use this duo
chrome color that’s here at the bottom of the palette. It’s called Purple Smoke. Going to get my brush wet. I’m just going to pat this onto my lid. And I’m going to hit my lower lid, too. That’s kind of pretty. I’d say so far, I like this purple palette,
even if it doesn’t have the most exciting purples in it. I found that that red tone purple that I used
seemed to blend out pretty easily. I like the gray taupe that I used for the
transition, and this Purple Smoke color seems pretty nice. A little more bronzy than what I normally
wear, but it’s good to try new things. I’m going to use a fluffy brush with more
of that color Stone, the gray taupe transition color, to just sort of blend out these edges
a little better. Yeah, that’s pretty good. All right, I’m going to curl my lashes and
add some mascara. This is my Seki edge lash curler. People always ask about it. It’s cageless and I just feel like it just
makes it easier for me to curl my lashes, because my eyes I guess are an odd shape. I always feel like it’s difficult to fit lash
curlers and false lashes against my lash line, that’s why I often cut my lashes in half. But I am not going to put on false lashes
today. It is not that day. Oh, and it was hair wash day today. That’s why my hair is wet and pulled back. I’m just letting it air dry. I used my Broo thickening shampoo and conditioner
in it, so it should be beautiful whenever it’s finally fully dry. Use my It Cosmetics Superhero mascara. I still hate applying mascara. My lashes never want to hold a curl, and I
feel like I’ve got some decent length going on there. My lashes have pretty good length, it’s just
they never want to hold a curl, so you can never tell that they have any mascara on. And my left eye is even worse. I’m never able to put mascara on this eye
as well as I can my other eye. So yeah, mascara’s on, but … I think I am
going to use a little bit of liner, though. No, you know what? I’m just going to skip eyeliner today. I am going to do my brows before I do my foundation,
and then I’ll go back and touch them up. Where is my brow stuff? Here we go. I use a little spoolie to brush my brows kind
of up. Up and out, in the shape I want them to go
into before I put this on. Because this stuff is really goopy, but it
spreads out pretty well. And then I kind of just place it there around
the arch, and then I grab an angled brush. I really like the one I have by Urban Decay. It’s their angle eyeliner, actually. And start spreading the product down, and
then inwards. This is what I do on my days when I want bolder,
thicker looking brows. And I always do the inner part last, so that
it’s lighter than everything else. Then any mistakes I make, I go back and fix
with a Q-tip. And I do like to brush through a little bit
with the spoolie. I need to do a little bit more product on
the brush. Try and get this inner part. I think I mentioned in the Phyrra Nyx Facebook
group this week that I went to see Blade Runner 2049, which was awesome. And while I was in the theater for that, we
got to see another one of the previews for Thor: Ragnarok. I’m really, really looking forward to that. The other movie of course is the new Star
Wars. My husband’s all about that. Not that I don’t like Star Wars. I did. But I didn’t like Rogue One as well as everybody
else. I felt like everybody else was like, “Oh my
god, Rogue One is so amazing!” And I was just kind of like, eh. My left brow is always the one that I find
harder to fill in, because I’ve got scars in it from accident as a kid. My grandma was taking me on a bike ride, and
I was in a chair behind her on the bike because I was a really little kid. And one of my dad’s dogs, I think it was one
of his Irish setters, was running alongside the bike and hit the front tire of the bike
and so the bike crashed. My grandmother broke both of her wrists, and
I got a concussion, and that’s why I’ve got a scar over here and a scar in my eyebrow. But my grandmother is such a badass that she
pushed us back to my dad’s house with two broken wrists and then took me to the hospital. Such a crazy thing to have happen. My grandmother is 94, still living on her
own, still driving. She’s a very independent woman. Her health was bad for quite a while, but
it’s actually gotten better now that she can actually get the medication she needs. I feel like our health care system often fails
people. For a while, it was really failing her. Okay, so I’m going to be trying out some products
from Milk Makeup. Milk sent me these products. This is their blur stick. I have my ring light on its lowest setting
and a ton of natural light coming in, so I’m trying to … I want to see if you can actually
see a difference with this product. My friend, Jenn, swears by this blur stick. She thinks it’s the best thing ever. I’ve watched a bunch of videos on it where
people are like, “Oh my god, it’s amazing,” and I couldn’t see a difference, so I’m really
curious to see what it ends up doing for my skin. I only put it on this side of my face, and
I’m trying to rub it in with my finger. I’m basically going to use it as a primer
before I put on my foundation. Oh, and my skin was prepped. I put on my SPF 50 of my Kate Somerville before
I came in to put on makeup. All right, I’m going to get uncomfortably
close so you can look and see if you can see a difference. This side has it. This side doesn’t. I feel like maybe it’s a little bit. Maybe you can see a little bit of a difference. I feel like my pores are less visible right
here and same right here, whereas they’re more visible on this side. Although it’s kind of interesting, because
I think this product is silicone free and oil free. I don’t really know what’s in it. All right. I’m going to mix a little bit of my Huda beauty
foundation in the shade Milkshake with my Hourglass veil mineral primer, just because
it gives it a little bit of a glow. And I’m going to start working at the center
of my face first. I’m on day five of this foundation and haven’t
broken out yet, which I think is kind of a miracle, considering how strong the fragrance
is in it. I don’t know how everybody else likes to apply
this foundation, but I really feel like it looks better on me when I apply it with a
beauty blender, versus when I apply it with a brush. For reference, I did one pump of foundation
to the dollop of the Hourglass veil mineral primer that I mixed it with. The primer doesn’t change the color at all,
which is great. It just makes it more luminous, which is what
I’m going for. And I don’t mind mixing in something to add
luminosity on occasion, especially if it’s something I don’t have to worry about being
exact with my measurements. One of the things I hate about having to add
white to foundation is that I always have to be exact with my measurements, or I add
too much, or I don’t add enough, and I just find that really frustrating. I’m going to use a tiny little bit of Silk
Naturals close-up illuminating powder, like a teeny tiny bit, right under my eyes. Right at the line where the eyeshadow meets
the foundation. I am going to use Glamour Doll Eyes Skeletina
to lightly contour my cheeks. Okay, so this is the Real Techniques contouring
brush, and I just recently bought it, so I thought I would give it a try. I think I like it. Yeah, that’s not bad at all. Yeah, I’d say that works pretty well. Next, I’m going to put on this Milk Makeup
lip and cheek thing. I’m going to put it on as blush. That’s not working very well. I’m not really a master of cream blush, so
… I’m just kind of dabbing the color on with
my finger, and then going to blend it out with my beauty blender. I feel like if I try and swipe it on, it’s
going to disturb my foundation. Maybe it won’t. Maybe I’m wrong. Not a bad color, though. I think it’s actually really flattering. Oh, the color is called Perk. It really gives a nice, natural-looking flush,
and I think it looks good on my pale skin. The third product they sent me to try out
was their Holographic Stick. You know that I thought that this would be
absolutely beautiful. I guess I’m going to try and put it on with
my fingers. I
think it’s really pretty, but it’s really subtle. Hopefully you can see it catching the light
when I turn my head. Yeah, I think it’s pretty, but it’s more for
people who like really subtle highlighters, in my opinion. I’m going to use a highlighter on top of that,
because I can. I’m going to put on Makeup Geek Celestial,
because it’s my favorite highlighter, and just layer it right on top. Yeah, that’s so much more blingy. I’m going to use it on my eyes. Go back with the beauty blender. I do feel like my skin is looking really good
like this. I’m going to use OCC Lydia pencil. Now I’m going to put on Conspiracy lipstick. Yeah, that’s exactly what I wanted for my
lips. They have a little bit of gold shimmer going
on, but I think I’m going to up that. This is Kat Von D’s Glimmer Veil in Thunderstruck. I think that’s what I’m going to use. Okay, I think that’s it. I think this is my finished look. All right, now I’m going to zoom in so you
can see the eye look. This is the Kylie purple palette on my eyes. I really like how the look turned out. I think it’s a nice look, especially if you’re
not wearing lashes or liner or anything. I love the lips. So I’m pleasantly surprised. I do like the Milk blur stick. I do feel lik it kind of has helped hide some
of my pores. I don’t know how it’s going to wear throughout
the day. I’ll find out. But I definitely think that this might be
worth checking out at least in the mini size that they have available now. I like the blush because it’s subtle and easy
to apply. It feels like it’s dried down, although I
did just spray my face with setting spray. But normally, I feel like cream blushes are
difficult to work with. This was easier for me than your average cream
blush. As far as the holographic stick goes, while
I really like the color, I feel this is really subtle. If you are somebody who likes subtle highlighter,
you will probably love this. I like this as a base for another color. I wouldn’t wear it on its own because it’s
too subtle for me, but that might be perfect for. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chatty get
ready with me. Please be sure to let me know what you think
in the comments below. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs
up and share. And if you haven’t already, you should click
the subscribe button. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to see the poodles? They’re adorable. I’ve got to go entertain Nyx. Bye.

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  1. Ok, here's my crazy dog park story. I was at a Seattle dog park with my old band mates many years ago. I didn't realize the dog park was next to a large amphitheater. We are walking the dogs in the early evening, next thing you know we hear Tori Amos performing not far away. Couldn't see her, but we could hear very well! We got blankets out of the car with our snacks and hung out with the dogs and listened to the Tori Amos concert ๐Ÿคฃ

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  3. Pretty look Courtney!!!
    I have a DP story! I'm not a dog owner, but love going with my pals that have dogs.
    I'm not sure whom I was there with, but I was standing near a fence on the way out of the dog park, and turned around to see a dog we'd seen at the beginning bounding toward me for attention, which I gave. What I didn't realize is that his spiky punk rock collar got me on the shin, and I didn't notice until my foot was sticking to my sandal. Blood all over my leg and foot! Yechh!!! I know he totally didn't mean to hurt me, it was his parents' dumb decision to have him wear a fashion-y collar where he could so easily hurt someone.

  4. Last time I ever went to a dog park, my 6 month old husky got attacked. I did sue for the cost of the vet bills. Found out this was not the first time this guy's dogs had bitten another dog. I was furious. Btw, huskies have high prey drives too. I never let mine play offleash with dogs under 30lbs & I keep them away from other small animals altogether. Don't want to risk it.

  5. Thatโ€™s why I donโ€™t want to take my dog to a dog park! I have a 5-lb chihuahua mix but she seems to think sheโ€™s some big tough pit bull or something because sheโ€™s always picking fights with other dogs. Obviously she canโ€™t do too much damage to others but Iโ€™m afraid sheโ€™ll start something with a bigger dog and will get hurt because of it

  6. Thanks for doing a look with this palette. I saw another YouTuber with much darker skin, and it looked gorgeous. I was afraid it would look bad on the paler among us by comparison. Your look is really pretty, too, and I especially liked how you layered shades on your lid, but I'm hoping there is also some way to use it for a more minimal look. That "disappointing" color was one of the reasons I wanted this palette … sigh … but that gray taupe really is wonderful. I'm so glad you showed it can be worn as a transition. Since you are neutral/warm, especially.

  7. We stopped taking our Keeshond to the dog park for a bit when a couple of bigger dogs that were always there kept going for her back legs and tail and ripping fur out. But my worst experience was watching two other owners nearly come to blows over one dog being overly aggressive with the other guy's dog.

  8. I've never taken our dog to the park. She's an old lady and is very picky about other dogs. And your story makes me think I probably won't take her unless, like you, I know the park isn't crowded.

  9. Beautiful look! I have a question how do you do to make your blush stop fade? I always use sun protection and almost none makeup, but as a pale person I like to use blush to look alive but when I see a picture of me I look like I have nothing on my face and really pale, do you have any tips? I will trully appreciated it.

  10. My standard loved going to the dog park until she was about 1 yr old. Then for no reason, just tucked her tail in every time we went. I could tell she didn't have fun anymore and I'm not sure why….so I stopped going. That's why I got a second dog instead. Now I can't go because I have a mini and a standard and they aren't allowed in the same dog park because of size difference. But that's ok, I have a VERY active lifestyle and they don't need extra exercise, I just went for socializing them.

  11. This palette is so pretty!!!!! Believe it or not, our blind and deaf old lady poodle enjoys the dog park the most out of the 3! Don't get me wrong our boy loves making friends and being a total dog, but I love that she gets to roam around in a safe space and smell all the smells. She gets around too!

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  13. The last time I was at a dog park I was puppy sitting for my bother and his girlfriend. They had a year old lab who was a total pushover. Anyway, we were at the park and she was playing with two young pitbulls (who were really sweet and well trained) when this random woman came running over, screaming to get the lab away from the pitbulls. She wasn't their owner (I was chatting with him as we watched them) and tried to grab my brother's dog. I freaked out and she cussed me out that I let such dangerous dogs near the pup. Never been back to that park ๐Ÿ™

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  15. I have problem lashes too — straight and they point down and never hold a curl. Waterproof mascara helps bc it's wax-based. Non-wp mascara is water based and water will take the curl out of any hairs — whether it's hair on your head or eyelashes. It's a bummer though.

  16. Also — I am the BIGGEST Star Wars fan but even I thought Rogue One was just ok. I blame the writing — the characters were just not developed at all and so the viewer had little emotional investment in them. SW has always been about the characters, so RO felt like it lacked heart. Just MHO of course!

  17. I love the eye look! I'm sorry you had to go through that at the dog park. The owner should have been watching his dog. I'm glad you're all OK. Michael and I really liked Bladerunner 2049, too. It was so beautiful to look at that I want to get it on Blu-Ray for sure.

  18. Wow, I'm glad that you and your dogs are okay. Your grandma is definitely badass, women are just strong individuals! Thanks for sharing these stories with us. I enjoy watching chit-chat/grwm videos. I have a sample size Milk blur stick, it came in one of the Sephora play subscription's and I haven't tried it out yet. Since watching your video I'm definitely going to try it out. Your makeup look came out great, love purple it's such a pretty color on the eyes!

  19. I could tell the blur stick side. It looked good! I got a sample of the blush and I like it. I dab it in right from the container. It has a nice flush and glow. That color looks great on you!

  20. I don't have a crazy dog park story. Neither of ours enjoy going. One is just too lazy and the other gets super anxious.

  21. I don't have a dog park story but when my husband and I first moved in together our neighbors had a very vicious dog that tried to attack us as we were getting out of our car, so it trapped us in our car for a while. This was 20 years ago so no cell phones. We were scared to death. It took an animal control officer being attacked by the dog to get it taken to the shelter and euthanized.

  22. Just found your channel from comment on Jen loves review. I have English bulldog he isnโ€™t aggressive at all but never have let him off the leash. He is a big boy that doesnโ€™t know how big he is loved to play could easily injury another dog. Better to be safe than sorry and lose my dog for being irresponsible. I have same purple kylie palette and really have enjoyed it but I am biased to purple since my favorite color. I spend a lot time in St Pete beach and the serial killer was very scary thankfully he has been arrested.

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