Cheetos Makeup… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

Cheetos Makeup… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

what’s up everybody! welcome back to my
channe..l hi how are ya? alright girl oh my god in today’s video we are sitting down
and we are reviewing the brand new yes you read the title correctly I can’t
believe it more crazy makeup has hit the market and
today we are reviewing from forever 21 the brand new Cheetos makeup collection
yes Cheetos!!! yes.. listen and I’m not talking
about Shane’s cat I’m not talking about cheese dust I’m talking about
Cheetos the brand has collab with forever 21 you know how and it’s here
and in this little bag is the items that came out with a collab listen bitch
y’all are gonna gag I but I saw this on trend mood I was like Cheetos like
there’s there’s been a lot of crazy things that’s happened this year right a
lot of weird licenses a lot of really cool ones all the way from Disney frozen
to I don’t know why right we’ve seen it all but today for the grand total of 42
dollars and 67 cents we have three items in this collection lesson 5 ok baby we
have the Cheetos extra flaming hot highlighter bronzer ok we’ll see what
that means and we have the Cheetos flamin hot I shadow palette okay
hi aesthetic the house alright and then last but not least we
have the Cheetos extra flamin hot lip gloss kit
oh my god when I saw this online I had no idea what to expect as far as size
right you see a picture of sometimes it doesn’t always look as big as it does
online sometimes it looks bigger in person y’all feel me it’s a little small
like this is a little small for me but hey it’s Cheetos I don’t know what to
expect you guys so they collabed with forever 21 but it course it says Riley
Rose if you do not know what that is Riley Rose is a cosmetics store some of
the locations have been closing lately in the
and it is owned by forever 21 now y’all know the team forever 21 they’re going
there’s news of bankruptcies and all this crazy things are happening stores
are closing the world like oh my god retail are we dying what the hell is
happening so as forever 21 is sinking they are
launching this glad we got a piece let’s just peak right now so for for baby for
$49.99 you get the highlighter bronzer I haven’t even opened this yet so let’s
just give it a whirl here oh okay $9.99 straight off the bat what do y’all
think that looks like Physicians Formula wet and wild so this isn’t mind-blowing
the packaging I think is cool cuz its Cheetos but at the end of the day like
girl this is a little this just feels a very drugstore right it’s forever 21 not
that we expected Tom Ford right so we’re gonna be trying out bad today
I gotta see the palette hello let’s see what this palette looks like now for
$15.99 girl $16 for this first of all it’s made in China
very few ingredients meaning it’s probably a cheap formula it doesn’t mean
that it won’t swatch good or look nice but it is made in China
$15.99 y’all this is feeling cheap the house all right oh okay you could create
a cute little look with this red orange yellow all mattes and then we have three
metallics like crazy gold a black and a really pretty bronze with some gold
reflex in there okay before we try anything I thought you of course we’re
just gonna sit down we’re just gonna do a normal review oh no bitch there’s some
tea there is some hot tea involving Cheetos some some scandals and forever21
did some shade so grab your red bowl or your water
alright do we have our receipts now you guys may remember back months ago I
reviewed a brand called glam light cosmetics now the owner Giselle she is
latina she owns an indie brand and I reviewed her Pizza palette now that
palette was everything I loved it and ever since she has been just killing
it and making so many really fun cool products like the taco palette the
burger palette that nikkietutorials reviewed and just really fun stuff so
the other day I tweeted out after I saw this I tweeted out a picture and I said
on Twitter should I review this right here’s the tweet and y’all we’re like
yes bitch we need to see a Geoffrey start approve reviews so I called up a
bunch of stores forever21 girl we know you’re going bankrupt and bitch there
was none in LA crickets so a family member of mine
found it at the Cerritos small high forever 21 and she brought it to me
today Thank You Jessica I love you girl and
when I tweeted that out I got a DM from glam lang cosmetics and
I was shocked as a brand owner and someone who started my brand with
literally nothing started with three shades and I have obviously grown so
much and so much has happened in my life right so I was Giselle I was hurt before
and I’m putting myself in her shoes and I’m shook basically Y all glam light had
a license with Cheetos okay bear with me here
they had a license with Cheetos since July of this year and as a Hispanic
immigrant she said that she wanted to do a whole campaign to promote minority
entrepreneurship to show that minorities were capable of fulfilling the American
dream with creativity and hard work hi that is amazing and a portion of the
proceeds are gonna go to an entrepreneurship program to help
minorities to start their own businesses like amazing the creator of flaming hot
cheetos has a very inspiring story and sure one to highlight that for her
campaign so they have a whole prototype the palette like y’all I’m gonna show
you receipts here like they have a they have the license for this this is insane
this is crazy I’m looking at the packaging like no shade but this looks
way better than this and she has a legal document here that I will throw up right
here and it says that they can make cosmetics lip gloss eyes shadow slashes
and I can do a whole thing now here’s where it gets tricky the problem is
they don’t have exclusivity so Cheetos was allowed to give anyone the license I
could have got it anyone could could have they were just whoring it out
probably without her knowing but the contract says it’s not exclusive which
still if you’re gonna work this hard and do a whole thing if you’re the owner of
Cheetos why would you give a make up license to anyone else could we just ask
ourselves do we need to brands making Cheetos collabs like girl come on it’s a
little redundant so I’m sure reading this and basically Riley Rossum forever
21 hit up Cheetos and they were like yo to continue to sell the collection we
want exclusively in forever 21 and my friend she’s like glam like cosmetics
was like no like we don’t want to do that we don’t want to be a part of the
big corporation and once they found out that they were planning the Cheetos
collab they decided to rush the release and put those out first to try to make
her look bad basically allegedly allegedly and they released it without
any promotional marketing campaign because they knew that it was rushed and
it could potentially flop because when this popped up online I was like I’ve
never heard anyone talk about this before like where is the T where’s the
hype where is the excitement and this is crazy
so forever21 went behind her back tried to force her to sell in their stores she
said no so they rushed my makeup collab from China like this is like whatever oh
my god I’m actually gonna try that so come back girl regardless of the T I
think it’s really tough I am gonna try the formula because there are people out
there that may still want it and don’t care I get it I could not sleep at night
without telling you guys this for real I’m all about being so transparent when
I find out information like this it’s just hard to sleep at night so that’s
crazy I am so sorry that this happened and I asked her can I please share this
and she said you know I could and she’d leave it up to me so that’s the T I’m
shook and I’m not surprised though I mean y’all forever 21 has definitely
stolen a bunch of stuff before hi let’s throw up some lawsuits Christian Bam Bam
Bam like so many people have sued them and
I this is crazy so sorry for the long intro had to share that with you guys
now I’m going to shut up and let’s see what happens to my face all right y’all
let’s done okay so for 9.99 you get this and there’s no instructions it just says
if irritation occurs discontinue use right cushion immense what happens it’s
if you wouldn’t once you open it there’s 12 months before it expires it’s just
shitty by Riley Rose and this is not vegan there’s carmine in there which
means there’s that comes from crushed beetles so if you just knew that in
there this is how cosmetics were made my brand is vegan a lot of brands and our
cruelty-free and vegan I don’t know this is cruelty-free i literally says nothing
stuff Cheetos and flamin hot are trademarks of Fritos Oh a frito-lay oh
my god hi frito how you doing girl they’re probably all in the corporate
office is like alright so let’s get down to it so there is a bull swirl here that
we’re about to do because there is one two three four or five six shades in
here we got orange we have some yellow I’m just gonna take my finger and do a
full like hurrah doesn’t this whoa okay I’m not getting
it turning one color that’s crazy huh it turned topaz that is so crazy okay so
you swirl it and it literally is one shade that is dark okay so if Cheetos
was smart they would have made like three or four of these because look at
this cost so this is so cheap to me girl like they should have done one for all
different skin types a girl that would be I really pretty bronze eyeshadow on
me but bronzer like a highlighter girl what highlight look we’re just because
we’re already here let’s take it like let’s just say we just we just wanted to
hit that yellow in the middle right like girl we’re just gonna look a little
golden miss thing like can that oh no no no no how about Christian shy even well
we shouldn’t put this on right like it’s November but we’re Sun suddenly in the
wintertime no like this it’s so that’s just it’s
not extra dark for me that is so dark I mean actually shit like why is there not
more shades there’s literally one shade okay you guys literally you know I’m not
about to cover my whole face with that like bronzer or highlight absolutely not
okay well time to move on to the next product the eyeshadow palette hi now I
have foundation on and concealer I don’t have any eye primer on we can definitely
grab some like we do in every review so it is very fair we’re gonna go another a
little Mac painterly paint-pot we’re just go to prime our lids and our
brow bones be right back alright you guys the lids are primed now
let’s open up miss miss cheeto flaming-hot Miss Honey alright we did
let’s just dip in you guys hi we’re dipping in alright the shades have no
name no no names y’all all it says is uh yeah frito-lay miss mama
alright so we’re gonna take a little mac to two 1’s alright miss thing and we’re
gonna dip into the orange shade there’s a little fallout
who cares if it has pigment that’s all I care about so let’s put this in my
crease and let’s see what happens oh oh it’s just smelt like the food it would
have been genius but no smell it smells like nothing okay she has some pigment I
had no idea what to expect obviously like okay it’s Cheetos right pigment so
far is alright obviously I lay down a primer and I’m just gonna buff this in
oh look maybe we got more de breeze okay so I’m just gonna blend this out with no
extra product on it and just kind of see how it works it’s alright it doesn’t
feel luxurious but it doesn’t feel horrible it obviously is there now
listen let’s I just want to do a little finger swatches as well here is the red
one let’s see what it looks like oh wow woah look at her okay like there she is
okay chalky the house on the finger but we all know if you’re gonna use a the
shade you need to use it with a brush so there’s that shade now let’s look at the
yellow all this is making me hungry okay let’s just do a little yellow swatch
there okay that’s not bad now yellows are hard to make so let’s
hope that that goes on that nicely now let’s move on to this I got a
dip into this gold oh it feels like I was pressed a little hard and the gold
went right there it looks pretty right here but it just feels really like it’s
like it’s pressed hard in the pan we’ll do a swatch there okay it looks cute
it’s a little more sheer but it’s reflecting nice on the lighting so I’m
not mad at it and literally all of it came off of my finger almost that is so
interesting now let’s move on to the stunning black okay let’s see if there’s
any payoff with this one oh wow it is okay it’s like a metallic as a sheen to
it and then of course the bronze shade let’s dig into that one and here that
shade is okay I got some yellow in there okay it’s actually an interesting color
story I’m not mad at it I think it looks cute but let’s see how this yellow and
the others perform on the eyes all right now we’re gonna dip into the yellow of
course I thought it would be fitting to dip in with a Gucci eyeshadow brush come
on now oh there’s a lot of payoff miss mama okay so I don’t want to go too
heavy let’s just go right into the orange Oh son said that oh it’s miss
thing okay wait oh I’m afraid to stay in this
on camera sure you say it I have tried Cheetos like once what I’m
not I’m not kidding baby yes I don’t like Cheetos I love ruffles I love like
cheddar onion I love cheez-its I love all that I’m not into Cheetos I know
people are probably like why like you know I love sugar I’m all I’m gonna
deserve bitch but like I’m not into chinos now the eyeshadow is dustier then
when you eat that you ready for those like oh girl but it’s going on nice on
the lid and it’s not looking patchy or weird so I don’t really care all right
now we’re also gonna dip in to the orange ever so slightly and then right
back into that yellow so it kind of gives you a little mix and we’re just
gonna merge those together so it looks seamless
I’m actually not mad at this the yellow with this hair not sure okay she’s kind
of cute yes miss yellow she’s looking cute okay
for the lid I really want to try this now I don’t know what brush is gonna
pick that up and my nails are really long so I don’t know if I can use my
finger so I’m gonna use a flat brush just had some eye primer on it and let’s
just go in dry first oh that is not sticking to the brush
like ah all it’s very light gummy in the pan it’s just not it like we’ll just
we’ll just try it really quick oh okay it actually did kind of show up right
there bitch that looked kind of wonky but this is a synthetic brush of the
product is sitting on top just have to kinda like dig in there see how it’s
kind of like more of a wet type of feeling let’s just tuck that on there
these shades are actually really pretty together
alright oh this look is coming together now we’re gonna dip into the red shade
oh girl now retinopathy are mine this is not a
vegan formula so we’re just gonna take that and just put it right there ever so
slightly just to give it a little flare oh yeah the red next to the shimmer is
really pretty definitely getting hungrier and hungrier
as we go on Oh Lord alright this is looking really cool it definitely very
fiery now we’re gonna take that orange and yellow real quickly and we’re just
gonna buff into the red and make it look really cute oh my god like I would just
pop on some mascara and just leave the house like this honey now I want to see
how these other two shapes perform now oh this one is very powdery the house
alright I’m just gonna take this and lightly just drag it under my eye just
to give it a little smoky effect look in that pan like I’ve barely touched it
it’s like whew obviously shades like that can be used with your fingers just
touch it put it on but I do want to just smoke it out a little bit alright I’m
gonna go back in real quickly with that shimmer shade girl it’s looking a little
rough in there but it works so I’m just gonna tuck that into the inner corner
and just connect whoa okay work now we’re gonna go over here and do the
exact same thing and then we didn’t try the black shade so I’ll maybe put some
on my lower lash line right now I’ll just use the same brush let’s see what
happens when you dip in okay there’s some payoff right there let’s
dip in and just slowly put it on the lash line and see what happens my lower
okay definitely works cute alright here is the look with the eyeshadow palette
now I’ll get my final thoughts in a little bit let’s see how it wears and
see if it fades or how it looks in a little bit what else do we have to
review of course we have the Cheetos extra flaming hot lipgloss set there are
three shades and it really doesn’t say anything else about them so I don’t know
what film where they are what they’re supposed to do how you’re like wait so
let’s just pink together alright now this component is stock packaging I
talked about this a lot some brands if they on a low budget or they have no
creativity they will just look at something on the wall and go I want that
slap my name on it now this component we have seen by some
brands if you’re the first one to do it like that that’s you right so when I
looked at this immediately I was like Hello Stila literally this is the same
exact thing they put this gold around here so it makes it look like it’s not
the same height but it’s the exact same high exact same way today literally were
just like yeah like this doesn’t even say forever 21 in the bottle there’s no
logo they didn’t try didn’t give it what that says okay no shading him on the
bottom they couldn’t even name the shade they really rushed this launch like okay
now there are three shades it looks like this oh my smell this right now that’s
gasoline like that is intense if my skin
anything happens here we go alright well here’s one Shay let’s see if there’s any
payoff oh wow it’s a liquid lip or a gloss it feels almost like cool on my
hand which is kind of weird so I don’t know they’re supposed to be a liquid lip
it’s already starting to kind of bleed in my hand
alright let’s go in with the other shades this is a liquid lip I don’t
understand this one and maybe or it see that my nose is traumatized or this one
doesn’t smell on that and the darker red was horrifying
that’s so weird what is in this one man shade a name for this one
nothing okay let’s see the shade oh okay pretty bright red but like it’s just
like a highly pigmented gloss we got other ones bleeding really quickly and
it’s on my hand but still alright now we have this peachy glitter moment okay and
let’s watch that one right here literally like barely any Sparkle kind
of irrelevant alright so while these sit on my hand for a second I’m just gonna
pop on some mascara I’m like debating like do I put it on my lips just like I
know it’s makeup in it in stores so that I mean but that doesn’t mean it
something might not be wrong or like I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with
the formula but like look at it now it’s only been 30 seconds like to me it feels
like like not burning like you know what I said it was like cooling a second ago
it’s fat it’s feeling kind of warm now I just don’t think I want to put it on my
mouth I’m gonna long-term relationship I like to have orgies like I love wearing
lipstick I don’t think I should risk my hell like all jokes aside what would you
do it just feels kind of weird like amen okay y’all I have some mascara on my
hand just I don’t know I’m like honestly like I’ve done some crazy things I have
tried some crazy products a few things that I’ve almost made me go blind and
I’m like my gut is saying don’t put this on my mouth so I’m gonna follow my
instincts and not do it they like when uncool and then a few of the shades
almost like my skin was turned egg warm like I just don’t know it doesn’t
right so always follow your gut that’s it there was three products like y’all
gonna do a whole collection you should have done a collection I went online and
there’s some merch so forever21 has like clothes and Cheetos sweaters and I’m
just like this whole thing is bizarre to me
so I’m shook I think it’s time to do the final recap whoa all right I’m back I
literally sat here and I’m like this is crazy okay so right off the bat let’s
start off on a positive note okay now the eyeshadow palette I had no
idea what to expect obviously with any of this it’s not bad it’s it stayed the
whole time I love the shimmer shade it looks a
little janky in the pan the formulas a little weird but like it’s there it’s
been a minute and everything has stuck it hasn’t really faded and the shadows
look pretty so I do like that now the bronzer honey highlighter bronzer I’ve I
tried to do some where I just like took the yellow shade down the middle and I’m
just like it’s just not it so this is just not for me
mmm and then the lips you all saw what just happened like I’m a little shook
about this not into it I’ve also seen a lot of pictures are like them separating
in the bottle and I don’t know I always hold my gun and it was like something
feels weird and I just mm-hmm so but what a weird turn for a review I am NOT
going to approve any of this today the eyeshadow palette work if you want to
try it girl it great you’re gonna try the other products try it your own risk
eye it worked but I’m not gonna approve it let’s go back to the intro the way
forever21 does business is shady them trying to come for an indie company and
undermine them the whole thing feels weird
I just it grosses me out this industry is insane and everyone wants to be a
part of the beauty community makeup is a trend and makes a lot of money and I
think everyone thinks that they can do it so some people need to come back to
earth and work on your formulas honey now whoever worked on this in the office
you go you did good sweetie everything else is not sure
so Cheetos if you don’t want to work with an indie brand don’t start the
process and then work with a conglomerate that just I don’t know
y’all you’ll hear me all right you guys thank you so much for watching this
review crazy turn I love you guys and I’ll see
one in the next one bye guys

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    It literally feels like I put Icey Hot on my lips, and my lips look like- well..
    when did I put red cobwebs on my lip line?????

    After I took on this crap, my lips felt like they were bruised, or like I just did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge (yes, I've done it before)
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