Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon With Dr Lanzer

Just like you wouldn’t trust and unqualified mechanic to work on your car if you’re considering cosmetic surgery You want to make sure you’re in good hands Patients seeking cosmetic surgery are having it both to feel good and look better, so if something goes wrong It’s not only going to affect the body But it’s going to affect the mind the chances of things going wrong and reduced if the patient asks the right questions and does a thorough research on the surgeon Important questions to ask our what are your credentials for example? Are you a recognized specialist? Health and you perform this procedure, and where do you do it is it an accredited center? Is this procedure the best one to achieve the best results that I want and what are the alternatives? May I see before and after pictures of patients? Who’ve had this procedure and specifically that relate to my case and what are the risks and possible? Complications of the surgery and what are the chances of them happening? You should consider excluding a cosmetic surgeon who does not routinely perform the procedure that you’re interested in Who sort of dismisses the risks of surgery and is not open to talk about the complications? Who guarantees the results will not or cannot show before and after photos of other patients that they’ve operated on? Does not allow you to freely ask questions is not courteous or respectful or compassionate? Offers bargains or gimmicks and is not routinely involved in the post-operative care When it comes to choosing a cosmetic surgeon? Remember the one with the best website may not be the best surgeon now not all surgeons perform all tasks There’s a wide spectrum of procedures that can be done and even if a surgeon says he is the expert it Doesn’t mean that he’s an expert in the procedure you need and make sure you’ve got that feeling of trust both in the surgeons abilities and his personality

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