CLASSIC GLAM Makeup Tutorial (ENG SUB) ๐Ÿ’„ Simona Petrucci

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel. Today I am with the beautiful Monika and for her I thought of a glam makeup, a little romantic but also sexy. This is the first of a series of tutorials where I will create some looks suitable for different types of beauty and in which I will use some of my favorite products, but I will also try out new ones. I hope you will like them. I started the skin care by massaging a deep moisturizing cream from Collistar to restore vigor to her slightly dull skin. To remove the tiredness under her eyes, I tapped a little of Lancome’s “Hydra Zen” gel. When the creams became absorbed, I spread MAC’s “Refiner Stick” to make the skin smoother. To leave a freshness effect I used MAC’s “Face and Body” which is a foundation with a light coverage. I then corrected the shadow areas and small imperfections using a palette of concealers, again from MAC. To illuminate the face, I chose L’Oreal’s “True Match” concealer, I applied it on her face and then I worked it with a Beauty Blender. Then I created a light contour with a stick, which I blended with the same brush I used for the foundation. It is a very light color, similar to the skin tone, so the effect will be very natural. With the powder from Kat Von D I fixed the base and I focused mainly on the T-zone of the face. For the eye makeup I chose the “Fantascene” palette from the Coconut collection by Marc Jacobs and I started using the “Flash” color, to opacify the whole eyelid and create a base. With the color “Fantasy” I went to work the hollow of the eye first bringing it up and then to the sides. On the outer corner I applied the color “For More”, a cold brown with a velvety finish, which writes in an incredible way but like all the colors of this palette blends very well. With the color Fantasy I created a nuance over the entire lower eyelash rhyme and then I combined it with the upper one. On the mobile eyelid I applied the color “She Said” which is a pigment with a satin finish that feels almost creamy and you can even apply it with your fingers and then I blended everything to avoid a sharp effect. I also applied it under the eye and, oh well, a little bit inside too by mistake. I then intensified the lower outer corner and with a slightly larger brush also the upper outer corner to give more three-dimensionality. But without creating an overly lengthened effect. I darkened the lash line so her look will be even deeper and I used one of Maybelline’s kajal pencils and I applied it with an angled brush to blend it better. I’m curious to know what you think, so if you want please leave a comment at the end of the video. After curling they eyelashes, I applied L’Oreal’s “Volume Million Lashes” mascara, and this is definitely one of my favorite mascaras because it is very long lasting and I can intensify thinner lashes, especially lower ones. For the eyebrows I chose a pencil from Zoeva in the shade “Arsenic”, and I corrected both the color and the form to have a very natural and neat look. I used the bronzer from the JLo collection for Inglot and I applied it on the face with a big soft brush, both under the cheekbone and on the forehead, but without creating too defined lines. For the blush I used the “Unfiltered II” palette from Nars and with the warm shades I lit up Monika’s smile to make it even more alive. I chose a Becca highlighter to illuminate the face but also the eyes and I also used it under the eyebrow arch and in the inner corner of the eye. “Moonstone” is one of my passepartout colors that that you will see me use on several girls. For the lips I defined the outline with one of the pencils from the Gigi Hadid’s collection for Maybelline and I drew the color a little inwards too. The lipstick is part of Jennifer Lopez’s collection for Inglot to and “Besame” at the moment is the only red that came out. I hope they will release other shades because I like it a lot, it has a nice intensity, it blends easily and also has a good smell. I set the makeup with MAC’s Prime Fix + “Coconut” …and this is the final result. If you liked this video please put a thumb up and subscribe to my channel and do not forget to activate the bell to stay up-to-date on the new makeups that I will upload. See you at the next makeup!

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