Co-Washing For Clean Moisturized Black Hair

Co-Washing For Clean Moisturized Black Hair

Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author
of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder
and for these videos I answer the questions that you all send me via email so any of you
have any questions that you like for me to answer please check out the description box
below for additional information so the reason for this video is because of course an email
that I received from Liza Liza email me because she says or wonders if co washing alone is
good enough to maintain a healthy scalp and moisturized hair so I thought that the email
was a great time to be answered because a lot of you are wondering if co washing is
an all-purpose product because so many people swear by just co washing the hair and you
really never really hear people stressing shampooing and things like that so I’m just
going to tell you what co washing actually serves as a purpose in your hair care regimen
and what you need to actually do to maintain a clean scalp as well as moisturized hair
so the very first thing that will let you know is that co washing and the purpose of
co washing is just to maintain moisturized hair the products that are typically using
in rinse conditioners are those that coat the outside strand of your hair to keep your
hair feeling more slippery and moisturized and conditioned this doesn’t internally moisturize
the hair it just provides a shield on the outside of a lot of different types of ingredients
so that way your hair can maintain a moisturized level for a longer period of time that’s why
co washing every other week or once a week helps for a lot of individuals to stop themselves
from experiencing too much dryness or chronic dryness with their hair so co washing doesn’t
clean your scalp or clean your hair what it does is it helps you to keep moisturized hair
for a longer period of time if you were co washing now the second thing is that the only
thing that’s going to clean your hair and scalp is when there are surfactants present
in your products surfactants are things that actually aggravate the surface of your hair
to release any toxins build up like product buildup and dandruff and things like that
and it helps to lift that from the outside cuticle of your hair as well so a very popular
surfactant that is great for deep cleaning especially when you need that extra deep cleanse
to your hair is to use sulfates now a safe alternative is to use cocoa betaine and if
you want more information on how to tually pick the products is best for your hair you
can refer to my book because I an entire book to help you to find out what you actually
need to have each product so that way you are not adding additional stuff to it in a
book is called the black hair manual so you can go ahead and search description box for
the information or check out my website but when you are wanting to maintain clean hair
you have to have surfactants present in your products now my last tip is that if you want
to keep your hair moisturized for as long as possible without having that issue of trying
to add moisturizers in your hair throughout the week they feel some type of heavy butter
now if you’re not going to be putting her hands in your hair a lot things like that
this will be a bother to you to use things like mango butter Shea butter almond butter
and things like that but if you are the type that likes to be fidgety and play with your
curls and kinks and things you are going have some of that oily residue on your hand so
my best suggestion to stop your hair from feeling so dry is to use some type of butter
when on you actually are finished co washing your hair to apply on top of your damp hair
and then style your hair and just leave it as is until you’re ready for your next wash
day this is what you call protective styling if you are concealing your ends by braiding
them and tucking them and things like that this is a great way to retain length as well
as maintain moisturized hair so I hope you understand that co washing is not all around
product that I know a lot of individuals probably swear by it but you have to make sure that
you are releasing that dandruff and things like that from your scalp will cause a lot
of scalp issues and a lot of irritation and a lot of buildup so I hope this is help you
and everybody else who is watching and before any of you go make sure to sign up for my
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  1. I think c owashing works better using a actual cleansing conditioner or carwash product and not a rinse out conditioner. If not feels like your just moisturizing the dirt n ur scalp. And creating and environment for bacteria and fungi

  2. I really don't cowash often but when I do I always use a sulfate free shampoo the next time I wash my hair. I have used As I Am and Eden Bodyworks cowashes and they are both good but my hair prefers shampoo.

  3. I never co-wash! Ever. Their are a Few Naturals who do it in a non-harmful way and Rock on. However (sigh) the Majority of naturals in my opinion co-wash INSTEAD  of using shampoo and that is in my opinion Undoing ALL the Work They have been doing by Going Natural and Still speaks to the Fact that: We are willing to SACRIFICE To Much for the sake of having Soft/Curly Hair! 
     First why I say co-washing undoes all your work of being natural……. why did we go natural ……… yes, yes embrace our roots but lets get real: If relaxing Hair made it Grow Long & Lovely There Would be NO Natural Hair Movement!! A big part of what spurred the hair movement is the Horrible Effects Relaxing the Hair can have on the hair yes but on the SCALP!! Everybody KNOW'S Somebody that had a Horrible Relaxer and a Bald Spot from it. It may have grown back but they HAD IT! So we go Natural! Our scalp's will not be exposed to that Kind of Danger……. And then Somebody comes up with the idea to NOT Cleanse the SCALP! So basically instead of exposing our scalps to chemicals we decided to go Middle Ages and expose it to every Germ and Fungi we can get on our hands and under those Nails and scratch our scalps with!! And Shampoo is the ENEMY!! And what is so Sad is that if you took a 16th Century Peasant and told him how Bad shampoo is they would AGREE with you! They thought water and soap were Bad to!! But and here's my point …. THEY HAD GERMS!!!! And Died! Their kids died, they died, and they died Young! How young? if you were young when started reading this comment by the time your done in the middle ages you would be DeaD :} Do I think not washing your scalp is going to kill you? Uh, No. But it's going to do Damage to your scalp. History Has Proven This Beyond A Doubt! An Unclean Environment Will ALWAYS Have Negative Effects! And if you Mess up your scalp ….. There's No Big Chop that can fix that!! So when you Think of what we are Willing to Risk-Our scalp for Our hair to feel Artificially Softer ………… I feel that says we Still Have that Mindset of 'Good/Soft Hair No matter What it will cost Down the Road.

  4. imo, co washing only and never, ever using a shampoo is weird to me. i co wash 4 to  6 times a week and shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo every single Sunday. i don't see how people cut out shampoo entirely 

  5. I wonder what adding tea tree oil would do to regular conditioner as a co-wash. Since it has antifungal properties it might help keep the scalp cleaner. I might try this and see what happens.

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