Coco Chanel Party Decoration Ideas | DIY Coco Chanel Centerpiece

Coco Chanel Party Decoration Ideas | DIY Coco Chanel Centerpiece

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I have a Coco Chanel centerpiece and setup for an elegant celebration
here we go I’m very excited for today’s project
I love Coco Chanel I mean what girl doesn’t love Coco Chanel the Hope theme
reads elegance and this type of study will look great for any celebrations
birthdays bridal showers baby shower you name it
it’s going to look lovely all right let’s get started
the main thing you’re going to need to make this project is going to be a
laptop or computer a printer and some card stock and you can actually use
regular paper but I think make our stock looks better I got this one from
Michaels and it was two dollars and fifty cents
it wasn’t sell haha and I think it was some great deals so I just think that it
looks better with this so the next thing you’re going to do is Google
Commissioner logo and then you’re going to go to images and you’re going to get
tons of images and then you’re going to have to you know figure out which design
you would like there’s tons of Chanel brands there’s Chanel number five my
team there’s the old fashioned Coco Chanel which is the one they’re probably
going to be using then you’re gonna have to browse around to find the correct
logo size for your race this is going to be the you know the challenge of this
project because I think this project is pretty easy you can either browse around
like I said and try to find the correct size or you can play with your printer
setting either way they’re both are going to be a little bit of you know
time-consuming but you know it’s going to look amazing at the end so these are
the designs I’ve decided to use the old fashioned Coco Chanel for this one and
then I have the smaller one for smaller arrangements or
to have as well and I may or may not use this one I’m not sure yet all right so I
will place these on a little later look at this vase not amazing I said a
lovely it’s really really nice it’s nice and big and tall I first I thought of
making it in a shorter as you see the hope interest but you know I have to
make legs different other than that I’m just copying right yeah so I decided to
do a tall face and I love it this was $6.99 from Homewood and I’m not
look $6.99 this is a good buy I love it they have one for $5.99 was a little
shorter but I was just like no let’s go with the collar so I cut a little piece
of foamboard and I’m going to place it right on top I’m going to go ahead and
carefully add some glue to the top of the vase I don’t want any other glue to
fall in size so be very careful watch me tell you that to myself and then I’m
going to add some glue right on top so I can remove my floral foam I’m going to
start my arrangement with white hydrangeas from Dollar Tree this
hydrangeas are only going to serve as filler flowers today so you’re not
really going to be able to see them in the arrangement they’re just going to be
here to hide the floor phone now I’m going to add this amazing white
roses from Hobby Lobby I got the fifty percent off of $12.99 so there were
about 650 for this bouquet and they are lovely they are really really pretty
some of the stems has two flowers and I’m taking off the leaves on this one
and I’m going to leave the leaves on the single ones I’m going to start by
placing a flower in each corner and then I’m going to work my way around that so
so far I’ve added a flower in every empty spot and now I’m going to add
these stems with the two flowers right in between flowers I’m going to fill in
the middle with some more hydrangeas for my top roses I’m going to cut this
stem an inch longer so these are going to be three inches long and I’m also
going to take off the leaves because then it’s going to be way too much if I
need more greenery at the end I will just randomly add it in between flowers here’s what it looks like so far I’m
going to add this spray of white roses randomly on the arrangement now I’m
going to add a few leftover leaves in between roses to add a little contrast
and here it is now I’m going to go ahead and add the logo to the vase and here it is okay guys this is this is
my Coco Chanel centerpiece and some of the items on my set up and as you see
and make other things I’m not on camera because it’s pretty much
self-explanatory in the same process without the floral foam I just added
some hydrangeas in some of these spray roses to these small Dollar Tree vase
and then I place a small Coco Chanel logo on it and this is a can be a table
number or you can just be the core this is a quote from Coco Chanel he says
number one and he says you can be gorgeous at 30 charming at 40 and
irresistible for the rest of your life I love it
this can go well as a table number if you want to number your tables for your
celebration or it can just be a quote just to have on the table that’s the
core I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up if you
liked the video and make sure to subscribe if you haven’t subscribed and
go ahead and check out the entire forest project comm or more inspiration until
next time bye

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  1. Did you get the hydrangeas recently, thought they ran out? Was hoping to get some in October for my center pieces. xx

  2. Thx for this idea. I'm going to do something like this for my sister's bridal shower but put a gold flamingo on top also for a coco chanel flamingo theme.

  3. did you make the channel plates add well? is there a diy for that? would love to see that also. awesome job, very elegant!

  4. Tayra, now I know why I like your work so much! I LOVE Chanel and actually had a Chanel birthday party for myself 2 years ago. I will figure out how to send you some pics. Mine was pink and gold. I did a Black and gold with hot pink back in December for a fundraiser. Love your version with the clear plates. Great job! Now time for you to create a Louis Vuitton or Gucci set up lol!

  5. Hi tayra this is a very nice project. I really like it and thank you for sharing . I would like to know did you go to school to learn how to do flower arrangements? I am dying to learn how to make flower arrangements. Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance for your advices.

  6. I love this, i am doing my daughters sweet 15 a coco chanel Paris theme. Would you be able to help me with ideas. You do awesome centerpieces. I would love to do this but also incorporate paris/eiffel towers some how. I dont wAnt it to just be coco chanel. Any ideas please? Thank you

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