WAAAAAA! Hello [giggles like a damn creep]
Hello friends it’s Colleen (no shit) So let’s point out the obvious
OOPSIES sorry, I’ll explain
also, I don’t have makeup on and I’m guna do my makeup right now
thats- thaTs what were doin today I look so RED
OH and also my hair is pink WOW OKay he he it looks kind of bad right now…. but ignore
me okay im guna start
so im using these primers for my face this is so wierd
its funny cause in the last video that I made I was literally like
“OMG i havE BLUE HAIR NOW” and this one its like
… “hey I have pink hair” lmao
two month later (why are u smiling you smug fuck)
okay im bored with these subtitles
i tired bye

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. I have freckles and I don't care about them one bit, and I dont care if other people draw them on, but personally I think fake freckles ALWAYS look like someone's been sprayed with dirt

  2. i’m cringing so hard at the lack of makeup on the side of her head and it’s just concealer in the middle of her forehead 😖😬😬

  3. Teacher: alrighty class what did you do over the summer?
    Some grill: omg I went to Hawaii and Mexico! It was sm fun!
    Me: uhh… I learned how to make egg salad

  4. "I bored with these subtitles, bye"
    Me: in class w no headphones hiding my disappointment to not look suspicous

  5. waIT YOU HAVE TO WET THE BEAUTY BLENDERS?? and also the high school thing is relateable like im just tryin to graduate

  6. Have you ever heard of a blackpink band?
    They are from South Korea, And they are very nice.
    Please make a video about them, and Thank you for all your efforts💘💕💝💖💓💗💓💖💝💕💕💘💞💞💘💕💝💖💓💓💗💘💞

  7. I remember this like it was yesterday and I thought it was in the beginning of 2018 but it's from 2016? LIKE HOW?! AND I LOVE THE REVOLUTION OF YOUR EYELINER DAMN!!!! YOU'RE MY MAKEUP ICON

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