Hello. Festival are big part of summer and each of us are looking for inspiration. So common and take a look what Boris has prepared to us. Makeup look for festival needs long-lasting products. I started with brows with NYX Waterproof Eyebrow Color in my favourite shade Brunette. I have made full and sharp eyebrow. As you see Barbora already has makeup on her face and it is MAC Prolongwar Waterproof Foundation in shade NC30 The eyeshadow base I used was Lancôme Prolongwear Eyeshadow in Nude shade. Before the base I have under lined the brows with concealer. For the eyes I used more shades from Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette. You can see which, when and where I used the shades on the photo on the right side. When I need more intense color I tap the shadows with flat brush, or I blend the color out with a blending brush. After I finished the eyes I cleaned everything up with wet napkins. As a next step I uses Sephora Dramatic Line next to the lashes. It was my base under the color liner. Liquid liner Vivid Brights from Nyx in Saphire shade is the another liner I used and made a thiner line and a small wing. I am really a fan of eye liner pen. So I needed more time to create a line I want. But the color was perfect for her so I did not have another chance 🙂 just to do it. I did not use any false lashes but the Legendary Lashes Mascara from Charlotte Tilbury in Black Vinyl shade. My favourite concealer BRONX Boosting Hydrating in Beige was the one for hiding all imperfections and highlighting some parts of face. For tapping in I used a sponge and than the same makeup brush I used at the beginning , to connect all together. For fixing and setting I have use NARS Light Reflection Setting (loose) powder. I like the bronzing effect. Sephora Aruba Sund Disk bronzer gives a face a nice natural bronzing. With a bigger powder brush I give the color to checks and than with a smaller brush again more color to the checks and to the higher point where the sun naturally hits your face, and to the forehead, nose. Now I use a cotton swab under the eyes to protect the under eyes area. I use to colors under the eyes next to the lashes. Yellow to the inner corner and the orange to the outer corner., Both from the same Urban Decay Palette as before. With a small brush I blend out the edges. For a lower line, close to the lashes, I use lip liner. Gosh Velvet Touch Waterproof in Flirty Orange. The same pencil is used for the upper lip. I do not over paint the uper line, I want a natural one I use at first the pencil and than a lip brush to create a nice smooth layer of color. I did not overland the lowe line as well. The color I used is the BRONX Just Matte Lipstick in the color Hot Pink. To the inner lower line I used also a darker shade to make the lips looking 3D. Color is BRONX Smoothie LipGloss in Lavender shade. With a sponge I clean up the lower line. A touch of first lipstick is nice in the middle of the orange color. Lips are ready. And last but not least the mascara to the lower lashes. NYX The Skinny Mascara. Here you are. This is one of the milion options you have for festival colourful look. Hope you liked it and see you soon again.

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