Common Signing Errors by ASL Students #2 – No Facial Expression

Common Signing Errors by ASL Students #2 – No Facial Expression

One of the most frequent and common mistakes made by ASL students is what? This is pretty common, I have seen it many times among the ASL students. It is what? Facial expressions. The lack of facial expressions, with a blank face. For example… I’m going to be acting as an ASL student. WHATS-UP HOW YOU Did you see the lack of facial expression? There was none. Nothing. There needs to be facial expressions so that the other person will say, “Oh you’re asking me a question.” Notice that the eyebrows were raised. Students tend to forget to use facial expressions and have blank faces. HI. NICE MEET YOU. YOU-TOO. You see that there weren’t facial expressions. You should do it like this (phrase repeated with facial expressions). You see a smile on the face. They need to nod and shake your head. And use facial expressions. They need more of that. That is a common error made by ASL students, they need to improve their facial expressions. Okay, good!

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