Cosmetic Preservatives – Natural Cosmetic Preservatives

Cosmetic Preservatives – Natural Cosmetic Preservatives

Would you like to learn more about
cosmetic preservatives? This video for you! My name is Zane and I’m from Atlantis Skincare. Today I want to talk about cosmetic preservatives and natural cosmetic preservatives. There are two different kind of cosmetic products: products containing water and products without water. In this video I will talk about products without water. Basically these are mixes
of butters, oils and waxes and usually it is like serums or body creams, or body oils. And you can see on the ingredient list on another side of product, it’s do not
contain water. Such a products do not require any preservatives because they
don’t contain water, which is perfect environment for bacteria, molds and fungi to grow. You can buy them in a market or you can learn to make your own oils butters and waxes. This is really easy to do. In next video I will talk about products containing water,
which is a bit more difficult topic because products containing water requires preservatives to be added. I’m hoping to see you in the next video, and bye for

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  1. Can you make a video how to use oil soluble and water soluble preservatives please, with the steps on how to use them?
    thank you again Zane

  2. Cosmetic preservatives are derived from natural or synthetic ingredient. They are used as antioxidants, antimicrobials and stabilizers. To protect the product from contamination during use and to prevent product damage caused by microorganisms, the use of cosmetic preservatives is necessary.

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    The cosmetic preservatives market has witnessed remarkable growth in past few years due to the growth in personal care industry. This market is primarily driven by rapid increase in customer expenditure on cosmetic products and beautification.

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