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Tamira stands apart among all Aesthetic Clinics by being a blend between Skin and Hair Clinic and Corporate Hospital. In the last year we have transformed the lives of more than 5000 patients across demographics – Celebrities, Sportsmen, International Models, Artists and hundreds of beauty conscious citizens from across the nation. That makes us TAMIRA one of the top Aesthetic Health Care Brands in India. With a team of Certified Plastic Surgeons, leading us from the front is Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran. At Tamira we aim to see happy faces, we want to make you feel confident beautiful and realise your dream. Tamira has allowed me to enjoy a new phase in my life Thank You Tamira. India is the fastest growing market for Aesthetic Surgical and Non-surgical procedures in the world with Chennai being one of the prime contributors to the growth. Tamira is at the epicentre of this rapid progression. Our state-of-the-art healthcare unit at Chennai offers a range of services that are safe, scientifically advanced and accurate. Hair transplantation at Tamira is only an eight hour procedure. Now that’s possible only with high precision medical equipment and experienced surgeons. Every time I’ve heard about hair transplant or seen an ad that shows a before after example, I haven’t thought of it as great technology. One year later as I’m talking to you I’m able to see myself in the mirror and I’m saying I’m probably somewhere wrong. There is this one factor that makes Tamira different and unlike other places you might experience and I think that’s the spirit of integrity and honesty that they bring to the table. Our in-house team of dedicated doctors examine each case with the utmost care and sincerity. Walking into Tamira every day what comes to my mind is team work. The way that we are being taken care of here! Hospitality is one thing which is absolutely mind-blowing for me. And from the patient’s side, the way when they come back and tell us that their confidence has been boosted up and the way they feel about themselves that makes me to come back to Tamira everyday – looking forward to seeing people, to cater people, to serve them which makes me happy. Tamira created magic in my life. I am free now. Thank You Tamira. The other surgical procedures we offer include Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Gynecomastia and Rhinoplasty. We differentiate ourselves from other aesthetic clinics by having a licensed in-house pharmacy, following strict sterilisation protocols and personalised post-operative care. Most of my clients who walk in for medical weight loss procedures or medical weight loss treatments, lifestyle modifications.. you know they walk out very happy they walk outvery confident and the amount of clothes that they’re able to wear, you know the confidence that they bring in the smile that comes in their face gives me a complete satisfaction to be a part of Tamira. From 125 kilos to 105 kilos, Tamira made it possible. Thank You Tamira. Every procedure is attended to by certified in-house doctors of the respective specialisations. Beyond the cosmetic surgeries, Tamira instantly rejuvenates your hair, skin and body. You will exhibit an aura of youthfulness and vitality. Once we cross the age of 40 – 45 Years, our skin keeps requiring many treatments from time to time. Like I mentioned, Thermage. You know the skin around the face that sags with age. They have treatments that lift it, surgically. Those, (surgical) treatments scare me. Within 3 hours to 4 hours the treatment is done. Ok, my problem is solved. That makes me very happy. Thank You Tamira! Tamira also offers a wide range of non-surgical treatments from Botox, fillers and resurfacing to medifacials and chemical peels and not to forget our advanced laser hair removal procedures for instant results. In a flash Tamira made all my inhibitions go away Thank You Tamira. We are grateful to every patient who has trusted us and believed in our vision. Thank You Dr. Jayanthy and Tamira and the whole team, you made me look much more younger than what I am. You cannot imagine, it’s almost like transforming yourself from caterpillar to a butterfly and it happens overnight. I wish you all the best to continue the same work please for many many years. Thank you very much! But we never rest on our laurels, it’s just not how Dr. Jayanthy operates. Our R & D constantly innovates and develops new technologies in Aesthetic Cosmetology. In this fast-paced world we live in, time is everything. Keeping that in mind we have developed a number of new procedures that are quick in application and instant in some cases. Tamira Facelift, Clear Face, Body Contouring, Clear lift and Thermage. Thermage aims at giving skin tightening and contouring the face without surgery. So combining lasers, ultrasound, radio frequency we are able to achieve 60% to 70% of facelift results without using the knife. This is a state-of-the-art equipment for face and body contouring which is based on radio frequency technology that we use in Tamira – presenting you Thermage. Tamira in the coming years is aiming to grow as the leading Aesthetic Healthcare Brand in India. Steps are being taken to expand our consultation clinics to important cities in India and the world. With Chennai as our prime surgical and hospitality hub. As we are approaching a new year, I would like to thank my entire team – Surgeons, Physicians, my Nurses, Technicians for all the support that I’ve had. Especially my clients. We strive to give what they want, we want to see happy faces. We invite you on this magical journey of Tamira. Good afternoon, Tamira Life.

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