What’s up, y’all? This is Jeff and Nicole.
And welcome back to my channel. Now in today’s video we’re…
what’s up, guys? So as you can see, I have no tattoos.
– None. And Nicole just transformed my entire
life into a very androgynous looking boy, and I’ve never, just so you know,
I’ve never covered all my tattoos before. Oh my god, I popped your cherry.
– You really did. Yes. I popped your tattoo coverage cherry.
– Yes, my hymen’s been gone since eighth grade. We have Lipstick Nic here, again, and she is back for the third
installment of the Androgyny Pallet transformation. And of course, we did use this today,
for this very soft, boy type of androgyny look. Nicole even went so far as to do lace front brows.
They’re just crazy, right? They’re crazy, we went to Nigel’s and we were like, I want to do
something different and like really realistic with the brows, so we got like movie quality lace front eyebrows and it looks sick with the photo.
– It looks so real. So if you haven’t seen one of the pictures
from the Androgyny Campaign, we are recreating it today, so like we’re
gonna pop it up right here. Bam. And as you guys can see, I did have a shaved head,
which of course is the magic of photography. Today we cannot recreate that hair, because mama’s
spent too much on this hairline to shave it down. No, no. No, but we did want to recreate the look with the tattoos
covered and the exact make up that she did on set. I can’t believe we’re only a week away from the pallet finally coming out.
– One week, oh my god. I’m so excited.
– Exciting! It’s like giving birth to a child, I’m like,
“Oh my god, it’s finally here, it’s been cooking in the oven”, so yes. So, March 4th, the Androgyny Pallet will finally be released,
you guys can all get your hands on it. And I mean, I don’t know if anyone’s
gonna be recreating this look, because I don’t know if
anybody has this tattoo. But if you do, then you can do it.
– All right, we are about to jump into this transformation, and first, we are going to cover all of the tattoos
and then jump into the soft, beauty and brows, so of course, if you want to see how
we did all this, then keep on watching. All right, home girl’s looking a little rough.
But, we’re about to… well, not we, Nicole is about to cover all of my tattoos and
I found this new… what do you usually use? So, it doesn’t honestly matter to me
what I use, as long as it’s orange. An orange cream or liquid, I just need
to color correct, I’ve used weird shit, I’ve used lipsticks, in a hurry like… so it honestly
doesn’t matter, but I’m excited to try this. Yeah, so I just found this from
Lancome, it is called the… oh god, Tint Idolait? Ultra wear camouflage corrector. So for everyone at home, that doesn’t know or has
never covered a tattoo, why do we color correct? It’s just all about basically cancelling colors, so if you look
at the color wheel, orange is the opposite of blue, so that’s what we’re gonna use to color out
blue and most tattoo ink is a blue-ish undertone. Gonna have all black and grey portraits. Exactly, so that makes it easy, kind of. Yeah, there’s no yellows or greens or
anything crazy, only over here a little bit. All right, so if you’ve never seen a tattoo
covered before, this is how it’s really done. So, if you notice, I’m only covering the parts
that are dark blue or black, that the black ink. Yeah, I was about to ask you why.
– Yeah, I’m not, ’cause this, this is obviously flesh tone, we don’t, I’m not trying to color correct anything there,
there’s no color to correct. So, I’m really only focusing on these dark parts.
– Cool. So, that’s where you’ll see me
leave little patches. Right, so how’s this working out? It’s working good, I like the color.
– Cool. Yeah, it’s really nice.
– So, it’s full coverage? That will really be able to tell when I do the next
step after I powder, and go in with the light one. Okay. Cool, ’cause it says “full”. It is full coverage.
– Full coverage. She’s like I want you to shit, home boy.
– He’s like uh uh girl. I have the Exorcist in my arm pit in case anyone
was wondering what’s going on down there. All right, so she’s felling
she’s feeling muddy. She’s felling muddy,
but not for long. We’re gonna go in with the Cralin Anti-Shine
powder you can use any translucent powder I wouldn’t use like your nice Laura Mercier,
or something, I would just use RCMA, yeah, like something that’s like cheap, that you
can just literally, we’re just using it to set. This is just amazing though so it’s very thin, so it’s not gonna build up a lot.
– Okay. So, you’re gonna see me
just set this entire layer. We’re ready for this. The brightening layer,
so this is like the middle layer. So, first the color correction, then it’s brightening
and then it’s matching you. So this is the make up forever HD foundation,
it’s full coverage and it’s kind of fleshy, so This is really big on YouTube,
like a lot of people use it. Yeah, I love it, that’s all I use in my kit.
So, it’s number 110, I get this now, now it’s R220 ’cause
they reformulated, so now it’s R220 and it does have like that still
that reddish undertone to it, so I think it’ll still help with the color correcting,
’cause red and orange are kind of the same family. So, it’s still gonna help us in our color correcting but brighten.
– Woo. Okay, so now I’ve got my bright stuff down, this was like super white.
– It’s coming together. It’s coming together, looking a little alien-y,
but now I’m gonna set with powder again and then on top of that
we’ll go in with your shade. Cool. Okay, so now is my last step, I’m gonna go in
and put your color down, so I’m gonna mix the Y225 and the Y215 from the HD sticks,
it’s a little bit thicker. And I’m gonna use this all over, then we’re gonna
take it all over your face, also. Okay. Yes, we’re getting there. So, I’ve been Tweeting while we’ve been doing this,
and someone said, “Open up reception and see this.” You shady whores. Okay, last step.
– It’s looking really real, it’s freaking me out. It’s freaking me out, too. I wanna do a layer of powder
and then if we need a little bit more coverage we can go in and like spot treat,
but I don’t think we’re gonna need to do that. Okay, cool.
– But, we’ll see. Girl, she’s feeling hungry.
The golden Oreos. We’ve got some snacks. I’m go in now with
a little bit of the Tom Ford bronzer and just like contour
this body a little bit. Get your contour on.
– And use this angled brush from MAC. All right.
– Okay, so we’re gonna do something kind of weird. But we obviously got foundation on your nipples.
So, I’m going to take it off, then we’re gonna fill them in
with some rose matter, liquid lip. Yes, which we did on set for the Androgyny Beauty Campaign.
Celebrity Sienna was too dark. It was too dark. Yeah.
And then Androgyny obviously, way too dark. But rose matter was like the perfect
they’re getting hard, stop. So, Manny has got here,
as soon as we got to the nipples. I still have the timing. Are you living for this?
– Oh my god, it looks so sick. Just painting on nipples
with the little cosette brush. I know they’re baby nipples. They’re like summer’s eve. My nipples are so tiny they’re non-existent, really.
– Really, really. It’s like afterthought my mum’s uterus.
Oh, we forgot. We just want to plant them on that dick.
We already forgot the nipples. Okay, so now we’re gonna highlight Jeffree’s
collarbones we’re gonna use peach goddess. Come on, peach. Now that the liquid lip is dried,
the nipples look really real. Totally. All right, we’re moving on to the face.
And we’re gonna go in with the little Sisley double densier, I never say this right, but it’s the best
primer on Earth, currently that I’m using, It just the skin so stunning. For foundation, we’re gonna use the same ones
that we’ve been using today, all over the body, just so everything blends in. All right, what are we about to do?
– We’re about to set your under eyes. With a little La Mer, the powder,
the best under eye and face setting powder I think I’ve tried in a long time. Ooh Lord. Okay, so I’m just gonna go back in with
the Tom Ford bronzer and just bronze a little bit, we’re going for like a very minimalistic
look here, it’s like super mask, so I wanna give like a realistic
but still contoured bronze. All right, so what are we about to do? Now, we’re gonna glue your brows on,
so we already got one on, and I’m using spirit gum. So I’m just gonna take a little
bit of the spirit gum. Now, what’s spirit gum for everyone
at home that is like, “What the hell is that?” Spirit gum is an adhesive, you’ve probably find it at like
a local Halloween store, during Halloween time but here in LA, we have it at all of our
major make up supply stores. And you… And drag queen live. Yeah, you can glue eye brows down with it,
you can glue prosthetics on, You can do dildos. And me and Nicole actually went to a place
where you can get prosthetics and stuff for movies. And they have these lace front brows and… We died.
– We died. This was your first time really putting them on, I haven’t had real brows since eighth grade,
so I’m just like tripping now. How does it look? It looks sick, I mean, it looks different. So, in the crease I’m gonna take a little
bit of safe word on a fluffy brush. Come on now.
– It’s like this super minimalist, like I was saying, it’s just very, very simple. Is that a Morphy brush? This is a Morphy R38.
– Okay, work. All right, we’re gonna take a little bit of frosting.
– Come on, frosting. And we’re gonna sweep
this all across Jeffree’s lid. I’m gonna take a little bit
of rose take on this band brush. And I’m just gonna sweep it
across Jeffree’s cheekbones. All right, now we’re gonna
dip into peach goddess. Yeah, you’ve got a little peach goddess,
we’re gonna go… ‘Cause one highlighter is never enough.
– It’s never enough. Don’t play with my life like that. So before we do lashes, I’m gonna take a little bit of this,
it’s called “at ease” and brow gel. Or you can use it for like root touch up,
it’s mostly used like in film and TV, so it’s not like a popular brand but I get them off
my like movie make up store for like my kit. So, I’m gonna take a little bit of that one,
the blondest one and a taupe one, then kind of cocktail those. And we’re gonna use this
as almost like as a mascara. All right, time for lashes, I’m gonna use
these Ardel brown demi wispies. Never worn these before.
Or like this color before. They’re so pretty but you have
to have light hair, obviously. But we lined your eyelashes,
so it should match. Right. And of course for our shoot we had
the blonde hair with the shaved side, which we cannot recreate today. So for lips today, we’re gonna use
I’m nude and celebrity skin liquid lip. Take a little bit of I’m nude first
and spread that out in the center. Lastly we’re gonna do is we’re gonna line Jeffree’s
water line with the MAC pencil and Costa Riche, it’s just a really pretty like warm brown.
So, I’m just gonna take that right into the waterline. Last thing we’re gonna do is use
the Armani prima setting spray, I’m just gonna take that all over,
we can even do the body, too. Set me down. It tickles! Hi!
– Hi. I can’t believe this was such a fun journey.
– It was fun. It was a lot. We had a lot of laughs, Manny came over and came
halfway in and we’ve laughed for like 20 minutes, my face actually hurts. We all had the giggles, uptight,
with a bunch of make up on. I love it, I’m like, phh, I feel like
I just had a vaginal rejuvenation. Again. I’m looking in the monitor,
you guys, and I just can’t get over it, like when we were on set,
shooting this Androgyny campaign and Nicole covered my tattoos,
we didn’t really take it this far. We did not, we just went in like the V. Whatever you see.
– The suit jacket, yeah. And I also didn’t really get to live in the look
like we talked about before. It was like, okay, we did it, that was the first look. That was the very first one, yeah. We’re like,
“Oh, start with the boy,” and then we just had to wipe it all off. Yeah, quickly and we transitioned into
the crazy drama that you guys all saw. Earlier this last two weeks, but what do you
think was the most difficult about this and I, this isn’t a challenge,
but like this crazy journey? Well, tattoo covering is always a journey,
like it’s always kind of a challenge, because… A lot of steps.
– It’s a lot of steps! And especially like in all the crevices and stuff, like you’ve just said,
they’re so many layers and where like the joints, where they move, so that was
probably like the hardest part. But I mean, it helps that we were just
kind of like here, chilling. You know. Exactly. I had a lot of fun.
– Me, too. Like usually I don’t like sitting for like a few hours,
but I mean it’s with you, so… Yeah.
– It’s easy. We’re talking, laughing. We laughed our heads off. But thank you guys so much
for watching, if you guys want to follow Nicole, she finally has a YouTube channel so subscribe
and check out some amazing make up that she, you’re about to upload some videos. I’m about to upload some videos.
– Thank you for doing this, it was awesome. Thank you for having me.
– Yes, of course. All right, you guys, we love you and
we’ll see you on the next one. Bye!

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